Black and White Decor Ideas For A Super Chic Space

March 28 2018

Whether you are a colour fanatic or struggling to pick that perfect colour scheme for your space, everyone knows you can never go wrong with the classic black and white. Here at Luxe Walls, we want to show you the never ending possibilities of styling with these two colours. By embracing the monochrome trend, pairing these colour statements with our wallpapers can definitely give your space the stylish flair any room craves.

Black and White Bathrooms

A bathroom is always a space that aims to achieve a sense of elegance, and by using these monochromatic colours it is hard to go wrong. A great way to take control of the black and white in this space is to use black tiling on the floor and enhance the use of white on the walls. This bold contrast will lighten the space and will exude an air of sophistication that every bathroom craves.

Black and White Entryway

Craving a little drama in your space? A black and white entryway is a perfect style for welcoming guests into your home. There is no denying black and white has become an on-trend contemporary style and with our diverse monochromatic wallpaper designs, we have made it easy for you to create the entryway of your dreams. A great way to achieve such a dramatic look is by using white tiles on the floor and walls with black accents, used on beams or furniture.

Black and White Living Rooms

There is no doubt that black and white living rooms are one of the best spaces to style with our favourite monochrome palette. Easily versatile, the drama of your living room is completely up to you. If you want a polished and refined space, using predominantly white balanced with black accents such as pillows or artworks is definitely your best bet. However, if you are after a sleek yet exciting living space, opt for black walls and ceilings contrasted with white floors.  

Black and White Statement Walls

It is no secret that black and white is definitely an eye-catching and dramatic combination. But what most people don’t know is how easy it is to take this colour sequence to the next level. Using our Luxe Walls wallpaper with our black and white patterns, installing a statement wall can easily infuse that extra creative drama that almost any space needs. Whether you are wanting a simple geometric pattern or going for an all-out statement piece, our options are endless to suit your style.


Although it may seem like a simple two-colour combo, the power of black and white in the interior design world is a force to be reckoned with, especially on our Luxe Walls wallpaper. All that’s left is for you to embrace the monochrome!