How To Prepare And Choose Your Wallpaper

August 13th, 2021 by

To get started, decide on a style and theme for the room. Once you know this, choose furniture and a colour palette. This can be either furniture you already have and want to move it around or new furniture. You can use Pinterest boards and other online resources to get inspiration and choose a style that you like. Choose your wallpaper to match this style. Wallpaper takes up the biggest area and will have a big impact on the style of your room. You can choose a wallpaper based on its theme, colour or style. We have a range of wallpapers to fit whichever style you choose.

We have partnered with Hire a Hubby to help you find a Luxe Approved Wallpaper Installer near you. But if you choose DIY, here is what to do before you install your wallpaper:

Make sure the wall you want to display this on is smooth, properly primed, painted and cured wallboard/gyprock that has little or no surface variation. This helps ensure it sticks on properly and is durable. Our installers recommend gloss or semi-gloss acrylic paints to prep your wall. Don’t forget to allow your paint to de-gas for a minimum of 10 days before applying the wallpaper.

Check your wall for cracks, holes and peeling paint. Not repairing damage can lead to poor wallpaper adhesion and possible damage when removing your wallpaper. It’s better to prepare and fix it before you apply the wallpaper than leave it as is and it may become worse.

Remember to remove any picture hooks – these can be returned after the wallpaper is hung. Anything that is obstructing the wallpaper from being properly applied to the wall must be removed while applying to ensure it covers a greater surface area and is applied evenly.

Ensure your wall is clean of lint, dust and dirt. Before applying your wallpaper, clean the wall with a damp cloth, you can wash it down or wipe it to take out all the dust and dirt. This helps the wallpaper to stick directly on the wall and not get on to the dust which could also cause it to look bumpy and uneven.

We hope these help you understand the ease of application with Luxe Walls and that you choose us for your next project. You can read more here.

5 Bold Wallpapers to Liven Up Any Room

August 11th, 2021 by

Gotten tired of the same look for your room? Want to kick it up a notch? We’ve got the perfect wallpapers for you to take it to the next level. With the right wallpaper you can change the style of a room without having to make big changes. Sounds exciting right? We have made a list of 5 bold wallpapers to enhance your bedroom, dining or lounge.

Folk Blooms Wallpaper

Folk Blooms Wallpaper in pink hues is a unique & charming design that will add a subtle vintage influence on your interior. You can match this wallpaper with pink, purple or yellow furniture to create a stylish look. It can be displayed in a powder room or kitchen to provide a homey feel. This warm design can also be matched with accessories in the room to create a variety of styles from boho, chic, cosy or retro. You choose!

Proud Peacock Wallpaper

Add a majestic look to your room with this Chinoiserie wallpaper that makes a bold statement on your walls. The proud peacock sits pride of place, surrounded by herons and peonies adding a look of luxury and grandeur. A unique design that will enhance any room. Print this on Luxe Linen and it take it to the next level by giving it a 3D textural touch. This will look great in your bedroom, dining room or lounge.

Red Wine Time Wallpaper

The Pink and Black swirls of Red Wine Time Wallpaper has a sophisticated yet fun energy. It embodies a modern and contemporary feel. The layering of organic shapes within the artwork creates a sense of depth. This look brings a timeless and classy style to your room. Printing this design on Luxe Linen will take this further and add another element with texture.

Sunflower Field Wallpaper

Who doesn’t like a field of sunflowers, they exude happiness, life and freshness. Most people use this scene as their happy place. Well, you can make this a reality and create your happy place right in your home. This wallpaper is the perfect choice to brighten up your room. Proudly plaster it on your wall and pair it with yellow toned furniture to really bring out the sunshine.

Tropical Palm Leaves Wallpaper

Add a botanical feel to your room with this impressive rainforest inspired wallpaper. Whether you use this wall mural in a kids room or a lounge room, a fresh and lush ambience will be created. You can dress it up or down and create a boho vibe with some rattan furniture or make it look like the Hamptons with a white couch and wooden table. Whichever way you choose, this versatile look will certainly brighten up your room.

Design Tips To Redecorate Your Home

August 11th, 2021 by

Designing your house can be fun and exciting but it can also be a little bit scary. Research shows that people redecorate on average once every five years. That’s a lot of redecorating, a lot of experience and a lot of advice. If you have done this before and want some new ideas or this is your first-time redecorating. We put together some design tips to help you on your journey.

Choose The Right Chairs

Chairs are important and can set up the atmosphere and style of the room. They are more than just accessories and can be the perfect design tool to add to a room. Of course, in addition to looking good they must also feel good. Chairs are a great tool to jazz up your room, they can go with many different styles of wallpaper and furnishing and just like our easy to apply and remove wallpaper you always have the option of changing up your chairs. An easy, quick and affordable way to change the style of your lounge, dining room or office.

Cut The Clutter

We have all heard less is more, to make the style of the room stand out decreasing clutter helps. I know what you’re thinking – it’s easier said than done. What do we do with all the stuff in the house that you don’t want to give away? Well, there are smart ways to increase storage space. You can have storage space under stairs, under beds or add a cabinet that fits in with the style of the room. If you think this will make your room look smaller you can use some of our wallpaper that makes the room like bigger and brighter.

Can’t Go Wrong With Colour

The colour you add to a room can impact the size that it looks and the style. With the use of colours there are limitless options to what you can do with your room. Any style you choose, you can go monochrome, contrast, complimenting or choose a tone that fits the mood you’re looking for. You can add colour through your furniture, accessories and the biggest impact – your walls! Adding a feature wall or all making all four sides a certain colour can help you mould the room and make it your perfect space.

Try Before You Buy

For those of you hesitant to change the style of your room, we get it. Making a change can be scary especially if you have no idea how it is going to look in your space. Companies help customers mitigate this fear by providing samples or using AI so you can visualise the changes you want in the room itself. This can be really helpful to see how size and placing impacts bringing the vision to reality. It’s also a great way to see if everything matches and works well together. That’s why Luxewalls offers FREE samples, so you can check the texture, adhesive compatibility and can see it with your furnishings, floor and lighting.

Whatever you choose to go with in colours, furniture or styles. You can be adventurous and try something different, you always have the option of trying and changing. With all of this, you are bound to create the perfect space in your home.

Wallpapers for Your Home Office

August 11th, 2021 by

We have all had spent time working from home through the pandemic with WFH becoming a popular acronym. In fact, more companies are making work from home the new norm. It’s fairly safe to say we are all going to be spending a lot more time in our home offices. So why not give it a fresh look and turn it into your space.

New York City Wallpaper

This downtown New York wallpaper will add an urban vibe to you home office. Feel like you’re spending too much time indoors? This could help alleviate that feeling. Being in the midst of New York’s hustle and bustle will match your home office vibe of being fast-paced. This creative and unique wallpaper will definitely set you apart and be a great talking point on Zoom.

Plantation Leaves Wallpaper – Dusty Blue

Plantation Leaves Wallpaper in dusty blue hues will add a mellow botanical feel to your home office! This is perfect for when you’re working a high stressed job and want to work in a relaxing place, the blue leaves create a calming space to help alleviate some of that stress while creating a beautiful backdrop. This matches well in any space but if you want to bring out the freshness paid it with a white desk and a white accessories.

BookShelf Wallpaper

Give your home office a cosy feel with this old school bookshelf. It brings an intellectual and cultured look to the space and a great background for meetings almost like an old house or library. You can enhance this look by matching it with an antique wooden desk, chair and cupboard or create a more modern look by adding colours and styles through the fixtures and accessories.

Light Grey Concrete Wallpaper

This print is a great classy and simple canvas to design your home office with. It’s classic mix of white and grey tones used to create a sense of depth. This concrete look adds sophistication and character, you can choose a style based on what furniture you want to add, as these are easy moving components, they can be frequently changed to keep your home office looking fresh.

Sugarbush Wallpaper – Navy

This beautiful wallpaper enhances every room it is displayed in. The design adds beauty and character to your home office. It exudes a Mediterranean look and will bring a crisp and fresh look to your home office. This also brings in style and takes your space to the next level. It is a simple change to make with a big difference and will match the existing furniture you have in the room.

