Make a Statement with these Wallpapers

February 28th, 2022 by

A beautiful piece of Aboriginal Art with colours and designs that take you on a journey. Named the Aboriginal Child, it’s splashes of bright colour that are abstract yet balanced hints to a child-like mind, full of fun and hope. This wallpaper is versatile and can be used in a commercial space or at home in the bedroom, dining, or playroom. It’s a design that your guests will never forget.

Adding balance and structure to any room, this Turkish mandala wallpaper instantly transports you to Turkey. A country rich in art, food and culture. With the subtle undertones of colour and the symmetric designs, this beautiful cultural pattern will be a statement piece. It can be used in an office, kitchen or dining room to add character or as a beautiful backdrop.

Go retro with this beautiful and bright wallpaper. It adds charm to any room by instantly elevating it with its pastel yet bold choices of colour. The round design adds character and depth that can be paired with self-coloured or wooden furniture. You can even use décor in the same colour tones to further elevate the room.

This magical depiction of flowers will transport you into a dreamlike wonderland. The bright colours create a unique look and depth that brings the artwork to life. This is perfect for a bedroom to create a beautiful atmosphere. It can also be used in the dining or lounge room as a feature wall. Noor meaning light is a fitting name for this wallpaper where the flora look lit up and glowing.

Flowers and birds are a beautiful match that instantly makes you feel relaxed and reminded of the calming outdoors maybe even a sweet bird song. This wallpaper creates a folk style in your space. It can be used to create a vintage feel paired with furniture and décor from the era, or a more sophisticated feel with minimal decor or white furniture. This delicate design and white background makes it the perfect wallpaper for someone who wants a feature wall that is not too bold.

Marvelous Marble Wallpapers to Liven up your Space!

February 28th, 2022 by

There’s nothing quite like marble, it gives a look and feel that is hard to replicate. When we think of marble we instantly think of grandeur and sophistication with historic buildings and works of art popping into mind. Marble is an expensive and time-consuming material. That’s why we have put together some marble wallpapers that will help you get the same beautiful look without the hassle!

This wallpaper is aptly name Dramatic Ambience. That’s just what it will do, it will take your room to the next level adding a sophisticated ambience and a dramatic feel that leaves the space hard to forget. The blue hues and speckles complement each other creating a work of art that looks like it belongs in a Roman museum. This look can be paired with furniture to accentuate that mood or can be toned down with modern furniture.

Natural Onyx Marble Wallpaper boats the perfect balance of simple and intricate. The natural toned wallpaper creates a beautiful backdrop that allows you the versatility to change the look of the room by changing the furniture or décor. The honey veins and gradients of colour seeping through leaves a classy impression that is hard to forget.

Create a modern vibe with this faux Abstract Marble Wallpaper. The subtle colours help create depth in any interior, while at the same time providing the space with a classy element. The texture and depth are perfect for a powder room, a statement wall in your bedroom, a point of interest to your dining room.

Add a statement piece to your walls with our Green and White Marble Wallpaper. This dramatic and bold wallpaper is a great feature wall for a kitchen, bathroom or dining. The abstract design leaves this wallpaper open to interpretation, it resembles crashing waves in the sea or a part of the earth from space, it can be whatever you imagine!

Light up the room with this fire opal stone wallpaper which brings a modern aesthetic to any space. The bright and bold colours and design makes it perfect for a feature wall at home or for your office. This can be toned down with white furniture or you can mismatch furniture to create a 80s retro feel. The choice is completely up to you!

Immersive Wallpapers using Sceneries

January 21st, 2022 by

Covid has made us all stay inside, but we can experience the outdoors by bringing it indoors. It also helps your place look bigger and immediately transports your guests to an entirely different place. It would be on the beach, another city or a forest.

Dutch Old World Map Wallpaper

This Dutch Old World Map Wallpaper adds a timeless and enriching touch to your home’s decor. This mural has a rainbow of colours and miniature artworks in the corners, as well as maps enclosed within circles in the centre. This design works well in a bedroom, as a feature wall, and as an at-home office or library.

Sunset Dolphin Wallpaper

This sunset dolphin backdrop will create a mysterious feel to your space. Highlighting the beautiful shape of a jumping dolphin encompassed by the warm shine of dusk, this backdrop will include warmth to your walls. The multi-faceted design of this backdrop means it can stand alone as a mural or be coordinated into an existing stylistic layout.

Dolomite Mountains Wallpaper

This Dolomite mountains wallpaper will add depth to your walls. With the majestic rocky mountains in the background offset by the greenery in the foreground, this wallpaper will create balance and harmony. By providing a unique view that will transform your space, this wallpaper can create a focal point in your living/entertaining area, add interest to an office space.

Costa Rica Forest Wallpaper

This tropical rainforest is guaranteed to be a head-turner and make a statement in any room, with its various colours and textures. It transports you into a forest. Showcase your individuality and feature this mural in your bedroom, office, or living room.

Creating a calming environment especially following the last years of lockdowns is so important. It’s good for vitality, since they help you start each day with a peaceful heart and a new perspective.

Décor trends for you in 2022

January 21st, 2022 by


Violet is a colour to watch out for in 2022, as it is anticipated to be the most popular colour. Purple hues have become popular in recent years, with violet claiming the top spot. Any room will be filled with passion, mood, and vibrancy when using this popular colour.

