Dare to be bold with our Mural Wallpaper.

January 29 2021

When it comes to wall-coverings, using a mural wallpaper is a surefire way to create a focal point in any room. Wallpapers normally are used to go on many walls in the one room, but with murals it’s often just on the one wall due to its powerful design features.

Our Mural Wallpaper collection has a diverse range of enchanting designs that will bring a new focal point to any room in which it is placed. Here we have put together a list of 5 of our favourite mural wallpapers to help get the creative juices flowing.

Rocknest 3 Wallpaper:

Grey, yellow and black artwork
Rocknest 5 Wallpaper

Starting things off here with an original design by Tannia Taranto! This print is an intriguing and abstract design that will certainly create a bold statement inside your home. Yellow, grey, white, brown and black are all tones featured on this wallpaper, giving it a rather tasteful colour palette that’d suit a bedroom, hallway, kitchen and of course a feature wall.

Sydney City Map Wallpaper – Grey:

Grey Sydney Map
Sydney City Map Wallpaper – Grey

This print is an all original design by Tiny Giraffe and is one that showcases the very cool layout of Sydney’s streets and waterways from an intricate birds-eye view. The map design is finished in a nice shade of grey, giving it that modern vibe. You’ll find this wallpaper most effective as a feature wall in an office or at home or even in a bedroom if it’s the style you’re going for. 

Barrangal Wallpaper:

Purple, pink and white aboriginal wallpaper
Barrangal Wallpaper

An original design by Kate Constantine. Barrangal – meaning skin, is part of the Raining Series of works by Kate. This print is an abstract design featuring both warm and cool tones amongst the small Aboriginal inspired white coloured dots. Many rooms around the house would benefit from such a unique design gracing its walls, so add some culture to your favourite wall with this original print.

Boom Town IV Wallpaper:

Grey, white and black Contemporary artwork
Boom Town IV Wallpaper

Boom Town IV by Lara Scolari explores a limited tonal palette of black, white and sepia & focus on simpler considered compositional forms, reflecting and revealing hidden dioramas evoking the energy and chaos of the inner city. Such an abstract design tells so many stories and really can be open to the viewers’ interpretation. We find this print works well in a lounge room, hallway or even a study. 

Chinoiserie Folding Screen Wallpaper:

Crane chinoiserie screen
Chinoiserie Folding Screen Wallpaper

A very unique design indeed is our Chinoiseries Folding Screen Wallpaper! Add an oritental vibe to your interior with this print, it features a soft colour palette and detailed artwork of stunning birds amongst the flora to help make a real statement in your home. This design is a great option to suit a bedroom, dining room or even living room.

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