Gorgeous Geometrics: Five Wallpapers to Shake Up your Interiors

August 6th, 2021 by

Wallpaper has been making a steady come-back for many years now. With easy to install peel-and-stick prints, it’s actually the easiest way to give your home a hassle-free facelift these days! And this means that the classic, era-defining looks of decades gone by are also getting a new lease on life. 

Along with vintage vibes and cheeky mid-century looks, geometrics are back in favour with forward-thinking designers the world over. From bold, striking patterns to pared back and minimalist looks, there’s no aesthetic that can’t be improved by a well-chosen geometric print. 

Whether you opt for a burst of bright colours or a sea of gorgeous neutrals, the patterns featured in geometric prints are always eye-catching and distinctive. This makes geometrics an ideal choice for a striking accent wall as they draw your eye to the room’s standout features and make your space feel both expansive and intimate. On the other hand, the usually more limited colour palette featured in geometric prints means they make a powerful statement without being overbearing. Consequently, you can use them across the whole room without being worried about overdoing it! 

The restrained colour story also makes most geometric prints easy to integrate into an existing scheme. Echo the accent colours in your soft furnishings and finishings to create a cohesive and impactful interior aesthetic. 

Without further ado, let’s dive into a few of our favourite geometrics! We’re sure you’ll find something to inspire your next home makeover, and we’re more than happy to help.

Shades of Grey

Our Green Grey Hexagon print is the perfect place to start, with a minimalist palette featuring clean shades of grey and green. Set against neutral and natural tones, the classic hexagonal pattern makes a powerful statement without taking over your space. The crisp lines are sophisticated yet fun-loving, and it’s easy to accessorise with more clean lines and a neutral palette. Spice it up a little with a burst of yellow here and there! 

Zig Zags

Another minimalist print, our Golden Monstera Wallpaper is the perfect addition to a pared-back neutral scheme. The playful pattern injects fun and dynamism into the room while remaining subtle enough to use across every wall, if you so desired. The monochromatic colour scheme also means you can accessorise freely, bringing in colours that tie your personal style together. 

Urban Geometrics

Geometric with a twist, our gorgeous Colourful Windows print brings the great urban outdoors to your interiors. Playful and versatile, this unique take on geometrics is sure to be a show-stopper and a conversation-starter all at once. Pair with an industrial scheme and a generous helping of bright accent colours! 

Drama Queen

Dark and dramatic, this Tiling Pattern print imbues your space with bold, sophisticated, and fearlessly fun-loving vibes. It’ll look fabulous in a striking, monochromatic scheme! On the other hand, it also makes a climactic backdrop in a more colourful, eclectic interior. Accessorise this print with sharp lines and a generous dollop of drama. 

Beguiling in Blue

The perfect storm, our stunning Blue Lines print combines eye-catching lines, vibrant colours and mind-boggling optical illusion. This loud and proud wallpaper is the ideal choice for a distinctive and memorable feature wall that’s going to have tongues wagging for months. Echo the gorgeous shade of blue in your soft furnishings and accessories, but don’t overdo it – this wallpaper speaks for itself! 

Four Wallpapers to Make Your Home Office Work for You

July 23rd, 2021 by

Working from home has become the new normal. While some are looking forward to getting back into the office, others have thrived from the comfort of their own homes (and probably their pyjamas!). Regardless, adapting our domestic space for work requires some creativity, whether you’re making the best of an existing study or fitting a work area into another room. 

Colour and pattern are crucial elements in designing home offices that work for you. They help to zone an open-plan space or create a study that inspires you to be your best. What better way to transform your room than with easy to use, peel-and-stick wallpaper?

Wallpaper is the most effortless way to take your home office from ‘meh’ to magical in no time. Transform the personality and purpose of your space by tailoring the aesthetic to your work and your style! By harnessing the power of colour and pattern, you can create a study that suits how you like to work and think, and supports the type of motivation you need to get yourself through the day. 

Before you rush out to buy the first print that catches your eye, there are a few key things to keep in mind when designing a home office. 

The Type of Space

Is your home office its own room, or is it a nook within another space? The answer to this question will guide the wallpaper choices you make. 

If your home office shares space with another room, it’s essential to consider how the two zones will co-exist. While it’s a great idea to differentiate areas through interior decor, it’s also vital to keep the whole design coherent and complementary. The existing style, colour scheme, and ambience within the space should inform the wallpaper you choose to use for your home office. 

If your home office is an entirely separate room, the world is your oyster! Here you have total freedom to create a unique and distinctive space that brings out the best in your work.

The Type of Work

Your home office should be a reflection and extension of the type of work you do. The colours and patterns reveal both your personality and the unique gifts you bring to your job. 

If you work in the creative sector, make choices that emphasise the creativity, imagination and out-the-box thinking that characterise your work. For more ‘traditional’ occupations, where disciplined focus and tailored productivity are fundamental, the key is to design around comfort, motivation and inspiration. You need to be able to get in the zone.    

Colour Theory 

Humans are visual creatures, and colour has significant power to impact our mindset. Consequently, colour is crucial to designing a home office that inspires the kind of motivation you need.

Neutrals: Spice it Up

We recommend steering clear of too much white or grey. These colours don’t stimulate the senses and tend to create quite sterile, or even energy-draining, environments. If neutral palettes are important for you, using pastels or beigy, earthy tones is a good alternative. They keep your space both exciting and timeless. However, you can also liven up a white or grey wall with some gorgeous artwork!

Our Nangamy print is the perfect combination of a neutral palette and eye-catching designs, to create dynamism and focus in your space. 

Green: Keeping it Fresh

Green is the colour that the human eye processes fastest and with the least effort. This means it doesn’t tire out your eyes, even after a long and hard workday. With plenty of shades and hues to choose from, green is the perfect colour to keep you and your work fresh – all day, every day! 

Enjoy a variety of greens in our playful Green Brushstrokes print. The naive design creates depth and motion, all the while remaining understated and pared back. 

Blue: Making it Work for You

Blue is a famously soothing and calming colour. However, it also helps boost productivity! This colour is clearly the best of both worlds when it comes to designing a home office. 

This understated yet dramatic Abstract Blue print embodies the duality of blue’s power to motivate and soothe. 

Yellow and Orange: Get Those Creative Juices Flowing

These bright tones can be very energising, making them ideal choices for creative work settings. Cheerful and funky, they’re also known to be mood-boosting! However, they can be quite tiring on the eye. Choose pastel hues, patterns that incorporate more neutral and subdued colours, or create an accent wall to get the benefits of these bright colours without straining your eyes. 

Our simple and playful Orange Chamomile print is the perfect match for a creative and fun workspace. 

Play Like Picasso: the Low-Down on our Continuous Line Drawing Prints

July 9th, 2021 by

The line between madness and genius has always been a fine one. Here at Luxe Walls, we celebrate the touch of crazy that really elevates a design from mundane to magical. Moreover, we’re inviting you to celebrate with us by adding a hint of Picasso to your walls!

First popularised by Pablo Picasso, continuous line drawing is a fresh, raw and imperfect art form that boils down to true creative genius. It feels immediate and visceral while speaking to intrinsic artistic vision and ability. We’ve curated a unique collection of line drawing prints to celebrate this abstract style, focused on simple and expressive faces.

Featuring a range of expressions and personalities, our Face Line Drawing collection speaks to the beautiful diversity of the human experience and the delicious cheekiness of celebrating our relationships with each other. In soft neutral tones, this collection elevates and relaxes your space all at once. A touch of playfulness, a serious nod to a classic artist, and a generous dash of whimsy come together to create magic on your walls. Smart-casual, sophisticated yet chilled out, worldly and fun-loving, this print says it all! 

The playful print and pared-back colour schemes bring a unique feel to each room, but all pair beautifully with brass or metal accents, neutral tones and a fun vibe. Our collection is easy to integrate into an existing colour scheme or design aesthetic. However, each print also makes a fantastic focal piece or accent wall to define your design. Of course, how you use them is up to you, but we’re sure these cheeky designs will bring a smile to your face!

Sophisticated Slate and Silver

In cooling slate or silver tones, our Slate Grey and Cloudy Silver prints are powerful without being overbearing. They create a strong, fun, and relaxing presence in the room. We bring you ‘sophisticated’ and ‘whimsical’ all in one!

