exposed brick wallpaper

3 Ways to Style Exposed Brick

August 8 2018

Exposed brick is the ultimate feature when it comes to versatile interior styling. It can be be vintage or contemporary, rustic or industrial – it all depends on how you style it. With so many premium exposed brick wallpaper options available, there has never been a better time to bring this timeless texture piece into your home. Here are some style ideas to get you started.

New York style

Classic red brick, as seen on our Old Brick Wallpaper, has a lot of inherent character that you can bring forth with a few simple features. Space out vintage band posters, stencil art or monochrome photography on the wall to capture the spirit of a trendy New York loft. Complete the look with raw wood furnishings for a warm boho contrast.

Metallic touch

An exposed-look Black Brick Wallpaper accent wall is your entry into industrial interior design. Use metallic highlights and chrome fixtures as your decor accents, and temper any cool elements with faux fur throws and blankets.   

Femme features

There is a certain masculine energy that comes with exposed brick. You can play off this by contrasting an Industrial White Brick Wallpaper feature wall with femme decor choices. In a bedroom, choose fluffy pillows or a shag rug. Elsewhere, use ornate light fittings and a pastel colour base to create contrast.  



There are so many ways to make the exposed brick trend your own. New brick wallpaper designs have opened up a world of interior decor possibilities. Which room will you start with?