Cityscapes and New York Wallpaper

Cityscapes: New York Wallpaper and More

April 12 2017

If you love the buzz and modern aesthetics of cityscapes, then this post is a must-read for you. Cities are full of energy, life and rhythm, they also make incredible additions as feature walls to any space, be it residential or commercial.

Here at Luxe, we love a detailed New York Wallpaper or landscape shot of Paris, and we work hard to make sure that we’ve got the best cityscapes available for you to choose from. Nothing adds glamour to an interior like a monochrome cityscape or a nighttime shot of a city’s glimmering skyline.

Here are our favourite cityscapes, including New York wallpaper and more…

1. New York wallpaper

If you’re after a striking, eclectic feature wall for your master bedroom or trendy retail space, look no further than this breathtaking shot of the Manhattan skyline. This New York wallpaper is bound to add a touch of that Sex and the City glamour to any interior.

This print has been especially crafted in a sleek monochromatic design, so it’s not only modern and stylish, but sophisticated as well.

2. London wallpaper

Making a statement in your home is simple when you’ve got Big Ben on your side. Whether you want to reminisce about a particularly magical holiday or you’re just a big fan of the famous landmark, the Big Ben wallpaper is a striking addition to any space.

Everyone knows London is one of the great fashion and style capitals of the world, so why not reflect this in your home? This wall art offers any interior a burst of colour and a touch of sentimentality. Our stylists also love it for a feature wall in a high-end retail space.

3. Central Park wallpaper

Another New York wallpaper makes the list! This one is a black and white print of New York’s famous Central Park in glorious winter time. This design will imbue your home with timeless style, and is a wall art that is perfect for home offices and libraries – providing the ideal atmosphere for cosying up with a good book and a hot cuppa.

We’re also absolutely loving the artistic negative tones used, which make this wall mural tie in seamlessly with any and all of your existing furnishings. This design deserves to take pride and place on a large feature wall, complemented by neutral wall tones and splashes of colour with your soft furnishings like cushions and rugs.

4. Stockholm wallpaper

If you’re not loving the cityscapes yet, you may just fall in love with the Stockholm wallpaper from Luxe Walls. This beauty highlights the heart of this stunning city and presents it in a stylish, understated sepia tone, blending vintage and modern vibes to bring you an eye-catching wallpaper for any interior.

The warm hues of this design provides every room with a welcoming and cosy ambiance without compromising on style. It also works well with all existing decor.

5. Amsterdam wallpaper

Amsterdam is one of the most breathtaking cities in Europe, boasting epic gardens, a rich artistic history and grand canals, why not bring the beauty of this incredible location to your home? This design features warm autumnal hues and a breathtaking view of the canal and historic buildings.

Our stylists love the idea of this wall art in a commercial space as well as a sitting room or home office.

Haven’t quite found what you’re looking for? Check out the rest of our cityscape wallpaper designs here.