Classic Black and White

In classic tones, our Black and White Face Line Drawing is the perfect backdrop for a pared-back yet fun-loving scheme. Accessorise with some bright accent colours for an extra pop of energy, or let it speak for itself!

Pretty in Periwinkle, Pink and Taupe

For a little more colour, try our Soft Taupe, Plush Pink or Periwinkle Face Line Drawing ranges. Effortlessly charming and subtly eye-catching, these soft colours add a dash of spice to this playful print.

Play Like Picasso

These spirited prints are perfect for high traffic, communal areas of your home. Living rooms, hallways, dining rooms and even kitchens are the ideal canvas. They’ll boost the energy in the space, and are sure to be show-stoppers and conversation-starters all at once! 

Make a bold statement about yourself and how you like to live your life with these energetic and classic patterns. 

Six Wallpapers to Elevate Your Dining Room

June 11th, 2021 by

Whether you have a formal dining area, or your dining room and kitchen are one-and-the-same, zoning the space with the perfect wallpaper is a great way to make it feel intimate, unique and, most importantly, yours. After all, this is the room where you spend quality time connecting with friends and family over delicious food and drink. It should be a warm and welcoming extension of yourself! 

Wallpaper is the easiest and most cost-effective way of revamping your dining room, and at Luxe Walls, we have plenty of options for you to get creative with. You’re sure to find the pattern that works for you! However, having this much choice can be a bit overwhelming, so here are a few tips and tricks when choosing wallpaper for your dining room. 

A Quick Guide to Choosing Wallpaper for your Dining Room

Colour Story

Keep the colour story cohesive throughout the room, and your whole house if that’s the vibe you’re going for, by coordinating your wallpaper with existing decor and furniture. 

Respect the Aesthetic

Only you know the feel and theme you’re trying to create in your space. Keep this at the forefront of your mind when looking at wallpapers. Consider how the prints will interact with other elements in your scheme. 

A Sacred Space

Dining areas serve a very specific and very limited function. It’s essential to keep this in mind when choosing patterns – anything too loud might put guests right off their food, but anything too dull is unstimulating and unengaging. Only you can draw those lines for yourself and your guests.

Form and Function

How are you going to use your wallpaper? Choosing wallpaper for a feature wall versus wallpaper that will cover the whole room is a very different process. A feature wall is a focal point for the eye. It usually stands out in some way, whether through prints, graphics or colours. Wallpaper that covers a whole room is more coherent with your overall scheme, whether that is over-the-top botanicals or muted neutrals.  

Six Wallpapers to Elevate Your Dining Space

Whimsical Garden Party

Bring the outdoors in, add a dash of whimsy, and you’re all set for a lighthearted yet sophisticated dining experience. Our gorgeous Lady in Blue print combines muted soft tones with beautiful graphics and bright accents. 

Ethereal Earth 

The soft earthy neutrals of our Abstract Watercolour print provide the perfect combination of dynamism and subtlety. This wallpaper is spirited without being overpowering and understated without being boring, resulting in a classic and stimulating dining experience. 

Feed the Birds

This bold contemporary print creates motion as it draws the eye along the space, yet it doesn’t overpower the room. Our Birds in Flight wallpaper is simple yet unusual, and it’s sure to be an ice-breaker over dinner. 

Pretty Pastels

The perfect combination of colour and subtlety, our Colourful Brush Stroke print will liven up your dining area without taking attention from the food and company. Zesty, understated pastels bring a sense of warmth and welcome to the room, helping everyone feel comfortable, relaxed, and well looked after. 

Texture in Teal

Plain without being boring, our teal Textured Paper print is classic, sophisticated, and easy to integrate into a scheme. The texture and gorgeous colour create depth and interest, but they don’t overpower the decor. The soothing tone is perfect for unwinding in good company.

Circle of Life

The earth tones in our Dots and Circles wallpaper are easy to integrate into most schemes. Furthermore, the graphic yet understated pattern can either be a focal point to a pared-back decor, or the backdrop to a more vibrant design. All in all, this fun print is perfect for bringing people together around delicious food. 

Dare to Dream: Dressing Up Your Kitchen

May 28th, 2021 by

There are no limits to the magic of wallpaper, especially peel-and-stick removable wallpaper! These days, wallpaper is easy to install, easy to readjust, and just as easy to replace. What’s more, there’s wallpaper out there for every room, including kitchens! Spongeable, washable and scrubbable wallpapers are long-lasting and kitchen-proof. They’re able to survive everything from spills to scratches and hectic family lunches! 

This means your kitchen can be just as snazzy and jazzed up as the rest of your house. And you don’t have to worry about whether or not your kitchen style can weather the storms of daily wear and tear. 

Now that your creativity can be unleashed in the kitchen as well, it’s time to think about making the space your own. Kitchens are the heart and soul of a home, where nutritious, delicious food (or tasty takeaway) is prepared, friends and family gather, and secret snacks are consumed. As such, it should be an extension of the rest of your house, featuring key themes, colours, patterns and schemes that define your taste and your style. 

Whether your kitchen is large or small, cluttered or minimalist, we’ve got the print for you. Humble neutral hues or bight and vibrant patterns, gorgeous geometrics or intricate tiles, there’s something for everyone! Here’s a rundown of some of our favourite kitchen-worthy prints and ideas on how to style them. 

Stunning Prints for a Stand-Out Kitchen

Beautiful in Blue

Wrap your kitchen in the soothing tones of our gorgeous Coral Mandala Wallpaper to start your day the right way. The intricate yet naive marine patterns and two-toned hues create a sense of calm and depth. This print effortlessly immerses you in a profoundly relaxing atmosphere. The faded, neutral shades are also simple to match and accessorise! This print could either be a subtle focal point in a pared-back scheme or a fun backdrop to more dramatic highlights and accents. 

Funky Stripes

You can’t go wrong with a simple and bold pattern. Our Abstract Grunge print lends itself well to geometric and tribal designs. The deep blue stripes and neutral background are easy to pair with similar tones. They create a funky vibe in a room that represents the soul of your home. On the other hand, you could easily create contrasting accents of red or yellow to bring out the wild side of this geometric print. 

Perfect Pastels

This stunning print is a much more laid-back vibe. The subtle pastels in our Aqua Herringbone wallpaper create a relaxed and chilled-out feel in a room that sees a lot of activity and chaos. Breathe a sigh of relief every time you come into the kitchen and enjoy this carefree atmosphere! Style it with neutral, minimalist decor and a pop of colour here and there to create depth and interest.  

Portugal Vibes

Let your kitchen transport you to far-flung Mediterranean horizons with our Portuguese Tiles print. The gorgeous mandalas are reminiscent of the intricate and beautiful tiles that line streets, homes and gardens in Portugal. Bring the sun and sea into the heart of your home! By echoing the earth tones throughout your decor, you’ll create your very own luxury getaway, designing a kitchen that makes you feel right at home. Adding highlights in warm tones will increase the contrast and depth of your design, helping the eye travel across the space. 

Six Reasons You Should Jump on the Wallpaper Bandwagon!

April 16th, 2021 by

Wallpaper is here to stay! And it’s come such a long way from your grandma’s living room or a vintage lover’s hallway. In the last few decades, we’ve had a true revolution in wallpaper design. It’s being used in so many new and innovative ways that really add a touch of magic to our homes. 

From intriguing textures to fun patterns, sophisticated designs and custom prints, the aesthetics of wallpaper know no limits these days. Whoever you are, whatever your style, there’s sure to be a print for you! But that’s not all: wallpapers have never been so easy to install. With the advent of pre-pasted and peel-and-stick papers, you can re-decorate your room in no time, with no mess and no fuss. 

But the clincher really has to be the growing popularity of removable wallpapers. They’re just as easy to take down as they are to put up! Installing wallpaper is no longer a binding commitment to the future. You can get playful and experimental without fearing the consequences and redesign your space entirely as often as you like. 

If you’re not convinced yet, we’ve put together a list of the top six reasons you should be using wallpaper in your home. You’ll be wallpapering everything before you get to the end!

Six Reasons to Jump on the Wallpaper Bandwagon

Easy as Pie

Before diving into the fun stuff, let’s get some technicalities out of the way. These days, wallpaper is a heck of a lot easier to get right than painting! It’s also never been so accessible or diverse. 

