5 Ways to Redecorate Your Kids Room

February 6 2019

Just like adults, kids also want a comfortable and special room to call their own. Here are five tips to help you design the perfect kids room with them.  

Remove Clutter

The first thing to remember is to keep the clutter at bay. Keeping the bed against the wall can make the room look bigger, and give your child more space to play with their toys.  If your children share a room, the best way to maximise their bedroom space is with a bunk bed. Bunk beds can be fun and allow more floor space in their room.

Styling Their Interests

It’s important to make their space special for them. We recommend choosing a theme that they like. For instance, it could be astronauts, ponies, princesses, or ships. An easy way to create a themed room is with removable wallpaper. Removable wallpaper is easy to use and doesn’t cost the earth. Luxe Walls removable wallpaper is perfect for this, and can be taken down just as easily as it is to put it up. We have several options for kids to choose from, such as Astronaut wallpaper, or  Pink Clouds wallpaper. You can look at more options on our website in the kids wallpaper section.  

Create and Collect

Kids love to create and collect items, such as painting and collecting shells or rocks. Instead of placing pictures on a cork board you can hang images up with a string across their window. Art spaces in kids rooms are also another way to enhance their creativity and are fun. Having a space for them to draw and paint is a great way for them to think more creatively.

Adding Colour

Studies have shown that colour can impact a child’s overall mood. Certain colours have been known to benefit them. Red can energise a child’s mind and body, however for a restless child it may not be the best colour to help them relax. Similarly, orange may help kids feel confident and independent, while encouraging cooperation with other kids. For a child that is restless blue is the perfect colour. Blue may help a child relax, rather than feeling overwhelmed and anxious. Adding colour can be easy, this can be done through their furniture, bedsheets, or their walls.

Using Bookshelves

Bookshelves are great for kids. You can add the height that you want as well as alternate the books for your child. This will allow your kids to easily pick any book without having to climb the bookshelf and create more mess.

These five tips will help you and your child make the perfect space for them, as well as maintain a clutter free zone.