Bedroom ideas with feature walls

July 30 2019

Bored of those plain white walls? A bedroom feature wall can help to completely transform a space by creating a focal point. Best of all it doesn’t have to involve completely redecorating. We’ve put together some of our favourite ways to add character, depth and colour to a bedroom using feature walls.

Marble bedroom feature wall

Create a marble look in your bedroom while keeping things affordable. This type of feature wall adds real character and depth. It’s also a great way to add the feeling of luxury to a space.


Floral wallpaper

Floral wallpaper is often thought to add a touch of femininity to a space. However, it doesn’t always have to be purples and pinks. We love the bold use of black to contrast the subtle colours of the flowers in the wallpaper below.


Fiore (Dahlia) Wallpaper, from our featured artist Elise Catterall

Wooden Panels

Wooden panels are an easy way to add either height or width to a wall. They add texture to your walls and instantly change the ambience of the room.


Partly covered feature walls

Wallpaper feature walls don’t have to cover the whole wall. For example, the below bedroom has an extended headboard to the ceiling. The wallpaper works perfectly on just behind the headboard.

There is no right or wrong, get creative with where you wallpaper.



Kids bedroom feature walls

Colourful prints look great in kids bedrooms and nurseries. Choose a colour that matches or works with the theme of the room. If you’re not quite brave enough then you can choose a neutral colour while keeping the print big and bold.

Using removable wallpaper is great for kids rooms as it is easy to change with their tastes as they grow up.