3 Tips for Decorating With Japanese Style Wallpaper

July 30 2020

Japanese aesthetics are, and always will be, a revered and favoured style in the interior design world. Inseparably linked with an ancient and unique cultural history, the nuanced blend of minimalism, luxe and depth creates warm and inviting interiors that fascinate and feel like home in equal measure.

So, you’ve fallen for some beautiful flowers, majestic birds, clean, minimalist lines or a sensual colour palette. Still, you’re not quite sure how to bring the rest of your space into the Japanese aesthetic and philosophy. Don’t be intimidated! Japanese stylings certainly stand out from the crowd, but they’re quite straightforward to integrate into a coherent scheme that doesn’t necessarily require a futon bed. 

A Little Bit About Japanese-style Interior Design

The reason Japanese stylings have stayed so popular is their inexorable link to elegance, minimalism and function. It’s all about creating spaces that breathe easily, effortlessly exude grace and beauty, and contain simple furniture which elegantly performs its functions.

Japanese-style interiors typically feature certain foundational elements. They favour natural materials like deep wood tones, bamboo, rattan and fabrics. Muted neutrals dominate a deep and sensual colour palette with accents of red, blue and green. They prioritise uncluttered, clean lines and spaces. These elements create warm spaces with depth and flow, whose simple, functional elegance fosters a sense of harmony and peace. 

Using Japanese-Style Wallpaper

Whether you want to infuse a hint of the oriental into your interiors or go full Japanese-style, decorating your walls with Japanese motifs, colours and patterns is the most straightforward way to get started. Here are a few tips on using Japanese-style wallpapers to achieve the effect you want.

Colour Stories

Play with accent colours around your room. Either pick out a Japanese wallpaper which features colours that already exist in your space, or accessorise your room based on the accent colours present in your wallpaper. This way, you can integrate your wallpaper into your scheme even if you haven’t re-done your whole room in a Japanese style. 

If you intend to take your Japanese accessorising one step further, choose low-to-the-ground wood or wood imitation furniture that is simple and functional, in darker tones. Decorate minimally with functional objects like vases, bowls and plants that highlight the accent colours in your wallpaper.

Balance it Out

Balance out a busier wallpaper with a very uncluttered room, leaving lots of open, flowing spaces and clean lines. On the other hand, complement a more crowded space with simple, minimalist motifs. This way, your room will never feel busy and cluttered, but it won’t feel sterile and empty either. 

Au Naturel

A great way to pay homage to Japanese styling, and complement your wallpaper, is to bring nature into the room. Japanese culture has great respect for nature and centres on harmony between the natural and human worlds. 

Play with your furniture, flooring and window frames to bring in natural elements like wood, rattan, cane, bamboo or stone. Complete the look by decorating with plants and functional wooden and stone accessories. You’ll easily create a soothing and healing environment. 

Natural light is also a vital feature. Features like windows and french windows help merge our indoor/outdoor spaces and bring out the best in Japanese styling and colour schemes.