You can enhance a room by adding this colour to either wallpaper or to furniture. This versatile colour can be displayed at varied intensities, you can go as deep or as subtle as you wish.  You won’t be disappointed with adding some violet to your space!


One of the 5 senses is touch, texture can take your wallpaper to the next level. Adding texture also makes your wall feel more expensive and gives the illusion of the real material.

Textural washes and surfaces will also have a major presence in the coming year. Achieving or improving tactility in order to create places that seem natural, lived-in, and comfortable is encouraging a lot of interior designs to choose this option.

Blues and Greens

Who said blues and greens are never to be seen? Contrasting colours are a great way to add vibrancy and create depth in your home. There are many colour choices for blues and greens, and they can be toned up to look bright and vibrant or tones down for a calmer look. You can also create contrast these colours by utilising furniture, cushions, curtains or décor.

Blue and green are also earthy tones and can bring in the same calming effect that the sky, ocean and trees have on us. There’s beautiful options and pairings that can work together to create an abstract depiction of nature and the world.


Design trends for 2022 are all about geometrics and symmetry, reflecting our need to get our lives back on track. With the usage of kitchen cabinetry, room separators, windows, and doors, slim lines are everywhere.

Lines create order to the room and can make it look sleek while encouraging focus, it’s perfect for an office or dining space. The symmetric lines create a sense of calmness and consistency.

Wallpapers for your business

December 20th, 2021 by

Decorating an office can have a number of restrictions. How the atmosphere will feel to your employees and clients as well as showcasing your brand accurately are two of the most important things to consider. The way your office is designed can directly affect your productivity as well as your employees. Choosing the right look is key when designing an office space and can help boost your focus on your day-to-day tasks and embody your overall branding.

Paradise Palms Wallpaper – Neutral

The summer all-year vibe of your office can be very relaxing. With Stacey Bigg’s Paradise Palms Wallpaper, your office space will have a tropical summer beach touch, perfect for a warm, breezing atmosphere even while at work. This would also be perfect if you will be working from a small office at home. This wall design suits a variety of industries and showcases a professional image.

Tropical Atmosphere Wallpaper

Not only does wallpaper set the entire tone of the room, it also affects our mood, which can then affect productivity. Botanical and floral prints just like this original design by Francisca Reyes.

This wallpaper featuring tropical vegetation with an inquisitive bird-of-paradise can create a soothing atmosphere and  make it feel like summer all year long. Bold, bright colors like orange and yellow are believed to inspire creativity while green tends to keep the mind fresh and alert and can work as an energizer when you’re ready to call it quits.

Palm Illustration Wallpaper

While color choice has a bigger psychological role in affecting overall productivity, pattern choice can dictate the difference between marking off all your to-dos or just a few. Botanical prints just like this palm graphic wallpaper can create a comfortable and fresh air in your office. Its delicate tones and linework create vibrancy and give a wonderful tropical vibe.

Fresh Pineapple Wallpaper

This new pineapple backdrop is a dynamic and colourful way to form a tropical vibe in your space. The calculated pineapples create a sense of accuracy and the bright colours exude an energetic feel. Perfect to create an engaging or unwinding space, this vibrant wallpaper is without a doubt going to enhance your office.

Indigenous Wallpaper Designs

December 20th, 2021 by

Australia is rich in arts and culture and this has been reflected through the various indigenous peoples of Australia. With Aboriginal prints on your walls, you will be inspired by the deep meanings behind each cultural design as you lie down in your bed, relax and chill in your dining and lounge spaces, or work in your study room.

Bugi Wallpaper

Bugi, which also means bark or layers, comes from Diramu (Tree). It naturally functions as covering or protection of the tree. As humans, we have been layered, covered, and peeled back just like Dimaru. And bugi or layers symbolize protection, healing, and survival in whatever the world throws at us.

Bugi design on your walls will inspire you to stay connected to loved ones, country and to culture and a reminder of overcoming hardships.

Wingara Wallpaper

In a world that is full of hurry and instants – instant noodles, fast food, and the like, to pause and to meditate are being overlooked. Because we are caught up in life’s many things such as kids, chaos, tension, and stress, we don’t have time to wingara or to think.

Wingara wallpaper motivates the action of talking through things in your mind which is truly powerful. To think through is beneficial and full of prudence. It is an opportunity to delay final decisions, take time to ponder and think things through. We should use it more often, it might do us all some good.

Pipi DjinaDjina Wallpaper

Wall designs also remind us to celebrate our culture and life experiences as individuals. Just like “Pipi Djina Djina ” that means Pipi Footprints. This artwork is a celebration of the childhood life and culture of a Birrbay woman.

Pipis were a main traditional food source for her people and were prepared traditionally at sea side by campfire, or as curried gravy and fritters. Pipi Djina Djina depicts the coastline where plenty of pipis were found and gathered by her family to collect during the summer months. The round circles represent the small tidal pools or foot holes left behind by their digging and twisting in the sand – their “Pipi Djina Djina”.

Water People Wallpaper – Grey

 To the people of the coast, the ocean is part of them and their relationship with the waves of the ocean can be portrayed with designs just like this, the circles in the Water People Wallpaper depicts people fishing being surrounded with rippled water lines. Adding this to your walls creates calmness and a relaxing atmosphere. 

Get creative and cook up a charming kitchen

November 23rd, 2021 by

Wow with white

White makes a space look bigger and brighter while also conveying cleanliness. By having an all-white kitchen, you are introducing this to your space. You can also have an open plan home which allows this feel to flow through the neighbouring spaces. 

