Create the Perfect Sanctuary in Your Home With Botanical Bathroom Wallpaper

August 27 2020

Bathrooms are those havens of self-care in which we start and end each day, taking a moment for ourselves. They’re also one of the most complicated and expensive rooms to renovate, second only to the kitchen! Consequently, homeowners often leave these two rooms ‘as is,’ spending more time and energy on other areas of the house. It’s such a shame to neglect this crucial space, though, especially when there are simple solutions out there!

Sometimes all it takes is one simple change to transform an out-of-date bathroom into your perfect morning sanctuary. And with Luxe Walls stick-and-peel wallpapers, there’s nothing easier than revamping your bathroom with one of our fabulous prints. 

Bathrooms are ideal places to get bold and experimental with wallpaper: the surface area to cover is usually smaller than other rooms, and small spaces make large-scale prints more effective and impactful!

We particularly love the way botanical prints channel that “secret sanctuary”, “nature hideaway” vibe that works so well for bathrooms. They transform your powder room into your very own luxury nature retreat! Complete with refreshing florals, invigorating greens and that perfect sense of seclusion and peace. 

Let’s take a gentle stroll through some of Luxe Walls’ favourite botanical prints, so you can choose the pattern that’s perfect for you. 

Pink Tropics

The beautiful details on this print are matched with a simple, pared-back colour palette. The finished product will feel cosy, playful and luxurious without being overwhelming. Tropical spa retreat, here we come!


This minimalist bamboo print brings a sense of zen elegance and sophistication to your self-care sanctuary, and the simple colour palette gives you free rein to accessorise as your heart desires. 

Watercolour Fan Palm Leaves

You can’t go wrong with the classic combination of blue and white in a bathroom. The colours feel elegant and traditional, while the fun and energetic print is all modern botanical beauty. 

Eucalyptus Foliage

Pay homage to one of Australia’s most beloved native trees with this simple yet stunning wallpaper. The subtle lattice effect creates dynamism and flow while harking back to more traditional outdoor decor, and the neutral colour palette is relaxing and healing.

Wild Herbs and Flowers

This deliciously whimsical wallpaper imbues your space with intimacy and playfulness. It’s perfect for a lighthearted, optimistic start to the day! Best of all, there are plenty of accent colours to choose from when it comes to decorating and accessorising. 

Muted Botanical

The fresh colour palette and beautiful images on this wallpaper combine to create a relaxing, serene atmosphere. Prepare for the day ahead in joyful contentment with this uplifting print. 

Watercolour Flamingos and Leaves

Make a bold and unique statement with this fabulous botanical wallcovering. The beautiful greens and vivid pinks create a deep, eye-catching contrast that will play with the sense of dimension in your space, sweeping you off your feet to a luxury forest retreat.

Golden Palm Leaves

Bring a touch of decadence to your at-home spa. This gorgeous gold print feels soothing and relaxing, and the curve of the palm leaves adds a sense of movement, flow and depth to your room. Accessorise with brass or gold to carry the luxe feel through the space.

Green Palm Leaves

You can almost hear the gentle breeze rustling through the palms. The dynamism and colour depth of this print feels as though you’re nestled safely in a secluded jungle haven, at one with nature and yourself.