2021 Wallpaper Trends: Everything you need to know

December 21 2020

Without a doubt, the hardest part of buying wallpaper is deciding on a design. After hours scrolling through Pinterest and creating folders of ‘Inspo’ pics, you might find yourself more confused than when you began. This is something the Luxe Walls team is very familiar with and certainly understand being spoilt for choice. As a result, we continuously curate our wallpaper collections so we offer on-trend designs year-round. Part of this job involves removing, updating and adding wallpapers to different collections as trends shift, change and evolve. 

2021 is right around the corner, which has us very excited about the upcoming wallpaper trends. As a result, we have created a 2021 wallpaper guide to help you find your way when you are stuck in a wallpaper whirlpool! 

Tropical Trends:

Tropicals and Botanicals have been a constant contender in the wallpaper world, and are definitely here to stay. 2021 will see botanicals bigger and bolder than ever. Whether you are looking to freshen the walls in your powder room, living room, bedroom or living room, a botanical print will bring an exotic freshness second to none. 2021 will see botanicals at large scales, adding a dramatic and showstopping element to any room. This means feature walls, half walls or wallpaper headboards!

Style tip: Go for a large scale and don’t be afraid to experiment with colour pallets. Botanicals and Tropicals look fantastic in unassuming hues such as pastels or neons tones. 

Oz Flowers Wallpaper – Pink

Minimalist Japanese

Think clean lines, functional spaces and light colour palettes including light timber finishes. This trend is the perfect balance of Scandi & Japanese interior design themes. What’s not to love?

Sand Geometric Scales Wallpaper

Delicate Geometrics 

Much like botanicals, geometric patterns and wallpapers go hand in hand. In the wallpaper world, geometric prints are the ultimate chameleons. Whether you are after something modern or traditional, for a nursery or a kitchen, there is a geometric pattern for the occasion. The 2021 pivot for geometrics are fine-line and delicate patterns. Absolutely mesmerising & equally versatile, these fine designs will add interest without being overbearing. 

Style tip: Try a delicate geometric in a neutral colour palette to create a clean & fresh look. 

Magical Marbles

If you are looking for the quintessential faux finish, it doesn’t get more realistic than marble. The shadows, veins and increases have been perfected to the point that they will play on the eye. With an almost 3D effect, a marble finish will instantly add a sophisticated and elegant finish. 

Style Tip: Try a grey-scale marble design to be on trend with the 2021 grey colour palette. 

White Carrara Marble Wallpaper

Micro Florals

Micro floral, chintz and chinoiserie wallpaper will make a glorious comeback. In contrast to the modern & minimal 2021 trends, this style will rebel and bring back a vintage homey feel. 

Style Tip: Chintz or Chinoiserie wallpapers in bright colours create the most spectacular feature walls. 

Vintage Cloves Print Wallpaper

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