White is a blank canvas, allowing you to choose between a minimal kitchen design or adding pops of colour through your appliances and decor. The options with a white background are endless. You can sneak in some extra style by adding texture and patterns to the white walls. 

Choose Colour

Can’t find the cabinet colour or style you’re looking for? Apply wallpaper to your cabinets to customise it to your taste. 

The ease, affordability and convenience with DIY wallpaper means you can choose to change styles as often as you desire. Any time you want a fresh look or want to try a trend you can just peel off the old and stick on the new.

You can also add this to shelves or walls if you want to match other parts of your kitchen and extend the versatility of design to the entire space. 

Make it Monochrome

Monochrome looks are great for a simple yet sophisticated statement piece. Choose a colour for your kitchen, there are a variety of options to help narrow this down like choosing one that matches the style of other rooms and is an extension or one that introduces a different feel. 

Once you have the colour, choose which aspects of your kitchen you want to highlight and those that you want to blend. Look out for different shapes and spaces that will help you display interesting styles. 

You can choose a range of tones from bright, pastel or dark and cut the space by adding patterns in sections. 


November 23rd, 2021 by

Our homes are an important space, it’s where we relax, eat, entertain and spend most of our time.
A home is a place of comfort. For many the style and décor of the home is used as a way to express personality and taste. You get to choose what your home looks and feels like but designing your home can be stressful, so we have compiled popular design ideas to help inspire you in this.

Rattan Rules

Our love for natural materials has only grown with designs evolving to suit people’s needs and desired looks. Voluptuous cane adjusted rattan and bowed bamboo are among the favourites.

This is a great look for those wanting a natural and clean design with a hint of style. It pairs great with colourful block wallpaper to add that extra pop or a marble look for a sophisticated style.

Do a Display

Create a trinket cabinet and exhibiting sculptural ‘artefacts’ from beautiful rocks, ceramics and pottery to take your living room to the next level. Combine found objects and materials with DIY objects to create an outstanding collection that you can proudly show-off.

By displaying a range of shapes and sizes you can form an interesting showcase all while maintaining a primitive and sleek palette. These displays look great on both simple wallpaper backdrops and pattered designs, depending on your adopted look for the room. Pair it with pastel colours for a nice minimalist look or a subtle pattered wallpaper to create beautiful contrast.

Go with Green

Green tones are quickly becoming one of the greatest kitchen patterns for 2021. Green tones have a wide ability to evoke a range of emotions and styles depending on the shade chosen. This can be enhanced by using textures and/or foliage around the space.

Green tones can be added through wallpaper, furniture or décor. Wallpapers create a backdrop and become the hero colour of the space, you can use it as your canvas and style the room to your liking.

Embrace Earthy Tones

Warm and neutral colours are always a popular choice and don’t go out of style, people love a pastel and minimal palette that reflects nature and land. A great way to introduce this theme into your space is through stone look wallpapers or earthy colours such as tans, oranges and browns.

This allows for you to be as creative with the décor and offers a versatile space that you can continue to change. For a more done up look, you can choose earthy toned wallpapers with patterns, the addition of a little detail allows for subtle style without overpowering other aspects of the room.

Wallpapers that create a calm and peaceful bedroom

October 4th, 2021 by

We live in a fast paced and stressful world which can sometimes make it hard to switch off. The bedroom is one of the few places left where you can relax and take a break from the bustle outside. There are a couple of things you can do to aid with making the room calm, serene and tranquil but none is as effective as wallpaper. The walls take up the most space in a room and the design you choose to boast on it, heavily impacts the style and feel of your room. Calming wallpapers can help create a space for you to get the rest you need!

Sand Geometric Scales Wallpaper

Patterns are known to evoke a calm feel which makes geometric designs a great option for the bedroom. This is a traditional Japanese design that uses its soft colour and subtle lines that transfer to the room. The illusion of sand on a beach, introduces freshness and will remind you of a beautiful beach or of a relaxing Japanese home on a beautiful hill surrounded by greenery – let your mind run wild.

Green Leaf Wallpaper

Ever felt like having a nice nap in the beautiful calming outdoors. Imagine the lush greenery, soft rays of sun that reflect on the dew, soft sounds of ruffling leaves and the fresh crisp smell of the earth makes up for a great sleep environment. You can bring this into your room by adding some green leafy wallpaper (and pair it with a candle and white noise) and let your imagination do the rest.

Off-white Autumn Flowers Wallpaper

These off-white autumn flowers add a fresh and tranquil feel to your room. The soft autumn colours are a reminder of the cosiness brought by pumpkin spices huddled up near the fire. The subtle off-white background adds an element of freshness and brightness while also creating a great contrast for the autumn flowers to stand out.

Off-white Autumn Flowers Wallpaper

Another scene that comes to mind when thinking of sleep and calmness is the beautiful night sky, which you can bring into your room with this wallpaper that proudly showcases the glistening and flickering stars of space. The dark theme also helps you wind down and get ready to sleep. The black colour adds versatility for you to add décor to your room with the opportunity to change the space up in the day. It is a lovely background to add pops of colour, maintain the black and white theme or create a contemporary space. 

How to get the farmhouse look in your house?

October 4th, 2021 by

How to get the farmhouse look in your house?

