5 Removable Wallpapers To Master Industrial Chic

January 18 2017

Want to be bold with your removable wallpaper? Ready to think outside the box when it comes to your wall coverings? Enter: Industrial Chic.

The industrial chic aesthetic took the interior design world by storm in recent years. Brooklyn loft apartments, converted warehouse spaces and history-inspired dwellings inspired a boom in factory-style spaces.

While industrial architecture has always been practical, it’s only in the last few years that it’s become a somewhat iconic choice for the world’s leading interior designers and style experts.

Think: exposed brick wall murals, huge windows for natural lighting, reclaimed wood and gunmetal wall art and accents…

Unfortunately, we’re not all lucky enough to live in a gorgeous converted printing press factory, or have access to eye popping historic antiques to embellish our interiors with.

A popular (and might we add, affordable) option is utilising removable wallpaper prints and designs.

Removable wall coverings are idea for renters, home renovators and those who want to dip their toes in without committing right off the bat.

So what are your options? How can you make the most of the industrial chic trend with wall art and wall decals?

Our experts have combined their industry knowledge and put together a list of unique wallpaper designs to help you achieve the industrial chic look in your home…


1. Brick wallpaper

One way of incorporating the industrial aesthetic into your home without the giant price tag is to opt for creating a feature wall using brick-inspired wall coverings. Afterall, who doesn’t love the look of exposed brick?

Adding brick print to your interiors can offer a unique and historic feel to any space. Regardless of your existing decor, brick wall art maintains its charm in the long term.

Like all the options that are to follow, this is a great option for renters, and ensures they don’t miss out on keeping up with the latest trends. Our stylists particularly enjoy this option in kitchens and office spaces.

Your options are endless when it comes to brick-inspired wall art. Most people think of the traditional red brick design, whereas there is an array of choices that you can consider to suit your home, your personal style and your existing decor. Some popular designs are: white brick, grey brick and pastel colours.


2. Concrete/Faux cement wallpaper

Alongside the industrial chic trend, concrete has gone from something we use for street footpaths to something we use to reinvent our interiors.

Bare cement walls are now often featured in some of the world’s trendiest loft apartments and factory conversions, giving interiors and edgy vibe.

Just because you’re not living in a converted warehouse, doesn’t mean you have to miss out on this modern design trend. There are hundreds of options out there for the renters, homeowners and small businesses who want to utilise the faux cement look.

The neutral grey tones of this aesthetic work well with any existing decor and colour schemes, making it an ideal solution for a much-needed interior revamp.

While the concrete look can tend to lean to a more masculine feel, you can play around with other textures and colours in the space to soften the look considerably.


3. Reclaimed wood wall art

If you’re looking for a warmer feel to the industrial trend, reclaimed wood wall art is the best solution. With all the rustic, factory-inspired charm of the old warehouses and lofts, the wood designs leave the stark man-made materials far behind.

There’s plenty of versatility when it comes to the recycled timber look, and it’s perfect for just about any interior be it the dining room, the living room or the bedroom.

The cosy chestnut colours and warm tones of the wood designs help you mimic the industrial chic trend without risking the space looking cold and sparse.

Think exposed timber beams, visible nuts and bolts, and a pared back vibe for the ultimate lofty look.


4. Textured wall coverings

A trend that has always been massive in the interior design world has been texture – creating more depth to your spaces, more diversity and more fun.

These concepts very much complement the industrial trend, and using wallpaper for these means is certainly an option.

Think stone wall art, a rustic render aesthetic, and even touches of ivy covering concrete. Adding texture can really make a space your own.


5. Combination wall murals

If you’re not completely sold on the whole industrial look, why not dip your toes in with a combination wall mural?

This type of wall art might be a majority white wall, which reveals some exposed brick pattern in one corner or a particular area.

These combination wall coverings are all about making you feel comfortable with a new trend, without the risk of overwhelming your interiors. After all, sometimes less is more!


As you can see, there are numerous wall art options to help you imbue your home with a sense of industrial chic style.

What are your favourite prints and designs? Share them in the comments below!

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