Luxe Walls For
Commercial Use

Luxe Walls offers thousands of high quality images, designs and patterns that will create an ambience that your customers won’t forget! Whether you are looking for an extreme makeover, seasonal change, tradeshow display or simply to add an accent to your space, Luxe Walls can help you and your business achieve these goals.

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Why choose Luxe Walls for your business?

Commercial Rates

At Luxe Walls, we appreciate working with you and your business and as a thank you, we want to give you something back! That is why we have introduced a commercial rate for all approved applicants.

Graphic Design Service

Our Luxe Walls graphic design team is always on hand to help create, build and design any concept.

Quick Turnaround

We aim to deliver all orders 7 - 10 days from artwork approval.

Corporate Offices

Make a welcoming first impression with an eye-catching feature wall for your company’s corporate headquarters.


Make your event even more memorable with customised peel and stick wallpaper for your next product launch or corporate function.

Gyms and Wellness Centres

Create a positive, zen atmosphere in your health and fitness space with our removable customised wallpaper.

Hotel Groups

Whether you want to create a luxurious lobby or update the decor of your rooms, our collection of premium removable wallpapers will have the right design for you.

Interior Designers

Our removable wallpapers are the perfect product to pitch to your clients, affordable, stylish and versatile, they make a glamorous update to any interior.

Medical Centres and Dental Offices

Create a soothing environment in both your waiting rooms and offices with our understated, contemporary range of removable wallpapers.

Restaurants and Cafes

Choose from our range of our chic removable wallpapers to achieve the perfect ambience in your restaurant or cafe.

Retail Stores

Whether it’s to add a touch of glamour to your change rooms or revamp your counter space, our wallpapers can create the perfect buying vibes in your store.

Schools and Daycares

Encourage creativity in your classrooms with our range of children’s wallpapers, from maps to murals, we’ve got something for every space.

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