A modern farmhouse look has become increasingly popular with people embracing this style for their homes, shops, offices and cafes. With its effortless look that makes the room bright and attractive, it’s no surprise that it’s been one of the most popular décor choices in recent years. This look evolved from the classic country style to the modern and chic makeover it has today. Farmhouse styled spaces usually boast wood, white and stripes.

Cloudy Silver Wood Panel Wallpaper

Cloudy Silver Wood Panel Wallpaper

This wallpaper is easy to apply and gives a beautiful wooden look without the hassle. As this wallpaper comes in a range of colours you can always change the colour whenever you feel it needs a revamp. While this wallpaper has character, it is also simple and subdued so you can choose your furniture and other décor without fear of it clashing. With its versatility and attribute to uplift any room, it’s no surprise that the wood effect is currently, one of the most popular styles.

Ivory Stripes Wallpaper

By applying Ivory Stripes Wallpaper, you’re adding the chicness of a Hampton home with the warmth of a farmhouse. The soft colours and serenely waved lines are perfectly paired to introduce a calm, chic and contemporary look to your home, office or café. It can be used as a feature wall or as a background. It is also a style that will fit well in a bedroom and translate the calmness it invokes into the vibe of the room.

Neutral Plaid Wallpaper

When we think of a farmhouse and farm living, it’s hard to not to think of plaid along with the tradition, history and classic style which survived centuries. While most people who think of plaid, think of the overlapping perpendicular lines on clothes. It’s easy to forget this timeless style can be translated to other items. Plaid wallpaper is a great way to add a rustic yet modern feel to your home. With the soft colours, it can be paired with a variety of furnishings and decors to create your perfect space.

Modern White Brick Wallpaper

Another material that pops into mind as soon we are reminded of a farm is brick. The classic material that has been used in houses for millennia. A brick wall in a house instantly makes it look rustic and shrouded in tradition, with the right décor it can transport the room to a chic and modern style. Natural brick walls add great character to a room, however, when looking to create a farmhouse or Hampton style room there is nothing quite like white bricks to add that bright and fresh look


September 13th, 2021 by

Pantone’s colour of the year has been a universal guide of colour to people and companies alike. This year 2 colours – illuminating (sunny yellow) and ultimate grey (light grey) shared the title. To help you keep up with trends and popular styles we have put together some wallpapers that share these colours. With this colour combination you’re guaranteed to make the right choice.

This beautiful look is soft yet stylish and will match any room. A modern and artistic look to liven up your room. With a great balance of this year’s popular colours, it is a statement piece that will invite many compliments.  Fresh, modern and stylish this design will elevate any room, from your home office, bedroom or powder room.

Mustard Monstera Wallpaper

Monstera are popular botanicals, these days you can find them everywhere from cafes, homes to Instagram. This subdued colour palette is great for those who don’t want a bright bold statement wall but a lighter option that can be used as a backdrop or paired with a complimenting colour palette of furniture.

Another botanical option, the mixes of colour in this wallpaper helps it to stand out. The calm yellow creates a soft presence, with the addition of the orange elevating the art. This is great to add to your dining room, living room or office. You can pair this with an orange statement chair or a grey couch to elevate these colour combinations.

If you have been looking for a unique feature wall, this bird-eye map of Sydney is a definite head turner. While subtle, its intricate detail provides a great balance to display on a wall in your home office, lounge or bedroom. With travel continuously getting more popular and the current lockdowns, a map is a great and current hint of travel.

Sunflowers are popularly known to be fresh and bright, fields of sunflowers are a common calming and happy to scene to many. This orange and yellow pairing creates just that for your space. It is a balanced design that is not too bright yet not too calm either. With the right furniture and accessory pairings, this could make for an unforgettable room.


September 13th, 2021 by

We know renovations can be hard, expensive and stressful so that’s why all Luxe Wall’s wallpaper is designed to be convenient, affordable and DIY! We will be with you every step of the way ensuring you get the best fit and style for your room. You can also customise the wallpaper to find just the right one for you. The self-adhesive backing on all of Luxe Walls wallpaper allows for easy installation, with the ability to reposition your wallpaper to halt that horrible feeling when you aren’t happy with the wallpaper has been installed.

Before installing your wallpaper, ensure your walls do not have:

  • Flat or matte paint finishes
  • Paints claiming to be washable or scrubbable
  • Paints containing teflon, surfactants and chlorinated waxes and silicones
  • Heavily textured paint
  • Oil alkyd primers and enamels
  • Existing wallpaper

When installing your wallpaper, always start on the left-hand side of your wall with panel number 1. Line your wallpaper up with the edge of the wall and the ceiling, making sure the wallpaper is level along the top. Please note, walls and doorways are not always perfectly square. If you need to overhang your first panel, don’t worry you can always trim the excess later. It is really important to get the position of the first panel correct as it will form the base of your wallpaper.

Peel 10cm of the backing paper from the back of your wallpaper, and stick it to the top of the wall. Once you are happy with the position, using your hand, gently smooth the wallpaper out with your hands. Smooth all bubbles and wrinkles out as you go. If the bubbles are too big, gently lift off your wallpaper and re-apply. Complete this process until you reach the bottom of your wall. Don’t worry about the excess – once your wall is completed you can cut this off using a sharp knife.

Line Panel 2 up next to panel 1, again ensuring it is level at the top and that the images on adjoining panels line up. Follow the same simple adhesion process used with the first panel. Complete these processes until all panels have been hung. TIP: Ensure the panels line up at your line of site. People will look at the middle of your wall, not towards the ceiling or the skirting board.

