Designs from Down Under – Australiana Wallpaper

December 18 2020

Unique prints with a lot of flora and fauna inspiration is what you’ll discover in the designs from Down Under. The following five selected designs are all based around the idea of Australia. We have from flora and fauna to under the sea and even a map for you to choose from, there is bound to be a print that’ll suit your interior space in this Australiana Wallpaper category.

Banksia Boogie Wallpaper:

This playful print by Charlotte Brandis features soft pink tones with a duplicating floral design that looks like its dancing, hints the Banksia Boogie name. The orange cone-shaped blooms pop on the rosy background, creating both contrast and interest for anyone who views it. This wallpaper is a perfect choice for a nursery, bedroom or even powder room.

Banksia Boogie Wallpaper – Pink

Saving Coral Wallpaper:

In one word; vibrant – this brilliant print by Lizzie Alsop is just popping with colour. Saving Coral Wallpaper will turn your wall into an underwater wonderland. The bright and bold shapes of this design will transform your interior instantly. Pairs perfectly with contemporary and traditional furniture. This versatile design will undoubtedly turn heads.

Watercolor Eucalyptus Pattern Wallpaper:

This wallpaper is a soft yet stunning print that will add natural texture to your interior space. Full of soft, organic tones, this mural will mellow out any space and add an artistic flare to your walls. A bedroom, entryway or even a living room will all benefit in a big way from having this design showcased within them.

Retro Waratah Wallpaper:

An original design by Danielle Hunter. This wallpaper features baby blue and blush pink tones to beautifully represent the waratah flowers in a retro style over a very pale blue background and a touch of brown for the leaves for a point of difference. This print will benefit a bedroom, hallway or powder room by giving each a vintage feel.

Retro Waratah Wallpaper – Blush & Blue

Sydney City Map Wallpaper – Grey:

If you’re looking for some direction for a wallpaper, why not literally choose a map. This wallpaper is a map of Sydney in a modern grey tone, making it suit that contemporary style. Perfect choice for a teenagers room or even an office.

Sydney City Map Wallpaper – Grey