4 Misty Forest Wallpapers to Create a Moody Ambience

August 13 2020

People have always had a fascination for bringing the outside, in. The natural world has a unique ability to calm the mind, soothe the spirit and focus our perspectives. As a result, we’ve always been exceptionally connected to the power of nature to move us. 

So is it any surprise that nature wallpapers are becoming increasingly popular in our modern era? We think not. And amongst the fantastic variety of prints available, misty forests inevitably take the biscuit for creating mood, ambience and a sense of belonging. 

The quiet complicity of mist and forest creates dramatic intrigue and peaceful serenity. The mist builds a sense of mystery, envelopment and cosiness. It brings in those neutral tones which are easy to coordinate with the rest of your scheme. The forest element, with dramatic trees, light play and perspectives, brings in a sense of history and connection to something beyond ourselves. The beautiful natural tones of green, brown and blue make stunning accent colours. 

Let’s take a relaxing walk through Luxe Walls‘ fave misty forests to find some inspiration for your next remodel.

Deep in the Rainforest

There’s just so much feeling and detail in this print. The way the light plays on water droplets against a dark blue background creates immense depth, while the sharp contrast engages the eye and stimulates the mind. 

A great print for adding dimension to a living room or a sense of cleansing harmony to the bedroom, accessorise by focusing on the beautiful vibrant greens and bringing in natural materials. 

Bluebells in Misty Wood

Step into an enchanting, fairy-tale mystery with this print. We’re just waiting for the fairies to peek out from behind a tree! Ideal for a bedroom, ‘Bluebells in Misty Wood’ exudes tranquillity, serenity and seclusion, inviting joy and intimacy into your daily life. 

Accessorise your room with accents in blue and yellow to enhance that sense of lightheartedness, playfulness and delicious secrecy.

Rays of Sun

‘Rays of Sun’ really brings the drama. Featuring perspective, deep contrasts and beautiful sculptural silhouettes, this print alters the dimensions and sense of space within a room. The feelings of beauty, optimism, adventure and mystery that emanate from this print lend themselves well to bedrooms, studies and living rooms, where guests will be enveloped in these warm sun rays. 

The predominantly neutral colour palette gives you free rein to decorate and accessorise as you see fit. Still, we do recommend carrying through the ‘nature’ theme with your materials and decor.

National Park

When it comes to altering dimensions, this print is a winner. Transform your space with a dizzying shift in perspective that has you gazing up, up, up and away. With lots of greens and browns, this is the ideal wallpaper for a decor focused on neutral, earthy tones and natural materials. 

This print definitely makes an excellent central focus point in an open-plan space, but can also add a touch of drama and dimension to a study. It reminds you to keep looking up, working towards your goals with patience and discipline.