3 ways to use pink wallpaper

3 Ways To Use Pink Wallpaper

May 10 2017

When it comes to pink wallpaper, there are a lot of assumptions to come to terms with. Pink is for girls, pink makes a room to feminine, pink isn’t versatile, pink is too “out there” – the list goes on, and we’ve heard them all. However, we’ve had a chat to our stylists who are certain there are unique ways to use pink wallpaper that have nothing to do with gender or overpowering a whole room!

So what are you waiting for? Let’s get stuck in.

1. Contrast with texture

The tricky thing about the colour pink is that it works best when you veer away from conventional uses of it. People tend to think of bland hot pink walls with little to no variety in regard to hues and accents.

What our professional decorators recommend is contrasting it with textures like polished concrete floors, exposed bricks and exposed timber beams. These sorts of textures balance out the supposed ‘femininity’ of the colour, while adding general intrigue and depth to an interior.

Another way of playing with texture is with the wallpaper itself, Luxe Wallpapers in particular come in three different options when it comes to texture – Canvas, Linen and Crushed Stone.

But our absolute favourite idea of mixing things up when considering pink wallpaper is using the ombre aesthetic – where only a portion of your wall is pink, and fades into a more neutral tone.

2. Utilise hidden areas

Another fantastic way to use pink wallpaper is to utilise those hidden spaces that aren’t necessarily noticed until they’ve been revamped. We’re talking about the nooks and crannies throughout your home that could use some sprucing.

Why not opt for a textured, soft pink wallpaper under the stairs, or better yet – in your walk-in-robe? Pink works just as well in small spaces as it does large, and its incredibly effective for brightening otherwise drab areas.

3. Accent pieces

Wallpaper’s not just for walls! There are plenty of creative ways you can incorporate pink wallpaper without plastering it across all your interiors. For those of you who are tentatively considering this wonderful hue for your home, why not dip your toes in rather than diving into the deep end?

Our stylists are big fans of incorporating wallpaper in unusual ways, and this works very well with the colour pink… Create accent pieces using off cuts of pink wallpaper throughout your home. Some clever options are: revamping the surface of an old coffee table, creating your own framed art prints and reinventing the backing of old shelves.


If you think outside the box, there are absolutely thousands of alternative ways you can use pink wallpaper to breathe new life into tired spaces.

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Finally, have you heard some killer ideas? Let us know in the comments below!