Once your wallpaper is hung, trim the excess wallpaper from the bottom and the righthand side of your wall (depending on the squareness of your walls there may or may not be excess here).

2020’s Top Selling Wallpapers

December 23rd, 2020 by

The year 2020 hasn’t been one we want to reminisce about too often. However, 2020 saw a unique number of us turn to renovation and DIY projects. This is where Luxe Walls was ready to be of assistance. Here we have some of the top wallpapers chosen by all of you this year. Here we go (in no particular order):

Dramatic Ambience Wallpaper:

Blue marble wallpaper
Dramatic Ambience Wallpaper

When it comes to our first entry to this list it’s literally all in the name, Dramatic Ambience. The smokey blues with specks of stone create a very simple yet wonderfully sophisticated backdrop for your interior. This moody print will complement almost any area in your interior but is particularly popular for living rooms, bedrooms and home offices. It’s a design you want to be seen by all since it’s just so modern and tasteful, yet so unique.

Barrangal Wallpaper by Kate Constantine:

Aboriginal wallpaper
Barrangal Wallpaper

This print is an original design by Kate Constantine and is part of her Raining Series of works, with the word Barrangal meaning skin. The design features many small white dots over a mix of warm and cool tones, almost looking like a curtain of Aboriginal Art. For those after something special and unique, this wallpaper can do no wrong. 

Grungy White Concrete Wallpaper: 

Grey concrete wallpaper
Grungy White Concrete Wallpaper

Our Grungy White Concrete Wallpaper will add light and texture to your interior. The polished surface with a distressed finish will complement a diverse range of furnishings. This print is also excellent for an office space looking for that industrial vibe. The industrial appearance is only getting more and more popular heading into the new year, giving this wallpaper is a claim to one of the top wallpapers of 2020.

Neutral Tropicals I Wallpaper by Stacey Bigg:

Neutral tropical room mockup
Neutral Tropicals I Wallpaper

This original design by Stacey Bigg showcases tropical flora in soft stone tones on a white background. This print is a relaxing and soothing one due to its soft colour and elegant design. Use it to add a relaxing feeling to your bedroom, hallway or living room. Tropical prints too, just like the industrial ones have been popular for some time and we can’t see that changing anytime soon.

Vintage Illustration Strelitzia Wallpaper:

Another top-selling wallpaper on this list is one that’ll help bring those much-needed summer vibes inside your home this holiday season. The design showcases many vibrant colours in the form of tropical flora. This print has been chosen by our designers to refresh your living room, be a feature wall in a bedroom or even be that brilliant point of difference in an office space.

This is just a sneak peek! To browse all of our most popular wallpapers, have a look here.

2021 Wallpaper Trends: Everything you need to know

December 21st, 2020 by

Without a doubt, the hardest part of buying wallpaper is deciding on a design. After hours scrolling through Pinterest and creating folders of ‘Inspo’ pics, you might find yourself more confused than when you began. This is something the Luxe Walls team is very familiar with and certainly understand being spoilt for choice. As a result, we continuously curate our wallpaper collections so we offer on-trend designs year-round. Part of this job involves removing, updating and adding wallpapers to different collections as trends shift, change and evolve. 

2021 is right around the corner, which has us very excited about the upcoming wallpaper trends. As a result, we have created a 2021 wallpaper guide to help you find your way when you are stuck in a wallpaper whirlpool! 

Tropical Trends:

Tropicals and Botanicals have been a constant contender in the wallpaper world, and are definitely here to stay. 2021 will see botanicals bigger and bolder than ever. Whether you are looking to freshen the walls in your powder room, living room, bedroom or living room, a botanical print will bring an exotic freshness second to none. 2021 will see botanicals at large scales, adding a dramatic and showstopping element to any room. This means feature walls, half walls or wallpaper headboards!

Style tip: Go for a large scale and don’t be afraid to experiment with colour pallets. Botanicals and Tropicals look fantastic in unassuming hues such as pastels or neons tones. 

Oz Flowers Wallpaper – Pink

Minimalist Japanese

Think clean lines, functional spaces and light colour palettes including light timber finishes. This trend is the perfect balance of Scandi & Japanese interior design themes. What’s not to love?

Sand Geometric Scales Wallpaper

Delicate Geometrics 

Much like botanicals, geometric patterns and wallpapers go hand in hand. In the wallpaper world, geometric prints are the ultimate chameleons. Whether you are after something modern or traditional, for a nursery or a kitchen, there is a geometric pattern for the occasion. The 2021 pivot for geometrics are fine-line and delicate patterns. Absolutely mesmerising & equally versatile, these fine designs will add interest without being overbearing. 

Style tip: Try a delicate geometric in a neutral colour palette to create a clean & fresh look. 

Magical Marbles

If you are looking for the quintessential faux finish, it doesn’t get more realistic than marble. The shadows, veins and increases have been perfected to the point that they will play on the eye. With an almost 3D effect, a marble finish will instantly add a sophisticated and elegant finish. 

Style Tip: Try a grey-scale marble design to be on trend with the 2021 grey colour palette. 

White Carrara Marble Wallpaper

Micro Florals

Micro floral, chintz and chinoiserie wallpaper will make a glorious comeback. In contrast to the modern & minimal 2021 trends, this style will rebel and bring back a vintage homey feel. 

Style Tip: Chintz or Chinoiserie wallpapers in bright colours create the most spectacular feature walls. 

