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4 Simple Tips for Making Your Home Eco Friendly

October 24 2018

Sustainable living is becoming a key focus in home renovations, but there are some small changes you can make now that will help reduce your energy bills. We know you don’t want to let go of your style, and you don’t have to! Here’s some of our favourite eco-friendly ways to boost your interior design without increasing your energy bill.

Control your light

Light dimmers may seem dated, but they’re really not. They come in different styles and can work to adjust any light in your home. You’ll save money on your electricity bill, and you’ll be able to change the mood of any room in an instant. If you’re having friends over for dinner, the last thing you want is to beam harsh, white light into their eyes. Using a light dimmer will enable you to set the right lighting for your dinner and make your meal more enjoyable. Plus, if you’ve got a feature wall, the right lighting can make it seem so much more elegant.

Compost bin saves energy

This may sound like it will throw your interior design out the window, but we assure you it won’t. Compost bins come in various shapes and designs, and you can leave them outdoors where your guests won’t even realise that it’s compost. This will be great for your ecological footprint as you will reduce waste and save energy in your home.

Low energy appliances

Changing up your appliances can help you reduce your energy bill, and provide you with an excuse to shop for new kitchenware. Your pots, pans, kettle and more now come in low energy rated forms and have been made more stylish to match your design aesthetic. Just look for the energy star rating before you buy.

Energy efficient windows

The windows you purchase even come with energy ratings and can make the world of a difference to your electricity bill. Specific window selections can trap in heat to make your home warmer in winter and trap in cool air in summer. This will give your air conditioner a rest, as well as your pocket. Window finishings and the glass can transform your home visually as well as ecologically. Just look for the energy rating on the windows before you purchase.


What are some of your favourite ways to be more eco-friendly in your interior design?