Peel-and-stick wallpaper, in particular, is just as easy as it sounds. Removable and reusable, it’s perfect whether you’re a DIY beginner or a seasoned re-decorator. At Luxe Walls, our papers come in pre-measured strips, so all you need to worry about is lining them up! And since our papers are reusable, you can peel off and re-stick as many time as you need to get it right. 

Geometric Spider Web

Long-lasting Good Looks

Wallpapers these days are highly durable – much more so than paint, which can chip or peel. They’re also easier to clean. Most wallpapers are designed to be wipeable and moisture-resistant. 

This makes wallpaper a fantastic long-term investment. Long-lasting and low-maintenance? Just what everyone wants for their walls!

Spoilt for Choice

The sky’s the limit when it comes to choice! There are just so many different options out there, whether you’re into colour, pattern, texture or a specific style. Wallpaper is a great way to personalise a space and create genuinely unique and memorable interiors. 

Take the time to explore the options available to you, and consider what best complements your space. Textured wallpapers bring warmth, depth and dimension to the room, while also providing a dash of luxurious comfort. Neutral colours or patterns make great backdrops, while exciting prints create an immersive and evocative experience. 

Victoria Era Blush

So Versatile

Wallpaper can quite literally be used anywhere. Again, the sky’s the limit! Entire rooms, single walls, corridors, ceilings, exciting features like chair rails or chimney breasts – the way you use your roll is up to you. 

It’s a great way of bringing life to an oddly shaped or unconventional space, like a powder room or closet. With a touch of wallpaper magic, they’ll become your favourite rooms in the house! 

Wallpaper Feature

Where it used to be more of a backdrop, today wallpaper is taking centre stage. Custom prints or beautifully crafted designs are works of art in-and-of themselves, and they deserve to be made a fuss of. If you’ve got a particularly bold or impactful print, consider giving it pride of place with a feature wall! 

Using wallpaper like art, feature walls are an easy way to make a statement and express your creative side. Applying wallpaper across only one wall adds character and individuality, while giving you an excellent foundation for your decorative scheme. 

The Wave

No Strings Attached

Today’s wallpapers leave no trace. If you feel like a change, it’s no big deal! Simply peel away when it’s time to switch it up. It’s actually a good idea to keep the backing paper so that you can re-stick the wallpaper to it when you’re done. This makes storage more manageable and increases your wallpaper’s lifespan. 

To Sum Up….

To sum it all up: wallpaper looks great, it’s easy as pie to put up AND take down, and it’s so versatile you’ll never get bored. What’s not to love? 

Want to see more, get inspired here.

Eleven Tips to Make the Most of Your Wallpaper

April 2nd, 2021 by

There’s no denying it; wallpaper is still going strong! Once the domain of grandparents and off-taste vintage fanatics, it’s become a trendy and handy tool in the interior decorator’s repertoire. With the advent of peel-and-stick, wipeable and moisture resistant patterns, there truly are no limits to the ways you can use wallpaper around the house. 

With so much more time being spent in the house these days, everyone’s channelled their inner interior decorator and gotten their hands dirty with some DIY. Now is the perfect time to go a little wild with your wallpaper prints and make your space extra special!  

However, suppose it’s your first time dipping your toes into the magical world of wallpaper. In that case, the whole thing can seem quite intimidating. There’s so much to think about, from choosing the right pattern right through to accessorising and decorating. Where do you even start?

Glad you asked. We’re here for you! 

We know a little something about wallpapers here at Luxe Walls, so we’ve compiled a list of our favourite wallpaper tips. Dive in – you’ll become an expert in no time!

Try Before You Buy

You’d never commit to a car without a test drive, right? Well, the same should apply to the walls you’ll be looking at every day. Spend some narrowing down options before ordering yourself some samples. You can then hang them on the walls you’re thinking of decorating. Pay special attention to the way the print or colour makes you feel, and check how the colours shift in different lights and at varying times of the day. This way, there’ll be no surprises when you do commit! 

Planning is Winning

Nothing beats a good plan. Improvising might seem like the more ‘artistic’ or ‘creative’ method, but it’s also a recipe for wonky strips and unaligned patterns. We promise, looking at that will eventually drive you up the wall. 

Figure out how much wallpaper you’ll need (check here for a tutorial), then order an extra roll just in case. The best way to measure your walls is to multiply the width by each wall’s height and add all the measurements together to obtain the total square footage. However, don’t forget to deduct windows, doors, and any other negative spaces.  

Prep your walls (like so) to ensure your wallpaper adheres strongly and durably. Wallpaper works best when applied on clean walls that have had any holes filled and imperfections sanded or smoothed, so it’s well worth taking the time to do so. Similarly, textured walls aren’t the ideal surface for wallpaper, so smoothing the texture down is your best bet!

Start Small…

It can be a good idea to start small, to avoid giving yourself a shock and help you get used to the process. Start in small rooms, like bathrooms or hallways, or choose an accent wall to create a focal point. Another idea is to select an element or feature you’d like to highlight:

  • The back of a bookshelf, cabinet or closet
  • A door or piece of furniture
  • Stair risers
  • Panels or silhouettes 

…But Not Too Small

Avoid small patterns with offset matches if this is your first outing. The designs can be challenging to align or match up, which makes the process frustrating and unrewarding. 

Play the Pattern

The temptation when starting out might be to avoid patterns, but you’d be missing out on a great opportunity! If patterns intimidate you, choose some in a more subdued or neutral palette. However, they really do add both depth and interest to a room. They can be your best friend when it comes to helping the eye travel across a space or disguising the actual size of a room! 

Nevertheless, make sure the scale of the pattern matches the scale and dimensions of the room, to avoid overwhelming the eye.

Go Wild in Small Doses

Small rooms like powder rooms, home offices, cloakrooms or bathrooms are the perfect place to be bold. Choose wild patterns that bring a smile to your face and joy to your heart! A good ‘rule’ for going a bit crazy is to choose a print that is a few shades darker or lighter than you usually would. Bold patterns in small rooms can make the space feel larger. 

Hedge Your Colours Bets

Choosing a print with two or three colours gives you more flexibility when it comes to redecorating in the future. It helps keep rooms looking fresh and makes it easier to transform your space by merely switching out a few accessories.

In the Zone

Wallpaper is an excellent device for zoning your space. It can create defined areas within an open or shared room and make spaces feel distinct. 

Know Thyself

Keeping your current interior design style in mind is the best way to narrow down the myriad options you’re presented with as you search for the perfect print. Ensure the wallpaper you choose tells the same story as your furnishings, accessories and, most importantly, the fixed finishes. Tiles, large pieces of furniture, utilities and the like are difficult and tiresome to change. The last thing you want is for your beautiful new wallpaper to trigger a chain reaction that involves redoing the whole house! 

There’s a print out there for every style. Whether you’re looking for something sleek and contemporary or cosy and romantic, we’ve got it! Don’t hesitate to reach out to us for any advice or recommendations! 

Wallpaper Favours the Bold

When creating an accent wall, go bold! If your accent wall is half-hearted, it’ll just end up looking like a mistake. So choose a print that clearly stands out from the other surfaces and elements in the room. A new colour, lively pattern or exciting texture are your perfect weapons when designing a dazzling focal point. 

Breaking the Fourth Wall

It may be called wallpaper, but true decorators know you can’t win without thinking out the box. Wallpapered ceilings look amazing! Bold, abstract patterns on the ceiling completely transform a room and create a true sense of immersion, not to mention wow-ing your visitors. 

Need some inspo? Have a look here.

Six Trends to Look Out For in 2021

March 19th, 2021 by

We’ve got a lot to make up for in 2021, as well as some radical new ways of using our spaces. Both of these factors are reflected in the top six trends we’ve identified for your interiors this year. From lots of references to nature and organic materials to an explosion of textures and prints, it’s all here!

The top priority for aspiring interior designers in 2021 is going to be livable luxury. Aim to create interiors that feel as good as they look, and offer practical comfort. Re-thinking those less-used spaces and transforming them into rooms with purpose will maximise the livable space, but it’s going to require some creativity!

Another essential element in 2021 is multi-functional space. Our homes have become our workspaces, gyms, lounges, restaurants, cafes and classrooms, completely transforming the way we use our rooms. Adjusting the space to this ‘new normal’ is another endeavour that entails oodles of creative thinking.

