Dining Room Wallpaper Ideas: From Casual to Fine

September 10 2020

The dining room is a space for creating and nurturing connections. We entertain guests, friends and family over food and drink, sharing much more than delicious cuisine and good wine. This room is where pleasant memories are re-lived and new memories are made. Whether you prefer a fine-dining ambience or a casual vibe, your dining room deserves to be celebrated as the social hub that it is.

Your dining room might be where you eat as a family and welcome guests. It might be a room set aside expressly for entertaining visitors. Comfort, ease and functionality are vital, but there’s no need to compromise on style! You can use wallpaper to create the perfect ambience for entertaining while powerfully and tastefully expressing your personality and taste. 

The right wallpaper for you elevates the whole dining and entertaining experience, helping to make your already-amazing dinner parties even more memorable. Here are some of our favourite ideas for revamping your dining room into a friendly, comfortable and inviting haven for you and your guests. 

Dress Up Your Dining Room

Non-Repeating Patterns

Non-repeating patterns imbue a room with dynamism and intrigue, drawing the eye along with the movement of the print. Florals, abstract prints and faux-finish wallpaper are especially effective in this context! Spaces feel larger and more dynamic, while these large-scale, continuous images create a sense of elegance and refinement within the room. 

Bold and Graphic

For a playful and impactful pattern, look no further than large-scale graphic prints, with their pops of colour and unapologetic presence. For a fine-dining feel, choose a more limited colour palette with accents of gold, silver or black. If you’re looking for a casual vibe, expand the colour story of your wallpaper to bring more lighthearted joy to your dinners. 

Gorgeous Geometrics

Geometric patterns dazzle and amaze, playing with our sense of perception. They’re sure to make an impact, without necessarily being overwhelming or overpowering. Geometric prints come in a variety of colour palettes. From sophisticated monochromes and neutrals to footloose and fancy-free explosions of colour, you’ll always find the geometric print that’s right for you.

Ode to Nature

Nature always knows. Paying homage to nature’s artwork in your dining room is a fantastic way to make a tasteful, timeless statement. Agate and Marble imitation wallpapers feel classy and expensive, but they also bring a sense of cosiness and intimacy to a space. Stone and timber finishes can be used to complete industrial, coastal, nautical or rustic schemes. They also simply make for an exciting feature wall. Landscapes immediately open up the room and draw the eye, so they make perfect feature walls and talking points. 

Awe-inspiring Abstract

The soft, watercolour-like abstract patterns at Luxe Walls make a space feel sophisticated and open, bright and airy, relaxing and soothing. They’re ideal for a refined and comfortable dining room where conversation flows. 

Architectural Illusion

The modern world is full of architectural marvels. What if your dining room opened onto the gorgeous arches of the medina at Chefchaouen? Or the gleaming staircases of the Ciragan Palace in Istanbul? Maybe yours has a view of quaint and colourful alleyways, industrial railways or ancient ruins. The sky is literally the limit!