Vintage Cloves Print Wallpaper

Keep up to date will the latest wallpaper trends with Luxe Walls here.

Pantone Colour(s) of the Year 2021.

December 18th, 2020 by

Living through this year has been extremely different compared to years prior, it’s undoubtedly something none of us have ever experienced before. You could say that the 2020 Pantone colour of ‘Classic Blue’ unfortunately matched the overall blue mood of the year rather than anything else that could’ve been positive. 

Next year is hoping to bring with it a new sense of hope and dependability and so it was two colours chosen for 2021. Firstly, the Illuminating Yellow (13-0647 TCX) is meant to represent the light at the end of the tunnel – “a warming yellow shade imbued with solar power” (Pantone). The second colour is Ultimate Grey (17-5104 TCX) which represents “solid and dependable elements which are everlasting and provide a firm foundation” (Pantone). The combination of the two Pantone colours expresses a notion of strength and hopefulness that is seen as both enduring and uplifting, which is just what many of us are after for the year ahead.

Here are 5 hand-picked wallpapers chosen by Luxe Walls, that all somewhat share the new Pantone colour scheme and therefore the positive vibes attached also.

Catch Me If You Can Wallpaper:

This print will add warmth and mystery to your walls. This dramatic design has visual complexity making it so that something new catches your eye each time you glance at it. This design will easily add interest to the walls around your home or office. Give your interior that feeling of dependability and cheerfulness all at once.

Yellow and grey abstract wallpaper
Catch Me If You Can Wallpaper

Double Tulip Yellow Wallpaper:

This wallpaper takes a very soft and elegant approach using both yellow and grey. 

The light colour palette of this print will open up an interior while the soft floral details bring drama and sophistication. This print is also adjustable in the way of petal sizing – large petals make a perfect statement wall or nursery while smaller petals could beautifully line the walls of a powder room.

Light Copy Wallpaper:

This print by Lara Scolari is a more wacky and abstract approach to the usual yellow and grey combinations. Light Copy Wallpaper is jam-packed with vibrance and energy that will bring your walls to life. The abstract nature of this wallpaper means it can be used to style a variety of different interiors, including (but not limited to); a bedroom, teens room or even as a feature wall. Championing both of the Pantone colours, this design is sure to add vibrance to your walls.

Light Copy Wallpaper

Time To Explore Wallpaper:

This print is for the younger ones out there who have a great imagination. The wallpaper showcases many cool features in both yellow/orange and grey tones on a darker charcoal grey background. The interest created by looking at this print will spark a child’s imagination whilst the colour palette will largely benefit your child’s room being the colours of positivity and dependability for 2021.

Time To Explore Wallpaper

Vintage Cloves Print Wallpaper:

This wallpaper works ideally paired with block colour furnishings and doesn’t necessarily have to be just limited to one wall due to its old world charm element it creates in just about any space. This print features yellow flower buds with grey stalks and a very light shade of yellow for the background. This design is a fantastic choice for your powder room, kitchen or even living room.

Vintage Cloves Print Wallpaper

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Some of the best wallpapers chosen by our very own Stylist’s

December 18th, 2020 by

Here you’ll find some of the best designs for your home according to our stylists. Each print has its own unique style making it stand out and they have all been carefully selected for a multitude of reasons. Not being an easy decision, we have narrowed it down to 5 designs to share with you, we have chosen a variety of styles, giving you some choice when it comes to selecting one for your home.

Periwinkle Wood Panel Wallpaper:

This print is excellent for giving your wall some distinctiveness, with its pale green hue combining with the parallel lines of the wood panelling. There is plenty of versatility with this wallpaper allowing it to look great in a living room, bedroom or even a bathroom or kitchen. It has the ability to achieve this versatility due to its soft tone and classic/timeless design.

Periwinkle Wood Panel Wallpaper

Industrial White Brick Wallpaper:

Our Industrial White Brick Wallpaper will effortlessly create a “lived-in” urban feel for your home or office interior. The look of distressed whitewash brick has been a long-lasting trend giving interiors both a contemporary and overall rustic appearance. This print will easily work well in an office setting as well as in rooms around the house, such as; bedroom, living room or bathroom.

Industrial White Brick Wall

Sandstone Wallpaper:

Complete your home with some much needed texture! Our Sandstone Wallpaper will bring with it texture in large quantities, it’ll also add warmth to your interior with its earthy tones. This print will diversify any space with an element of depth, all thanks to the realistic sandstone brick pattern. Showcase this print in your hallway space, make it a unique focal point in your living room or even a perfect and inviting aesthetic for your kitchen. 

Irregular Sandstone Brick Wallpaper

Vintage Palm Trees Wallpaper:

This wallpaper can be said to be tropical with a classic twist. This print provides a laid-back atmosphere with a touch of class and elegance, the combination of the simple palm tree design with brown hues on a pale green backdrop provides a nice vintage aesthetic with a contemporary flavour. Choosing where to place this design is simple too because it will go just about anywhere.

Vintage Palm Trees Wallpaper

Green Weave Onyx Wallpaper:

The marble faux finish of our Green Weave Onyx Wallpaper is a fantastic way to bring some much-needed elegance and luxury to your interior. The neutral colour combination adds a sense of depth and overall substance to any room you choose, whether it’s at home or in an office. This print is best styled with more sophisticated and/or modern furniture, therefore it is dependent on each room’s style as to where this print would look best.

