5 Most Common Design Mistakes (Almost) Anyone Can Make

February 28 2018

Ever wondered how interior designers or stylists always create those perfect rooms? How no matter what, there are no mishaps or weird elements? Here at Luxe Walls, we’ve put together the 5 most common design mistakes that can happen in nearly any home. By having a look at these tips from leading stylists, you will easily be able to avoid future pitfalls to make your spaces look like those flawless rooms you desire.

1. Scale

When it comes to scale in interior design, it’s all about variety combined with balance.

When styling a room, if you were to make everything the same size things would start to look a little too matchy-matchy.

Stylists have described styling a room using scale as ‘imagining it as a cityscape’, using a combination of different heights. The important things to avoid are not using too many small objects that clutter the space, and not using too many large items that make a space look stuffed and small. It’s all one big balancing act.

2. Focal Point

Ever styled a room completely but it still feels a little simple or bland? Focal points are definitely the answer.

All stylists agree that every room needs a focal point or statement point. Focal points are great at giving the eye a place to rest while also giving the space a function.

An easy example to follow is in a TV room making the focal point the TV, effortlessly giving purpose and functionality to the space. However, with other rooms it can’t always be so simple, it’s all up to how you want the space to serve your room. Once you have figured that out, the rest should flow from there.

3. Exposed Clutter

It is very common for people to buy open storage and not think through the styling behind it. If you have exposed objects in your shelving, it ultimately becomes part of your design.

An easy trap to fall into is gradually building up clutter, leading to a messy space that loses its styling value. An easy fix is to try and introduce hidden or closed storage. When using hidden cupboards or shelving, objects that could build up are definitely out of sight and out of mind!

4. Impulse Buys

We are all prone to impulse buys, but sometimes there’s nothing worse than thinking you have found the perfect lamp or chair and it just doesn’t quite match with your space.

Luckily, there are a few simple tips and tricks to help avoid this blunder. Before heading out to the shops, try to already have a plan of what you need, plan a budget and definitely measure your room.

This way, you’re not just jumping at any piece that catches your fancy. Also, a great thing to do is always look around at all possible shops and options before grabbing the first thing you see. Buyer’s remorse is an awful feeling, so planning first and shopping later is always the best bet.

5. Not Enough Lighting

Lighting is definitely one of the most important elements in any space. A lot of people have fallen into the trap of buying a few overhead lights and feeling as if it is enough. If a space becomes too dark, a room can become dark and dreary very quickly. Having a balanced and layered amount of light helps make the space feel more dynamic and creates interest in any design.


No matter who you are, it can be super easy to fall into common mistakes whilst designing interiors. Hopefully with these tips, you can see when warning signs could start to pop up, helping to create your rooms into the personal style that you envision.