Immersive Wallpapers using Sceneries

Covid has made us all stay inside, but we can experience the outdoors by bringing it indoors. It also helps your place look bigger and immediately transports your guests to an entirely different place. It would be on the beach,...

January 21 2022
Décor trends for you in 2022

Violet Violet is a colour to watch out for in 2022, as it is anticipated to be the most popular colour. Purple hues have become popular in recent years, with violet claiming the top spot. Any room will be...

January 21 2022
Wallpapers for your business

Decorating an office can have a number of restrictions. How the atmosphere will feel to your employees and clients as well as showcasing your brand accurately are two of the most important things to consider. The way your office is...

December 20 2021
Indigenous Wallpaper Designs

Australia is rich in arts and culture and this has been reflected through the various indigenous peoples of Australia. With Aboriginal prints on your walls, you will be inspired by the deep meanings behind each cultural design as you lie...

December 20 2021
Get creative and cook up a charming kitchen

Wow with white White makes a space look bigger and brighter while also conveying cleanliness. By having an all-white kitchen, you are introducing this to your space. You can also have an open plan home which allows this...

November 23 2021

Our homes are an important space, it’s where we relax, eat, entertain and spend most of our time.A home is a place of comfort. For many the style and décor of the home is used as a way to express...

November 23 2021