An excellent place to start when looking for inspiration is always Pantone’s Colour of the Year. In 2021, Pantone has given us two! Ultimate Gray and Illuminating Yellow are set to see us through to 2022 in style. Pantone Color Institute‘s Laurie Pressman stated: “The Pantone Colour of the Year reflects what is taking place in our global culture, expressing what people are looking for that colour can hope to answer.” Engaging with these colours brings an extra level of meaning to your decor. 

Of course, we’re all busy bees. So here are some 2021 Interior Design trends that you can achieve with quick and easy make-overs. And, of course, some gorgeous wallpaper prints.

Going Global

2020 was not the year for travel. And who knows what 2021 will bring? So bring the world to you! Embrace the Global trend. In 2021, interiors are going to reflect tropical shorestravel momentsfar-flung placesoriental influences and ethnic magic. With globalisation, we’re all being exposed to design influences from all over the world. It’s not surprising that they’re ending up in our homes! 

Cement the look with a great wallpaper, for example, our stunning Air Balloon print. Accessorise it with your own souvenirs and memorabilia from the trips that brought you joy! This creates an authentic and lived-in feel that makes your interiors unique and comfortable. 

It’s a look that’s best described as eclectic: a little something from here and a little something from there. Don’t worry about clashing prints and colours! Natural textures and features are also a great way to tie the look together. 

Texture, Texture, and More Texture

Texture is quickly becoming our favourite way to design a focal point without necessarily going wild with colours. One standout texture can really draw the eye and engage the senses. On the other hand, layering different textures over each other creates a sense of depth and intrigue.

Blankets, pillows and cushions are some obvious go-to’s. However, textured furniture, glass panes, tactile tiles and textured or 3D illusion wallpapers are becoming increasingly popular. 

Matching textures in your accessories and wallpaper can be a great way to create a cohesive and cosy interior. Plants and plant textures are an easy place to start. However, anything from wood and natural features to stonebricks or concrete can be very effective. 

Dried Flowers

While greenery and houseplants will forever be popular, a new trend is edging its way in. Luckily for all of us serial plant murderers, plants of the faux or dried variety are among the most prominent trends for 2021! 

Their muted hay and straw tones fit in perfectly with 2021’s earthy, natural colour trend. They’re also a great way to bring delicate textures and natural elements to your spaces. 

To create a cohesive scheme around these textures and colours, look no further than our Meadow DanceSummer Floral, or Monochrome Leaves prints! They’ll bring out the best in your flowers. 

The Grandmillennial Generation

Think ‘granny chic,’ but with a healthy dash of contemporary and splash of boldness. The Grandmillennial style combines the modern with the vintage to create comfy and cosy interiors, which are nonetheless contemporary and functional. Spaces feel nostalgic, but not dated, and homely, but not twee. 

Decadent sofas and pouffes, tassels and fringing, floral prints, wicker, cane and rattan textures, and maybe even some needlepoint are welcome here! It’s a great excuse to play with hand-me-downs, inherited pieces, and reclaimed furniture. Pair it all with some sleek, modern lines for a layered, textured and intriguing look. 

A lovely vintage wallpaper, such as this Sophia print, will seal the deal. On the other hand, if you’re lacking the modern touch, play around with the sleek lines and contemporary feel of our White CornersAbstract Geometric or Peaceful Drops wallpapers. 

Going Green

Green is the new grey! It’s a colour representing health, happiness and nature – all things we’re craving for 2021 – and it’s popping up everywhere this year. From kitchens to bedrooms, green is the way to go. It’s also a highly versatile tone! Make it a neutral backdrop to an understated interior, or use it to make a bold style statement. 

Sage green is looking to be a particular favourite, thanks to its soothing yet uplifting character. Add a few highlights here and there, or unleash it across your walls for maximum effect. 

When it comes to your walls, a block of colour can be very sophisticated, creating a neutral backdrop for your decorating. A playful pattern can bring a sense of whimsy and fun to a more lighthearted space, while a textured print is a great way to add depth to your scheme.

Peel-and-Stick is Here to Stay

Luckily for us, it’s looking like peel-and-stick wallpapers are gaining popularity in 2021! People are renting or looking for low-commitment ways to switch it up at home. So self-adhesive and removable wallpaper is clearly the perfect answer. 

It’s the ideal solution for an easy, yet dramatic and impactful transformation in your interiors. And when you want to change again, you can just peel it off! It’s also great for renewing distressed architectural features like chair rails or mouldings, as well as up-cycling tired furniture. Incidentally, up-cycling is another 2021 trend!  

Nine Pink Wallpapers for a Feminine, Spa-Like Bathroom

March 5th, 2021 by

Long, busy days can keep our brains working at two-hundred miles a minute, for hours at a time, and it can be challenging to find a moment to ourselves amidst the madness. However, there’s nothing like a little pampering at the end of the day to make us feel like new! This pampering journey begins in our bathrooms or powder rooms – our very own home-spas. 

You don’t need the most enormous bathroom, most luxurious bath or the most expensive finishings to create a spa-like feel at home. Spa luxury is all about comfort and beauty, a look that is easy to achieve with the right wallpaper.  

Here at Luxe Walls, we happen to feel that pink wallpaper is the perfect way to infuse your bathroom with a fresh, feminine feel. The soft and subtle shades are calming and refreshing but bright enough to liven up even the smallest rooms. They have that luxe, glamorous appeal which is the perfect base for designing an elegant and attractive space.  

There are so many ways to use pink wallpaper in your bathroom! From a single feature wall to four-wall eleganza or statement zoning, the sky’s the limit when it comes to making your pink wallpaper work for you. Many modern wallpapers are splash-proof and wipeable, so you can use them in high-moisture areas without worrying that they’ll lose their looks. This means you have an absolutely incredible array of patterns and prints at your disposal when designing your very own spa. 

Pink hues are easy to complement. They pair beautifully with earthy or natural tones, like gorgeous greens, dreamy blues or luscious terracotta, but they also bring boldness and drama when paired with metallic accents or black contrasts. Pink is a truly versatile colour that will never fail to lay on the charm! 

Accessorising Your Home-Spa

One of the crucial features of a home-spa is a relaxing, sensual atmosphere. This is best achieved through a minimalist and organic design that prioritises simplicity and beauty. It’s about reminding yourself to go back to the basics, and that the basics are beautiful.  

Bringing nature into the space is a great way to add texture and colour while keeping your scheme simple and coherent. Plants, natural patterns, natural light, if possible – these all soften a room and create a peaceful atmosphere which brings us back to our roots.

When it comes to accessories, tastefully layering textures adds depth and intrigue to a design. This results in a room that stimulates the brain’s creative regions and helps you switch off from your day, no matter how tough it was. Shiny metallic accents in the finishings and accessories will then bring the element of luxury and elegance out into the open, immersing you in soothing indulgence without cluttering up the space.

Another way to create depth and intrigue is to play with light and dark. Your choice of standing lamp, desk lamp, low-hanging light or ceiling lamp will affect how light plays across the surfaces in your bathroom. This interplay of shadow and light will effortlessly transform the space’s perspectives. It will further interact with your choice of wallpaper, finishings and accessories to create the perfect atmosphere. 

Perfect in Pink: 9 Wallpapers to Transform your Bathroom

Without further ado, let’s dive into our favourite pink wallpapers that will transform your bathroom into a dream-room. 

Pretty Paisley

Subtle and complex, intricate yet simple – our Arabic Paisley wallpaper has it all. The interplay of pink and nude shades in the beautiful, organic pattern is restful while remaining effortlessly elegant and refined.

Pink Leaves

The soothing tones, simple lines and repeating pattern of our Fine Pink Leaves wallpaper come together to create an immersive and cocooning adventure. Both uplifting and reassuring, this print is perfect for those precious moments when you’re able to come back to yourself and breathe. It will always remind you to flow with your breath, not with the expectations of the world outside. 

Autumnal Beauty

Autumn is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful seasons, and our Autumn Leaf wallpaper doesn’t fall far from the tree. The earthy tones and naive, nature-inspired print conspire to create a cocooning and innocent interior. However, the simple lines and minimalist feel also guarantee a subtle and sophisticated luxe vibe.

