6 Simple Tips for Styling a Coffee Table

May 9 2018

It may not be said often, but coffee tables are the unsung hero of interior styling. When styled correctly, coffee tables can definitely be a major statement with the smallest effort! We’ve compiled our list of easy tips and tricks for styling your coffee table to perfection.

Choose a Statement Coffee Table

If your table can make a statement on its own, adding a little something extra is a bonus! Choosing a rich timber coffee table is a great statement piece. An extra perk to an already chic table is that there is less emphasis on how you arrange your decorative elements. It’s an easy way for the table itself to do most of the styling work. 

Consider Scale

As with all interior styling, scale is always a major element. Before going ahead and buying all your decorations, important questions to ask yourself are, ‘How large is the room?’ ‘How large is the coffee table?’ ‘How big are the other items in the space?’ Considering these things before you buy anything is a great way to make sure your scale has the perfect balance and variety, allowing an easily and perfectly styled coffee table. Common design mistakes to avoid with scale are listed here.

Choose a Theme

Whether you are an experienced designer or styling for the first time, having a planned theme is always a safe bet. Whether you want more of a Scandinavian feel, or monochromatic chic, applying a theme is a great guide to keep your style on track. Choosing a coffee table that contrasts black and white wallpaper or wall art is perfect for creating a balance between drama and elegance in an interior space. 

Creating Collections

Creating collections, whether they are a trio of candles or a stack of books, is a great trick to create interest on a coffee table. By clustering items together, it makes them look like they belong together, and effortlessly makes your styling more pronounced.


No matter what kind of coffee table you have, or how many ornaments you’ve used, flowers are always a big yes. Flowers always give coffee tables that extra lift, creating a relaxed atmosphere whilst also mixing textures for that finished look.

Odd Numbers

Styling in odd numbers is always the best way when adding decorative elements to any space, let alone a coffee table. Odd numbers of items give a place for the eye to rest, whilst creating a balanced effect that is always needed. Usually, using three to five different elements tends to achieve the perfect balance without making a table look too bare or too busy.


After applying each of these tips, your coffee table should no doubt look balanced, effortless and majorly on trend. Whether you are feeling a timber table or a chic metal tray, all that’s left now is to choose a room to make your decorative statement!