Cali Burger Refurb

May 20 2021

Cali Burger is a staple of the Sydney food scene for anyone wanting that authentic, American burger experience. However, while the burgers are definitely the stars of the show, the interior decor is now a show-stopper as well! 

For their October 2019 refurb, Cali Burger wanted a dramatic, theatrical feel that would add to the drama of the experience. The goal was to create an immersive story for patrons and staff, making sure everyone felt transported to a whole new world of taste and quality. 

Luxe Walls stepped up to the plate and delivered! 

The Challenge

Creating a dramatic and immersive experience requires a delicate balance between over-the-top theatre and good taste. It’s easy to veer into the tasteless, kitsch or simply aggressively maximalist if you don’t hold the core design principles in your mind when creating your scheme. 

At Luxe Walls, we know when to go big, and go big we did. We fearlessly wallpapered the entire restaurant for that cosy yet exciting and theatrical vibe. Patrons and staff find themselves fully wrapped up in the Cali Burger story, and no one wants to leave! 

The Product

We chose the polyester Luxe Canvas wallpaper, featuring artwork selected by the customer. Luxe Canvas is a fantastically versatile material designed with the best of peel-and-stick technology. It’s super easy to install (see our guide here), and you can re-adjust and re-apply as many times as you need. When you want to update your walls, you can simply peel it off and start fresh!   

Luxe Canvas is also very practical, designed not to rip or wrinkle. It’s highly durable and will see you through thick and thin. 

The Result

This transformation was genuinely breathtaking. The restaurant feels intimate and exciting all at once, and patrons are sure to be left wanting more. They’ll be back for an encore!