Take Flight

Minimalist yet impactful, our Flying Crane wallpaper says a lot without saying much at all. The soft pastel tones and gorgeous graphics are understated yet elegant, while the whimsical print is refreshing and uplifting. 

Classic Pink Florals

For a more classic and traditional spa feel, you can’t beat our Blooming Florals print. The gorgeous graphics and subtle tones conspire to create an understated yet indisputably elegant interior. The blossoming buds will accompany you on your own journey of re-birth as you take a deep, post-work breath. 

Bird Song

There’s nothing like the sweet song of birds to remind you that there’s life beyond office-hours. Invite them into your spa-experience with our gorgeous Blossoms and Birds wallpaper. The vibrant pinks, soothing neutrals and bright accent colours on the birds provide all the incentive you need to design an understated, nature-inspired and sumptuous retreat. 

Abstract Magic Wallpaper

Organic shapes and a watercolour feel come together in our Dust Storm wallpaper to create, well, the perfect storm. Earth colours, inky tones, flowing lines and intriguing depths are all present, and the results are breathtaking. Subtly dramatic, elegantly bold and completely unexpected, Dust Storm is the indulgent print you deserve. 

Simply Beautiful

Our Evergreen wallpaper’s cheerful coral and simple lines imbue it with sophistication and a sense of innocent joy. It’s lighthearted yet classic, making it the perfect print for a rejuvenating spa-bathroom.

Hazy Horizons

Pastel tones dominate in our beautiful Haze Horizon print, resulting in a softly elegant feel that is both soothing and indulgent. The interplay of pinks and blues mirrors the natural beauty of dusk and dawn, and provides the ideal inspiration for your colour accents and highlights.  

We are constantly updating our wallpaper range, keep up to date with our hottest designs here.

Powerful and Moody Wallpapers for your Powder Room

February 19th, 2021 by

Powder rooms might be a bit of a neglected space in our homes. They’re often small, functional rooms that we don’t think about very much when designing, accessorising and decorating our houses. However, this means we’re missing out on a perfect opportunity to get bold and experimental! 

Bathrooms or powder rooms are enclosed, intimate spaces, where we can feel safe to let our interior-design daredevils guide us. Furthermore, bathrooms are also spaces where people, including guests, spend a significant amount of time. To truly have an impact, and communicate who you are as a designer and homeowner, every aspect of the bathroom needs to be intentional. From the wallpaper to the sink, mirror and fixtures, everything matters. They’re the perfect rooms to get daring! Designer Melissa Rufty even said: powder rooms are a designer’s calling card.

Wallpaper is your best friend when it comes to transforming your bathroom. It’s easy to maintain and doesn’t require much natural light to truly shine, so it’s perfect for a space which is often a little dark and poky. 

At Luxe Walls, we happen to think that dark wallpapers are a great way to add impact and statement to a bathroom. Taking a trip to the powder room quickly becomes an immersive and moody experience when you’re surrounded with luscious dark accents! They imbue a space with intimacy and mystery, but most importantly, luxury: bathrooms become secluded and personal spa-like havens sheltered from the rest of the world. This atmosphere promotes tranquillity and self-care, all the while communicating your design punch and flair.

Accessorising Your Magnificent, Moody Wallpapers

If you’re feeling a little intimidated by the intensity of a dark wallpaper, here are some quick tips and tricks to understand how it works. There’s nothing simpler than styling your gorgeous moody magic! 

Colour Pops

Whether you’re pulling out an accent colour from the pattern or choosing a contrasting tone, bringing a pop of colour to your bathroom is a great way to create depth and drama. Choose strong highlights in any artwork, fittings and accessories you include.

A Gentle Touch

A touch of soft, creamy tones in accessories or fittings creates a sophisticated look and softens the feel of your space. This could be especially effective in your choice of curtains, rugs and throws, towels or artwork. 

Mood Lighting

Dim, focused lighting is the perfect way to create a cosy, intimate space that feels special. A chandelier, standing lamp or desk lamp are ideal ways to manage your lighting. 

Love Luxury

Dark wallpapers feel luxurious already, so adding some opulent touches in the fittings and accessories helps build a cohesive scheme. Brass, gold and tasteful sparkles are the perfect luxury accents. 

Moody Magic

Now that you’re a pro, let’s dive into some of our favourite dark and moody prints! 

Beautiful Blossoms

This Cherry Blossom at Night print is the perfect place to start. It offers all the luxury of dark, moody depths with beautiful colour to lean on in your accessorising. The soft feminine flowers also add that gentle touch, bringing some lovely elegance into the space. For sensual feminine luxury, look no further! 

Moody Mists

This dark wallpaper also provides a soft and feminine element you can play with when you’re decorating. Our Moody Cloud print has rich hues and depths, with lots of neutrals, greys, blues and deep contrasts you can use throughout the room. It’s also slightly more understated than some other dark wallpapers but still offers an intensely atmospheric vibe. It’ll definitely have you feeling all cosy and epic in your powder room.

Opulent Luxury

Talk about drama! Our Opposite Trailing Natives print has everything you could need when designing a statement powder room. The deep contrasts and bright accents have a profoundly sensual and luxurious vibe. This makes it perfect for a quiet but moving powder room that will leave visitors impressed and relaxed. It’s impossible not to feel pampered when you’re surrounded by these opulent florals! Don’t forget to carry the creams and blues into your accessorising for a cohesive feel. 

Black and White Whimsy

For a more naive and playful take on ‘dark and moody,’ our monochromatic Magnolias and Vines wallpaper offers cheeky and knowing innocence. The black and white print means you can accessorise with any colours that bring you joy, but try and focus on colours that will add a touch of intensity to this whimsical pattern. A luxe feel is guaranteed by the dark background, so it’s really fun to play with the idea of naive caprice throughout your bathroom.

Fabulous Florals

Another dash of feminine magic! The pink and white flowers in our stunning Floral Garden wallpaper offer great inspiration for your accessorising and fixtures. The contrast between the dark and bright is dramatic without being abrasive, and the delicate, sensual vibe is perfect for an intimate and spa-like bathroom. We think playing with shades of blue in your decorating could be a lot of fun, and add some intrigue to the room. 

Royal Bouquet

Feel like true royalty with a powder room immersed in beautiful florals! Our Muted Floral Bouquet wallpaper’s dark background creates a fantastic contrast with the white, yellow and pink flowers. It makes for a sophisticated and mature print, tastefully evoking the luxe and refinement you deserve. The bathroom will become so much more than a bathroom! Transform it into your very own royal, indulgent spa experience. 

Get more inso for your powder room on our Pinterest Board here.


Six Tropical Wallpapers to Make Summer Last Forever

February 6th, 2021 by

With warm, evocative nights and deliciously lazy days, we never want summer to end. We wish we could bottle it up and keep it with us forever! Well, we don’t have a magical bottle… However, our stunning tropical wallpapers do a great job of bringing that summer feel into your home! They’ll make your space feel like a constant summertime holiday.

Tropical decor is a style that has proved timeless. Whether you go big and bold or subtle and suggestive, there’s something in the gorgeous greens, deep, opulent tones and bright accents that brings out the best in any home. Truly, a tropical vibe always feels both fresh and classic! Depending on how you style it, it could lend itself to anything from a retro to a contemporary feel. 

There’s a unique balance of neutrals, base tones, and accent colours in many tropical wallpapers. They provide the perfect inspiration for accessorising and decorating the rest of your room! Pull out the bright and punchy accent colours and echo them in decorative elements around the room. You could even mirror them in the colour of your statement pieces like sofas, tables or chairs. Conversely, tropical wallpapers marry themselves beautifully to neutral palettes, bringing intrigue and interest to otherwise minimal spaces. 

We’ve chosen six beautiful tropical wallpapers to bring that summer vibe into your life, no matter the season. Keep reading to feast your eyes on our stunning selection!

Six Tropical Wallpapers to Make Summer Last Forever

Opulent Drama

This gorgeous Black Vintage Strelitzia wallpaper brings the drama and the class to any space. The deep black background and bright feminine pattern create a sense of depth and intrigue, which is nonetheless relaxing and languorous. This wallpaper is therefore an ideal focal point in a living room or lounge. On the other hand, it creates a feeling of luxury and intimacy in a bedroom, transforming the space into your personal tropical hideaway. The cares of the world can’t reach you here!

