5 Simply Cool Wallpapers for Boys.

October 19 2020

When it comes to being a young boy, it’s all about trying to find one’s own identity. A wallpaper can very accurately represent a boy’s identity as he grows up and as his taste changes so often does his wallpaper. That’s why here at Luxe Walls we have a variety of options to keep you covered for every step of the way.

Often it all starts with the colour blue for a newborn baby’s room and progresses from there to more sophisticated and colourful designs as a young boy grows.

So here we have compiled a list of 5 different wallpapers for boys that suit a variety of different ages and styles.

Triangle and Stars Wallpaper

Have your little one star gazing with our Triangle and Stars Wallpaper. The warm blues and greens add vibrance and colour while the shapes add interest. Perfect for a little boys room, nursery or playroom this wallpaper design will keep your child’s imagination going for his early years.

Hosier Lane Street Art Wallpaper

Add a touch of Melbourne to your walls with this bright and colourful Hosier Lane street art. This print is an excellent choice for a teenage boys room, taking the cool factor to an all-time high. It showcases a cartoon-like duck, a more realistic looking dog and other unique features making it a special artwork that has come from the form of a photograph and been turned into wallpaper. 

Blue Wooden Panels Wallpaper

Simple yet effective is a perfect way to describe this print. The dusty blue colour will add a playful yet cooling atmosphere whilst the wood panel design will add that little bit of something extra. This print will be sure to enhance and add contrast to a baby boys nursery or a young boys bedroom.

Galaxy Wallpaper

Let that trend of looking to the sky continue with Nancy Luthra’s Galaxy Wallpaper. This print features a variety of stunning made-up planets, moons and stars in a variety of colours, this design really is out of this world. This wallpaper is a great choice for a boys room, ranging from newborn all the way to teenager, because who doesn’t find space utterly extraordinary.

Pine Forest Horizon Wallpaper

Add a sense of depth to your walls with some nature. This design features a layered pine forest with the trees becoming a lighter shade of grey the further back they go into the mountains located behind them. This print is very neutral in tone allowing it to be very versatile which makes it an excellent choice for a boys bedroom, nursery or even play room.