Interior Design Trend: Dark Florals Are Blooming

January 3 2018

Dramatic and eye-catching, nature is going rogue as dark florals take the design world by storm with an exciting edge. Lush, romantic and moody in the best way possible, here at Luxe Walls we’ve watched the florals that don’t hold back take over wallpaper design.

Cool and edgy, modern and sleek, our favourite florals are coming to the dark side to emulate high end ambience as they make their way from fashion on the runway into interior decor. By honing in on darkness matched with a whimsical floral patterning, designers are becoming infatuated with the opposing forces mingling together to create dark, deep, and evocative statements.

With this style, the previously feminine identity of florals has evolved into an androgynous contemporary version of itself through its darker palette. It can be used in any combination of styles, striking balances between classic and modern, elegant and casual, feminine and masculine, soft and hard. It is this strength in its versatile design that provides options and personal statements in anyone’s space.

Sleek and postmodern, these statement pieces found throughout the Luxe Walls gallery are reminiscent to the still life paintings of the 1600s. Each print provides a powerful design element that sets the tone of the room, potentially becoming the leading role in your interior. With these large prints and moody palettes, watch your room be transformed by majestic, ethereal blooms that cascade down a dark, shadowy background.

Perhaps the most impressive aspect of dark floral wallpapers from Luxe Walls is the way in which these ethereal bouquets play towards a large array of styles, colour combinations, tastes and materials. Embedded with black and white base palettes and infused with warm earthy tones of foliage and flowers, this striking contrast between light and dark, artistically known as chiaroscuro, creates a stunning three-dimensional element that brings depth to the space.

Due to this efficient versatility from the wide spread variety of its colours, these wallpapers can be used in almost any area – your space potentially being styled up or down depending on the effect you want. The strength in this adaptable design allows for options and your very own personal statements to be expressed.

These blossoming patterns provide an intensely immersive experience into a dark, garden world, giving your space the infused elegance and drama that so many rooms crave. Suited to a wide range of private, public and commercial spaces, these dynamic facets culminate together to provide a stunning accent to your wall.

Here at Luxe Walls, we believe that walls can be made into more than a structural fixture, but a focal feature of creative communication. Achieving such a feat has now been made easy with our wallpaper and such a brilliant stylish trend filled with darkness, character and mystery. It’s time to start creating your very own contemporary opulence.