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Chic Storage Ideas for Your Bedroom

August 15 2018

We know that decluttering can be a difficult task. Making your bedroom storage situation the focus of your next interior design project will not only result in a fabulous looking bedroom, it’s great for your wellbeing as well.

With wellbeing in mind, these chic storage ideas for your bedroom are simple and easy to implement so you can feel better about your floorspace fast.

Think vertically

Not a lot of room around? Go up. Take advantage of any high ceilings you have by installing deep shelves up high. This is a great way to keep cumbersome and seldom used items, like luggage and out-of-season clothing off your floor and out of your wardrobe. Overhanging shelves aren’t for everyone. Bold interior designers can try creating recessed space in their walls by removing the drywall and creating shallow inserts.    

Use your headboard

Your headboard can be so much more than interior decor eye candy. Investing in a headboard that has cabinets for your lamps and books means you can ditch your side tables and embrace instant floor space. DIY inspired interior designers can flip up the front panel of their headboard to create more shelving options that can be easily hidden away when you return the front panel to its place.

New ideas for nightstands

Switch out a standard side table for something else and see your options open up. A rustic trunk will not only provide compartments for neatly hidden storage, but it will give your room an old world feel. Old filing cabinets offer the same vintage touch with a trending industrial theme.


Under the bed

Storage under your bed seems so obvious that you might actually overlook it. Spend some time working out what system will work best for you, is it contemporary rolling cabinets, no-fuss baskets or raw wood shelving? All can be utilised to create more space on your floor and keep your life organised.   


Once you’re happy with your new storage situation you are ready to clear your mind and start on your next interior design project. Revamping another room? Be sure to check all of our premium wallpaper options that are now available.