4 Common Mistakes When Choosing Wallpaper

November 14 2018

Changing your wallpaper is a drastic step when it comes to rethinking your home decor. No other design feature will have as significant or as instant an impact on your room, so you definitely don’t want to mess it up when you make your order. Lucky for you, avoiding these common home renovation mistakes is pretty easy. Read on and nail your wallpaper refresh the first time.  

Incorrectly Measuring Your Wall

When it comes to ordering your wallpaper, bigger is better. Add 5 – 10cm to the dimensions of your order to ensure that the wallpaper will fit your wall, as no wall is perfectly square. You can trim any excess easily with a Stanley knife.  

Choosing a Print That Doesn’t Fit Your Theme

Here at Luxe Walls, we know one of the most fun parts of redecorating is in the planning. So don’t rush it! Take your time, plan your theme and make sure every piece, especially your wallpaper, fits the room’s theme perfectly.    

Custom Printing Your Pattern Too Big

A custom print is a great way to add a personal touch to any given space. If you’ve gone to the effort to choose a personal print or design, make sure it’s perfect. Use our edit tool to see how it will look before you purchase and be sure to consider the scale of your room.

Choosing the Wrong Texture

Great wallpaper is more than a colour or a print, you’ve got to consider texture as well. Now, while you can decide on the former using our substantial online range, how do you know the texture is right for you? Order our free sample pack before you make your purchase, and you can get your hands on all the textures available to make the right choice easily.


You’re pretty much a wallpaper expert now. Take a look at our newest range, order your sample pack and get decorating today.