10 Home Trends to Say Goodbye To

December 13 2017

Every year it looks like interior decor trends are getting better and better. With such fast-paced trendsetters however, previous older trends become outdated to make room for the new ones. Here at Luxe Walls, we’re here to give you the best up to date styling advice, making sure your surroundings have the top notch contemporary designs they deserve. So without further ado, here are the 10 home trends that it’s time to say goodbye to, so we can all move on to a bigger and better stylish design future.

1. Nautical Decor

It really did have its day, but it is time to put away those anchors and sailing motifs. For those still wanting that classic beachy feel, it is still easy to create without being too obvious. Pick a colour palette that reflects your surroundings, and for that extra touch add decorative elements such as driftwood or coral.

2. Tuscan Kitchens

In the early 2000s, this style was all the rage. However, the style for kitchens now are all about creating light, space and an airy atmosphere. It looks like these dark looking Italian villas are getting the boot.

3. Damask wallpaper

Somewhere awkwardly in between floral and chintz patterns, Damask was seen all over walls everywhere in the 90s. Most definitely on its way out, here at Luxe Walls our supply of large statement blooms such as dark florals are definitely the contemporary style step up.

4. Avocado Green and Harvest Gold

Previously running rampant throughout houses in the 70s, these colours completely contrast the on-trend colours of today. The colour combo can now come off as dull and outdated, and it may be time for a revamp if you’re seeing that green and gold.

5. Sponge Walls

Increasingly common for homeowners in the 90s, sponge walls seemed to be a burst of people getting crafty with their walls. Although it may have been a popular D.I.Y design phase, the ‘texture’ people may have used to see just isn’t quite up to scratch anymore. Today’s appreciation is all about that chic, bold, sponge-free look instead.

6. Floral Everything

Although we all love a bit of floral, the 80s went nuts for it. Flowers blossomed over just about everything from walls, bed linens, curtains to carpets. To achieve a more stylish modern look, using florals as an accent or statement in a room seen on our wallpapers is much more effective. Shop our timeless floral collection here.

7. Plaid

Dominating in the 70s, it is no surprise that this sometimes overbearing pattern doesn’t look great in large doses for interior design. To avoid that plaid kaleidoscope feel, small applications of this design is key.

8. Dusty Pastels

Calling its home the 80s, that is probably where it should stay. Previously dominated by dusty blues and dusty pinks, house interiors never could escape that ‘not quite clean’ look. Contemporary colour palettes have become much more decisive, focusing on a more distinct and vivid approach.

9. Popcorn Ceilings

Those little bumpy ceilings really are on their way out. Frankly not complementing any surfaces, it’s best to consider painting your ceiling a more striking, smooth hue.

10. All White Rooms

Contemporary styles are now moving away from that flawless white effect. Recently, it is all about flaunting those accents of colours and patterns. Although no one wants to overwhelm a space with too many adornments, adding a bit of warmth and freshness is perfect to getting rid of that former clinical effect.


Now that you know the trends and styles to steer clear of, it is time to revamp your very own space with Luxe Walls’ contemporary modern designs.

Featured image courtesy of Three Birds Renovations.