Bring Back the Stone Age: Marble Wallpaper Will Rock Your World

March 26 2020

New year, new walls? This year, we’re taking it back to the basics, just better! Marble has been a sign of luxe and opulence for centuries, and it has never really gone out of style. But hefty slabs of the beautiful stone are costly, heavy and awkward, inaccessible for the majority of us and too much hassle for the rest. 

Not anymore: you can bring the tasteful luxury of marble into your home without breaking the bank, or your back! Jump on the bandwagon of a trend that is finally getting the limelight it deserves: marble wallpaper. 

This new twist on the classic tale has seen an explosion of marble highlights and accents throughout our homes. No longer confined to bathrooms and countertops, we’re seeing daring marble feature walls, decadent marble vanities, even entire rooms decked out with the swirling patterns.

What Makes Marble so Magical?

Speaking of patterns, marble wallpaper offers diversity and flexibility of print that the original simply can’t compete with. From subdued off-whites to naughty nudesblushing pinkforest greenocean bluesgilded gold, and everything in between, you can make the marble work for you with naturalistic swirlsgeometric fractalswhimsical stripes or bold contrasts. There are no limits to the directions you could take your decor in! 

One of the strengths of marble is its versatility. It can be dressed up or down according to the vibe you want to achieve, and it comes in such a wide array of colours that you can always match accessories or furnishings to create a cohesive space. It can be an in-your-face statement, or an understated backdrop to statement artwork, furniture and accessories. However you use it, it creates a classic, timeless appeal that is sure to uplift you every time you come home. 

It can be quite intimidating to plaster a room with marble, so if this is your first foray into using this print, we’d recommend starting out with a feature wall, so you don’t scare yourself! Since you’re using wallpaper, you can always switch things up if you change your mind. 

Using Marble: mixing and matching

There are countless ways you can use marble in your home. Whether you’re highlighting architectural peculiarities or creating an original feature; making a bold, trendy statement or crafting a timeless classic; oozing opulence and taste or making minimalistic perfection – marble wallpaper can work miracles for you. To make sure your marble stays modern, though, mix and match it with contemporary textures and materials! ‘Roman Temple’ is a great vibe, but, really, it’s not for everyone, so bring your marble into the 21st century by adding in a few fresh touches. 

The Marriage of Marble and Metal

If you’re going for a contemporary chic look, there’s nothing easier than matching metals with the accent colours in the marble. To create a luxurious feel, choose gold. For more masculine chic, go for silver or black. Chrome, brass and copper are great choices to bring an industrial edge to any design! 

Create the Unexpected

With marble wallpaper, the sky’s the limit: experiment with exciting hues and textures to make your space special. They can be as intense or as gentle as you want! Playing around with soft and hard furnishings, you can then create a cohesive, beguiling and memorable design story throughout your home. 

Nature Knows

Marble with natural hues, like soft or deep greens, blues, earthy reds and pinks, is easy to style, easy to live in and is good for the soul. It can either sit happily in the background or be emphasised with accessories and furnishings, and it stays relevant and current throughout the seasons and years. 

Odd Pairings

Don’t be afraid to push the boat out when it comes to accessorising your marble wallpaper. Just because marble is usually associated with luxe doesn’t mean you can’t go the rustic route, highlighting those earthy accents with wooden features and ‘forest lodge’ feels. Or match your blue marble with seashells and nautical decor. Or complement your deep green marble walls with splashes of colour reminiscent of forest flowers. 

Time Travel

Marble wallpaper doesn’t limit you to ‘oldy-worldy’ furniture and stylings. While bringing in a Roman-style lounge bed could be a lot of fun, the brilliance of marble lies in its ability to stay current no matter the era. Match your marble walls with hyper-modern furnishings, contemporary art that no one understands and a sleek, glossy finish, and you’ve got a recipe for the sharpest house on the block.