outdoor oasis - wall mural

How to Create an Outdoor Oasis to Beat the Winter Chill

July 12 2018

Winter is time for snuggling under the covers, warming yourself in front of the fire and escaping the cold. It is not, however, an excuse to become a shut in. That’s right, the best way to beat the chill this cold season is to head outdoors.

Follow our tips and transform your summer exteriors into an outdoor, toasty oasis.

Bring the Heat

First things first, you have to turn up the heat. A brazier, if it’s suitable for your backyard, offers a cosy open fire atmosphere that’s unique to an outdoor setting. If fire is out of the question, a free standing gas heater will cover a large area and you can hide it away when the summer weather comes.

Rug Up

We don’t just mean to pull on a few extra layers. Blankets and throws on your furnishings will create an alluring atmosphere, inviting your guests to stay for one more glass of wine. Not only do they provide warmth, but they’ll add texture to your furnishings. 


Your inner interior designer knows that raw timber furnishings are a great way to bring instant warmth indoors. Well, guess what? It works outdoors as well. Choose pieces that are a mix of colour tones to complete the welcoming, rustic vibe and decorate them with cushions and wool blankets.

A Wall Mural

Bring the warmth of your home from the inside out with a fresh wallpaper wall mural. Earthy tones will instantly create warmth, but your mural doesn’t have to be one simple colour block. Have some fun and create your wall mural with different sized frames with our wallpaper placed inside each frame. This will instantly be a stand out feature! Trending floral designs like the Iris Wallpaper or an expressive Indigenous design will bring give you an warm accent piece that is contemporary and timeless.


Looking to turn up the heat with your own mural? See our full range of trending designs now.