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5 Tips for Getting Your Home Summer Ready

October 31 2018

We’re standing on the very edge of summer, and we just can’t wait for the warmer weather! Summer means more entertaining, longer nights, holidays and lots of laughs with our family and friends. It also means it’s time to give your home a summer spruce up. Get your home summer ready with these great decor ideas.

Choose to Remove

Showcase the vibrancy and fun of summer with brand new wallpaper. The beauty of removable wallpaper is you can change with the seasons, keeping the mood of your home in sync with the world around you. A bold and daring floral print, like the Golden Palm Leaves Wallpaper, will flood your home with summer hues and give life to any room you feature it in.

Great Outdoor Furniture

To ensure you make the most of the long summer nights ahead, you have to focus on your outdoor entertaining area. Create a nice indoor-outdoor flow with a sliding or french door connecting them. A pergola or covering will also give your outdoor space a real sense of place and protect you if the elements turn. Importantly, decorate your furnishings with outdoor fabrics. This way you bring colour and warmth to your space without losing touch with the elements.

Bring the Green Inside

Don’t have an outdoor space? You can bring the outdoors indoors. Summer is a great time to start decorating with lush greenery. As important as choosing the right plant for your space, so is selecting the best pot. Ceramic pots in terracotta will bring warmth but also require a saucer for water drainage. A plant stand, on the other hand, will elevate your greenery into a statement room piece. It looks especially good to showcase trailing foliage or creating a height contrast.

Update Your Upholstery

Something as simple as updating your throw cushions can go a long way to establishing a summer atmosphere. Swap out your old cushion covers for airy patterns like stripes, which are always a season favourite and will never look out of style. Choose light colours like blues and greys, and for added impact, make sure they contrast the colour of your lounge.    

Let the Light In

Nothing says you’re letting summer take over your house like a floor to ceiling window. Eliminating a barrier between you and the elements and flooding an entire room with natural light creates a sense of warmth and openness that can’t be artificially manufactured. Summer is all about embracing the fresh outdoor vibes, so submit to it and let the sunshine in.


Look at our latest range of printed wallpapers and get started on your new season decor project. When you’re done, you’ll want to start planning for autumn.