Beautiful in Blue  

Stepping away from those gorgeous greens for just a moment, let’s embrace the beautiful blues of this Blue Fan Palm wallpaper. With a more neutral and monochrome palette, this is an excellent base to build upon with your furnishings and accessories. Mirror the blue tones throughout your hard and soft furnishings, or choose neutral tones and use blues in your accessories. If you’re feeling bolder, you could select a colour from the opposite end of the colour spectrum to use as an accent. 

This design’s gentle tones lend themselves to busier rooms or understated spaces. They’re perfect for creating a serene and peaceful home! This print would look great in a bedroom or bathroom, and creates a chilled-out atmosphere in a living room or lounge. 

Simply Sublime

If you’re looking for something a little more subtle and understated, look no further than this gorgeous Neutral Tropicals wallpaper. The monochrome palette and minimalist print make this wallpaper a timeless exemplar of classic design – with just a dash of fun and whimsy.

Paired with a neutral and minimalist design, it brings character to a zen space. Understated rooms are imbued with a tropical, travelled vibe. Conversely, paired with a busy and bold room it provides a quieter backdrop to the drama of the space. It’s such a versatile print! You could quite literally use it anywhere, and it will never let you down. 

Bring the Drama

Another dramatic and opulent print, our Tropical Garden wallpaper transforms rooms into secluded and luxurious retreats. With vibrant splashes of colour in eye-catching and arresting designs, it’s sure to be a show-stopper! Unleash this gorgeous print as the focal point in a neutral living room or sitting area, or use it to create an immersive experience in a space bedazzled with tropical touches. In a bedroom or lounge, it will provide a sense of seclusion and intimate luxury. Either way, your room will stand out from the rest!

Carry the various shades of green through into your hard and soft furnishings if you’re aiming to create an immersive adventure. For a more understated look, use green, pink, blue and yellow as accents in your soft furnishings and decor. 


For a fresh and naive take on the tropical trend, feast your eyes on our charmingly whimsical Tropical Atmosphere wallpaper. This colourful, pastel-toned print is full to the brim with childish joy and energy. It truly feels like a breath of fresh air into your space and soul! This tropical wallpaper makes a great focal point in any space but will look at its best in rooms with plenty of natural light and joyful people inhabiting them. 

Play around with the neutral beiges and pinks as you furnish your room. However, don’t be afraid to delve into the bright greens, yellows and reds when accessorising! This print’s simplistic design means it’s less likely to be overwhelming, even in a busy space. It makes for a cheeky and lighthearted living room or sitting area, and a whimsical office space if you need motivation. It also looks great in a children’s bedroom!

Go With the Flow

This leafy print is both sophisticated and arresting. The gorgeous greenery in our Tropical Palms on Black wallpaper is so realistic, you can almost hear the warm wind whistling through the leaves. This sense of movement and flow brings energy and drama to your space. It’s perfect for designing a multidimensional and impactful experience that transforms your home into a tropical summer’s night. Despite its simple colour palette, this wallpaper is a show-stopper! It makes a fantastic focal point in an open-plan space or a large room. The print size also makes small spaces feel higher and wider, so don’t be afraid of using it in a smaller bedroom or a beautiful bathroom! 

Pair this tropical wallpaper with a mostly neutral, black or monochromatic design to create a sleek yet intriguing modern interior. If you’re feeling cheeky, choose accent colours from the opposite end of the colour wheel to add a little more drama.

Get inspired by our wallpaper here.

Dare to be bold with our Mural Wallpaper.

January 29th, 2021 by

When it comes to wall-coverings, using a mural wallpaper is a surefire way to create a focal point in any room. Wallpapers normally are used to go on many walls in the one room, but with murals it’s often just on the one wall due to its powerful design features.

Our Mural Wallpaper collection has a diverse range of enchanting designs that will bring a new focal point to any room in which it is placed. Here we have put together a list of 5 of our favourite mural wallpapers to help get the creative juices flowing.

Rocknest 3 Wallpaper:

Grey, yellow and black artwork
Rocknest 5 Wallpaper

Starting things off here with an original design by Tannia Taranto! This print is an intriguing and abstract design that will certainly create a bold statement inside your home. Yellow, grey, white, brown and black are all tones featured on this wallpaper, giving it a rather tasteful colour palette that’d suit a bedroom, hallway, kitchen and of course a feature wall.

Sydney City Map Wallpaper – Grey:

Grey Sydney Map
Sydney City Map Wallpaper – Grey

This print is an all original design by Tiny Giraffe and is one that showcases the very cool layout of Sydney’s streets and waterways from an intricate birds-eye view. The map design is finished in a nice shade of grey, giving it that modern vibe. You’ll find this wallpaper most effective as a feature wall in an office or at home or even in a bedroom if it’s the style you’re going for. 

Barrangal Wallpaper:

Purple, pink and white aboriginal wallpaper
Barrangal Wallpaper

An original design by Kate Constantine. Barrangal – meaning skin, is part of the Raining Series of works by Kate. This print is an abstract design featuring both warm and cool tones amongst the small Aboriginal inspired white coloured dots. Many rooms around the house would benefit from such a unique design gracing its walls, so add some culture to your favourite wall with this original print.

Boom Town IV Wallpaper:

Grey, white and black Contemporary artwork
Boom Town IV Wallpaper

Boom Town IV by Lara Scolari explores a limited tonal palette of black, white and sepia & focus on simpler considered compositional forms, reflecting and revealing hidden dioramas evoking the energy and chaos of the inner city. Such an abstract design tells so many stories and really can be open to the viewers’ interpretation. We find this print works well in a lounge room, hallway or even a study. 

Chinoiserie Folding Screen Wallpaper:

Crane chinoiserie screen
Chinoiserie Folding Screen Wallpaper

A very unique design indeed is our Chinoiseries Folding Screen Wallpaper! Add an oritental vibe to your interior with this print, it features a soft colour palette and detailed artwork of stunning birds amongst the flora to help make a real statement in your home. This design is a great option to suit a bedroom, dining room or even living room.

Keep up to date with our wallpaper range, which we are continuously curated and editing here.

Vintage Palm Tree Wallpaper

Get your guest rooms ready for the festive season

November 26th, 2020 by

The arrival of the festive season often means the corridors of our homes are filled with the laughter & banter of loved ones. Full homes and happy hearts! Our guest rooms and entertainment areas will be filled to the brim with friends and family as we celebrate spending precious time together. This year, in particular, the festive season will be a time we cherish with family. 

So, there is a lot to look forward to. However, this also means a lot to plan. One of the biggest tasks will be making sure our guest bedrooms, powder rooms and spare rooms are ready for our guests to arrive. Guest rooms in particular need to be warm & inviting to ensure our guests feel right at home. 

The essentials are easy to tick off the list: fresh towels, sheets & toiletries. However, decor is key to achieve that homely & cosy feel. A common mistake made by many of us is to fall into the trap of making our guest rooms plain & neutral so it can appeal to a wide range of our guests. However, this strategy runs the risk of creating a room that is boring and perhaps unmemorable. Using wallpaper to create a feature wall is a fun, easy & effective way to refresh the decor in your guest room. 

Here are 5 of our favourite Guest bedroom wall mural ideas that will be both memorable & inviting.

Neutral & Natural

Going with a neutral colour palette is always a greate idea when you are thinking of using a wallpaper that will be timeless & pair well with your existing decor. Rather than going for plain or outdated wallpaper patterns, nature scenes will add just the right amount of interest to our walls & will cater to visitors of all ages & personalities. 

Browse wallpapers from our Forest, Beach or Nature & Landscape wallpaper categories to add a relaxing, fresh, vibrant or soothing ambience to the interior of your guest room. 

Say hello to Hygge 

If there was a single word you would want to describe your guest room it would be hygge.  Hygge is a Danish word that doesn’t have a direct translation into English. It encompasses simplicity, togetherness, mindfulness, happiness, quality and self-care. While it’s frequently translated as ‘cosy,’ it means so much more! Hygge decor is all about creating a harmonious, simple, joyous home where the focus is on comfort, togetherness and pleasure. Browse our collection of Scandinavian and Neutral wallpaper designs to add that simple yet snug atmosphere to your interior. 