Designs from Down Under – Australiana Wallpaper

December 18th, 2020 by

Unique prints with a lot of flora and fauna inspiration is what you’ll discover in the designs from Down Under. The following five selected designs are all based around the idea of Australia. We have from flora and fauna to under the sea and even a map for you to choose from, there is bound to be a print that’ll suit your interior space in this Australiana Wallpaper category.

Banksia Boogie Wallpaper:

This playful print by Charlotte Brandis features soft pink tones with a duplicating floral design that looks like its dancing, hints the Banksia Boogie name. The orange cone-shaped blooms pop on the rosy background, creating both contrast and interest for anyone who views it. This wallpaper is a perfect choice for a nursery, bedroom or even powder room.

Banksia Boogie Wallpaper – Pink

Saving Coral Wallpaper:

In one word; vibrant – this brilliant print by Lizzie Alsop is just popping with colour. Saving Coral Wallpaper will turn your wall into an underwater wonderland. The bright and bold shapes of this design will transform your interior instantly. Pairs perfectly with contemporary and traditional furniture. This versatile design will undoubtedly turn heads.

Watercolor Eucalyptus Pattern Wallpaper:

This wallpaper is a soft yet stunning print that will add natural texture to your interior space. Full of soft, organic tones, this mural will mellow out any space and add an artistic flare to your walls. A bedroom, entryway or even a living room will all benefit in a big way from having this design showcased within them.

Retro Waratah Wallpaper:

An original design by Danielle Hunter. This wallpaper features baby blue and blush pink tones to beautifully represent the waratah flowers in a retro style over a very pale blue background and a touch of brown for the leaves for a point of difference. This print will benefit a bedroom, hallway or powder room by giving each a vintage feel.

Retro Waratah Wallpaper – Blush & Blue

Sydney City Map Wallpaper – Grey:

If you’re looking for some direction for a wallpaper, why not literally choose a map. This wallpaper is a map of Sydney in a modern grey tone, making it suit that contemporary style. Perfect choice for a teenagers room or even an office.

Sydney City Map Wallpaper – Grey

Luxe 2020 Wrap Up – Most Popular Designs.

December 15th, 2020 by

With the festive season almost upon us and the year coming to a close, it’s time to look back and reflect on some of Luxe Walls’ most popular designs of 2020. Its been a rollercoaster of a year which had many of us rediscovering our personal safe havens: our homes. A consequence of this was a lot of DIY and renovating. Before we say so long to 2020 we would like to look back at some of our most popular designs. So here it is (in no particular order):

Water People Wallpaper – Grey:

This print by Brentyn Lugnan portrays the relationship between the people of the coast and the ocean itself. The circles are representative of the people fishing whilst the blue is the rippled water lines around them. A very unique wallpaper that is sure to enhance your interior.

Barrangal Wallpaper:

This print is an original design by Kate Constantine and is part of her Raining Series of works, with the word Barrangal meaning skin. The design features many small white dots over a mix of warm and cool tones, almost looking like a curtain of Aboriginal Art. For those after something special and unique, this wallpaper can do no wrong. 

Neutral Tropicals I Wallpaper:

This original design by Stacey Bigg showcases tropical flora in a soft stone tone on a white background. This print is a relaxing and soothing one due to its soft colour and elegant design. Use it to add a relaxing feeling to your bedroom, hallway or living room.

Grungy White Concrete Wallpaper: 

Our Grungy White Concrete Wallpaper will add light and texture to your interior. The polished surface with a distressed finish will compliment a diverse range of furnishings. This print is also excellent for an office space looking for that industrial vibe.

Misty-Eyed Wallpaper:

This wallpaper is an original design by Charlotte Brandis allowing you to bring some of the outdoors in. This print showcases delicately hand-drawn gum leaves with a neutral colour palette making it a great choice for every interior, from traditional to contemporary, from beach to bush.

Sand Geometric Scales:

A traditional feel from the land of the rising sun is what you’ll get from this print. The calming curved lines add a sense of tranquility to your room, whilst the sand and white hues add freshness. Add some depth to your walls with this brilliant design.

Tropical Landscape Wallpaper:

This print by Nancy Luthra allows you to give in to your wild side with its nature-like feel. The design features the green of tropical plants over the white background – the green really pops nicely! The brilliance of this design makes it great for a feature wall in a home or office.

Old Brick Wallpaper:

The distressed face-brick look has been a long-lasting interior design trend, and you can see why with the urban-industrial aesthetic of this print. The deep red colour tones and worn finish of the brick will give your interior the inner-city look which pairs beautifully with both contemporary and traditional finishes.

Flecked Bone Wood Panel Wallpaper:

The tasteful off-white hue along with the classic wood panel styling gives you something that is timeless. Whether it’s for your lounge room, bedroom or even an entertainment area, this print will gladly enhance your room and remain that way for a long time to come.

Watercolour Flamingos and Leaves Wallpaper:

This wonderful print features popping tropical leaves in contrast with the stunning pink flamingos. This design is one that’ll suit an entertainment area, office or teens room with its ever so vibrant style. Make this wallpaper a welcome point of difference within your home or office.

Bedroom wallpaper with gold dots on a white background

New Christmas Decor Trends From Luxe Walls Wallpaper for This Holiday Season

December 9th, 2020 by

The festive season is in full swing! Fairy lights have been detangled and draped, Christmas trees have been decorated & carols (or Mariah Carey songs) can be heard in every supermarket. If you have not already gotten into the Christmas spirit, not to worry. You still have time to transform your home into a merry & magical wonderland with some Christmas decor! And the best part? It could not be more easy with removable DIY peel and stick wallpaper. 

