Common Mistakes When Designing An Entryway

December 19 2019

Nothing beats the feeling of coming home after a hard day at work. But beyond bringing you contentment and joy, your entryway needs to be a highly functional and practical space. Its layout ideally allows you to grab your keys, coat and hat as efficiently as possible, as well as to dump them as quickly as possible when you get home. 

Given the amount of foot traffic entryways are subjected to, any organisational system needs to be easy to maintain. Avoiding the accumulation of clutter and making it easy to put items away is key to keeping your space looking neat.

But entryways are also the first and last space guests see when they come into your home! As such, they’re the perfect place to express your personality and taste. Use this space to make an impact!

With all these functions co-existing in what is often a small space, how can you balance style and functionality? It’s a tricky one, and many people make the the following mistakes when attempting to solve this conundrum.

Everything in its Place
There’s nothing worse than an entryway you can’t use. Avoid this mistake by making sure there’s a simple storage solution for everything you need when leaving home. Something as basic as a consol, table or shelf unit will do the trick!

Getting hung up over hangers
While a wardrobe filled with matching hangers might seem like a visually satisfying and straightforward organisational tool, it’s precisely the opposite. Hangers require just a tad too much effort when leaving or coming home. Our species-wide tendency towards laziness leads to the accumulation of coats and jackets on chairs, benches, or the floor. Opt for wall hooks instead – this will also save you space!


Coming out of the Cupboard
Open-shelf storage and racks help to keep a space organised because you literally can’t hide from your clutter. They also remove one step in the clearing up process: opening and closing doors and drawers. An open rack or basket is the most effective way of storing your shoes: as insignificant as this sounds right now, it makes all the difference if you can come home after work and just kick your shoes into a dedicated rack.


Who’s the Fairest of Them All?
Having a mirror in the entryway means you can give yourself a quick check-over right before leaving the house, which can be invaluable if you’ve left in a rush! It also helps guests feel more at home as they arrive. They literally see themselves in your house. While it’s a small detail that’s easy to overlook, even a small mirror can make the difference between a cold and a welcoming entrance.