Wonderful wood panels

If you wanted to tread that balance between a timeless yet memorable wall murals, colourful wood panels are what you have been looking for! Wood panels inherently have that country cottage charm. Add a trending colour palette & you have the recipe for a wallpaper that is made for a guest room. 

Pick from our curated colour range of wood panels or give us the desired colour of your own to create a space that is perfect for your loved ones. 

Cityscapes & Scenery

From the iconic New York skyline to romantic Italian vistas, a cityscape wallpaper will add a unique urban touch to your walls. Powerful, exhilarating and modern, cityscapes wall murals will also bring a dramatic depth to any smaller room. From Paris to New York, from Tokyo to Chicago, you will be sure to find the most impressive skylines from around the world. Browse our unique range of Cityscape wallpapers here. 

Cool & Quirky 

Is there a fun wallpaper design that you love but you think it is best to go for a ‘safer’ option? We completely understand this temptation. However when it comes to guests rooms don’t be scared to have a little fun with it. Whether it is in pattern or colour a quirky wall mural can add a whimsical feel to your interior. Browse our range of wallpapers from one of our featured artists or our contemporary wallpaper collection to find a fun & lighthearted design that will instantly put a smile on your guests face.

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Trending now: Wood Effect Wallpaper

November 11th, 2020 by

There is no better way to instantly add charm, warmth or character to your interior than wood effect wallpaper. From a cosy cabin feel to a fresh beach house finish – there will be a wood finish wallpaper that will get the job done. What’s more, there is almost no wrong place for it in your home. Whether it’s in a nursery, bedroom, kitchen or home office – you will be able to find a design to suit. 

However, a consequence of all these options is indecision! With so many wonderful wooden wallpaper designs out there, we know it can seem impossible to choose or even narrow down the options. So, to help you with your next wallpaper purchase, here are our top wood effects for a variety of different occasions. 

Bookshelves: A timeless classic 

Is there anything that compares to the atmosphere of a vintage library? Dark wood bookshelves packed to the brim with books, these bookshelf wallpapers will give your interior a unique and cosy vibe. Create the illusion of a glamorous bookshelf without the spacial or financial cost. For a fresher finish, go for a lighter wood shelving with neutral or lighter books. Shelves in darker tones paired with vintage furnishing will instantly give your interior that romantic ready room feel!

Minimalist Wood Panels: Keep it simple

Subtle yet sophisticated, minimalist wood panel wallpapers create the perfect backdrop for your furnishings. Whether it’s for a whole room, a feature wall or a half wall, wood panels will add interest without being overbearing. Perfect for modern or traditional finishes, wood panels are a trendy yet conservative choice. 

Pro tip: Don’t be afraid to add a little colour to your wood panels. You can create a professional home office with a smokey or neutral-toned timber. Or add a little charm to a nursery with wood panels in a pastel shade. 

Lost in the forest

Timber Finishes Wallpaper is no stranger to bringing the outdoors in. Whether it is a delicate floral design or a fresh botanical, incorporating a little nature in your home is a fantastic way to hit refresh on your interior. When it comes to wood effects, Forest wallpapers can bring that sense of awe, mystic and adventure into a room that really draws people into the story. 

Pro Tip: Forest wallpapers pair beautifully with modern finishes, such as crisp, sleek lines and metallic accents. 

Going Geometric

The beauty of wood effects wallpaper is that there are very few limitations on what you can do. From texture to colour, the sky’s the limit. This is where patterns come in. Parquet patterns have very much come back into vogue of late and it is certainly doing wonders for the wallpaper world! Featuring both geometrical and angular shapes, including; squares, triangles and even curves. Perhaps the most famous parquet pattern is herringbone, but there are so many fantastic parquet patterns that make for fantastic wallcoverings. 

Need some more inspiration? Have a look at our Timber and Wood Panel Pinterest Board. 

Explore The Universe: Galaxy/Space Wallpaper

October 29th, 2020 by

Our Space & Galaxy wallpaper collection is visually out of this world! From a young age many of us have looked up to the sky each night in complete awe of the stars, the moon, the planets and the overall vastness of space, always wondering of the endless possibilities there could be out there. So why not let your imagination run wild inside your own room with our amazing range of galaxy and space wallpaper.

In this collection you’ll find a variety of fantastic galaxy and space themed designs to suit kids rooms, play rooms, nurseries and more!

Galaxy Wallpaper:

This print by Nancy Luthra will just leave you in awe with its abundance of detail – the longer you stare the more you’ll discover. This interpretive design showcases planets, stars and moons in many different variations on a black background which represents the vastness of space. This multifaceted wallpaper is suitable for both younger kids’ rooms as well as something like an office space – the visual beauty of the universe never gets old. 

Galaxy Wallpaper by Nancy Luthra

Stars & Planets Wallpaper:

One for the young ones! This print by Nancy Luthra is a fantastic choice for your child’s first bedroom, nursery or even playroom wallpaper. The design on this wallpaper features orange and white stars of varying sizes alongside various orange and blue planets on a navy and black backdrop. Add this non-realistic design to your kids rooms for that playful interpretation of space.

Ancestors Wallpaper (Gun Metal Grey/White):

Our Ancestors Wallpaper by Jeremy “Mudjai” Devitt is based on the belief that once we are finished here on Earth we become stars ourselves, this is shown by the feather arrangement that symbolises that star – you’ll find this in the design. This print is an excellent choice for a kids room or young boys bedroom with its unique and flashy star design over a versatile gun metal grey background.

Ancestors Wallpaper by Jeremy “Mudjai” Devitt

Astronaut Wallpaper:

The perfect choice for those littles ones with big dreams! This wallpaper showcases floating astronauts in various positions, surrounded by little stars and planets on a clean white background. As far as space and adventure goes this print is an awesome choice for your kids nursery, playroom or even bedroom – let those imaginations run wild.

Astronaut Wallpaper

Night Sky Wallpaper:

Add an eye catching focal point to your room with our Night Sky Wallpaper. This print helps to add an artistic finish to your walls with its sophisticated multi coloured design that is inspired by the colours you see far out in the universe. This wallpaper can add a modern yet unique touch to your powder room, living room or even a stylish home office.

Night Sky Wallpaper

Introducing Tannia Taranto

October 28th, 2020 by

Being influenced by various forms of art can lead to some very unique and outstanding artwork. Tannia Taranto’s Collection for Luxe Walls exuberates passion through its abstract design style. For those wanting to make a unique statement, look no further. These are the wallpapers for you!

It all began in Secondary College where Tannia studied both Photography and Graphic Design, but it was actually in Art History that she discovered the Impressionist Movement – a topic she really connected with. Works from impressionists such as Pierre-Auguste Renoir changed the way she looked at light and shadows on the female figure. She then studied life drawing for a while and continued to focus on figurative and portrait art in her later years.

Tannia went straight into the workforce as a Graphic Artist for a television animation company, so a lot of what Tannia has learnt in her creative journey is self-taught. Tannia spent many years using digital design and editing software while her passion for the traditional arts still remained on her mind. After having her family she started to design custom hand made jewellery and jointly owned a boutique business called TIAAR. Designs for her collections were inspired by fashion, texture and form. 

Tannia’s art is extremely diverse and is inspired by so many elements that she sees. Her figurative and portrait work is quite detailed as she’s inspired by contemporary dance, underwater movement, nude photography and fashion – capturing the empowerment and emotion of female form. In contrast, Tannia’s abstract work is less detailed and has a natural and free-flowing aesthetic inspired by architectural forms, shapes and textures which she is passionate about and has constantly explored.

Seeing her artwork larger than life in the form of wallpaper is a dream come true for Tannia. The scale that can be produced and the impact the designs can create in a room is exciting. Knowing that her artwork will de be displayed in homes and commercial spaces is the ultimate feel-good moment for Tannia.

Tannia herself has a few things still to come this year outside of Luxe Walls, one with a foundation very dear to her – CATA (Creative Art Therapy Australia) who positively empower and impact the lives of people braving trauma. For the other, she will also be participating in an online group exhibition in November with TAM (Thou Art Mum) a network of female artists in North-East Melbourne of which Tannia is an active member of. Luxe Walls is proud to have Tannia Taranto onboard as a Featured Artist going forward and is excited to see what is to come next with our collaboration.