Whether it is installed onto a wall, a room divider or even for a picture frame, removable wallpaper is a fantastic way to add a particular mood, atmosphere or theme into your interior. 

Here are some of our favourite 2020 Christmas wallpaper trends for this holiday season: 

Is that snow?

Christmas down under offers the beach, BBQ’s and long sunny days! The concept of snow, hot chocolate & snuggling up on the couch is simply not possible or imaginable. That doesn’t mean you can’t create the magical atmosphere associated with a classic white Christmas. Add a snowy feature wall that will instantly set the Christmas mood! 

One such example is Central Park Wallpaper. It will transport you to magical Christmas scenes reminiscent of your favourite cinematic moments. Add romance, luxury & glamour with this familiar favourite.  

Central Park Wallpaper

If you were thinking of something a little more abstract or contemporary, Snowflakes wallpaper might just be what you are after. This will bring a winter feel to your interior which will make your Christmas decor really pop. 

Snow Flakes Wallpaper

The Ultimate Christmas tree

Take your Christmas tree to a whole new level with one of our forest wallpaper designs. From the skirtings to the ceiling, your Christmas tree will be like no other. Pair with some fairy lights and you will create a magical ambience for gift opening and connecting with loved ones. 

You will be able to feel the crisp fresh winter breeze with Snow Covered Tree wallpaper on your walls. The delicate branches and light colour palette will bring an overall softness to the room, you will think you are on a snowy plain. 

Snow Covered tree

For something a little more abstract & Scandi, Pine Forest Horizon is the perfect choice. This design will add a lighthearted & neutral feel along with a Christmas feel that is not over powering & perfect for year round enjoyment. Sit amongst the a forest of Christmas trees in your sitting room, guestroom or entranceway.

Pine Forest Wallpaper 

The spirit of Christmas

The classic red, white & green colour palettes that scream Christmas decor don’t have to stop at tree ornaments or serviettes. If you are looking for a more subtle or abstract Christmas atmosphere, one of our traditional pattern wallpapers will adorn your walls like decorations on a tree. Detained patterns add a delicate touch to your walls while the colour palette will add an undeniable Christmas tone. 

Elegant Vintage Wallpaper 

This detailed design features the classic green and white tones we know all too well over the festive season. The geometric elements of this design will add an elaborate design feature to your walls 

Patterned Green Leaves 

Going gold 

There is no denying that the glamour of gold adds a magical atmosphere to any Christmas decor. Rather than tinsel or garlands, why not a little gold on a feature wall?

Gold Chevron looks like it was made for Christmas. The seamless zig-zag pattern will look like little celebratory streamers on your wall. This bold and popular pattern will certainly make your interior pop and create a festive atmosphere.

Similar to Gold Chevron, Gold On White Dots Wallpaper will add a trendy and festive motif to your interior. Like golden fairy lights or ornaments, this wallpaper will take your decorations to a whole new level. 

Gold Chevron Wallpaper

Gold On White Dots Wallpaper

Small Laundry Ideas

February 13th, 2012 by

Everyone does it, most people hate it, some homes leave little-to-no room for it: laundry. If space is at a premium in your home too, chances are your laundry room is cramped at best, inexistent at worst. This doesn’t mean it can’t work with you, though! There are plenty of nifty ways in which your laundry, no matter its size, can work with you rather than against you when tackling this tiresome chore (or maybe you enjoy doing laundry? It takes all sorts.) Read on for some savvy tips in making the best out of a small laundry!


While this one may seem like a bit of a no-brainer, it’s worth a mention. Where space is limited, one appliance which accomplishes the work of two is definitely a practical space-saving solution. Washer-dryers are known to be less efficient than their single-purpose cousins, however, so you just need to decide whether you’d like to prioritise space or performance.


Where space is a luxury, it’s vital that what space you do have performs as many functions as possible. Combining the mudroom, kitchen or bathroom with a laundry room is a simple solution that just requires some smart design. A laundry in the bedroom or study, on the other hand, might not be a match made in heaven due to noise, aesthetic and un-romantic vibes.

Wonder Walls

The key to making the most out of a small space is to use every surface available to you, especially the walls. Leave behind those visions of trendy artwork, and replace them with floating shelves, hanging baskets, hooks, wall organisers and whatever else you can get your hands on which will help you use your walls to your spatial advantage.

Super Ceiling

The above also applies to your ceilings, which are often an under-utilised resource in any home. A hanging dryer-rack and hooks on your ceiling can be a precious resource when it comes to making the most out of your space.

Don’t forget the back of the Door!

An over-the-door shoe basket is a great way to use the back of your door to your advantage. You can use this area for storage or hanging items or whatever you like, the only important thing is that you use it!

Frontloaders For the Win

Frontloading washers, dryers or washer-dryers give you more flexibility when it comes to space usage. You can install them under existing countertops, or simply super-impose a shelf over the unit to maximise your work area. Some units come with pedestal drawers, which not only raise them up and make your appliance more comfortable to use but provide handy storage in a space that might otherwise be wasted.

Raised in a Barn

If you’d like to separate the space or hide certain elements from view, but don’t have the room for a standard door, barn doors or curtains could be the perfect solution! They make an impactful aesthetic impression and take up little-to-no space in your small laundry.