Eleven Tips to Make the Most of Your Wallpaper

April 2 2021

There’s no denying it; wallpaper is still going strong! Once the domain of grandparents and off-taste vintage fanatics, it’s become a trendy and handy tool in the interior decorator’s repertoire. With the advent of peel-and-stick, wipeable and moisture resistant patterns, there truly are no limits to the ways you can use wallpaper around the house. 

With so much more time being spent in the house these days, everyone’s channelled their inner interior decorator and gotten their hands dirty with some DIY. Now is the perfect time to go a little wild with your wallpaper prints and make your space extra special!  

However, suppose it’s your first time dipping your toes into the magical world of wallpaper. In that case, the whole thing can seem quite intimidating. There’s so much to think about, from choosing the right pattern right through to accessorising and decorating. Where do you even start?

Glad you asked. We’re here for you! 

We know a little something about wallpapers here at Luxe Walls, so we’ve compiled a list of our favourite wallpaper tips. Dive in – you’ll become an expert in no time!

Try Before You Buy

You’d never commit to a car without a test drive, right? Well, the same should apply to the walls you’ll be looking at every day. Spend some narrowing down options before ordering yourself some samples. You can then hang them on the walls you’re thinking of decorating. Pay special attention to the way the print or colour makes you feel, and check how the colours shift in different lights and at varying times of the day. This way, there’ll be no surprises when you do commit! 

Planning is Winning

Nothing beats a good plan. Improvising might seem like the more ‘artistic’ or ‘creative’ method, but it’s also a recipe for wonky strips and unaligned patterns. We promise, looking at that will eventually drive you up the wall. 

Figure out how much wallpaper you’ll need (check here for a tutorial), then order an extra roll just in case. The best way to measure your walls is to multiply the width by each wall’s height and add all the measurements together to obtain the total square footage. However, don’t forget to deduct windows, doors, and any other negative spaces.  

Prep your walls (like so) to ensure your wallpaper adheres strongly and durably. Wallpaper works best when applied on clean walls that have had any holes filled and imperfections sanded or smoothed, so it’s well worth taking the time to do so. Similarly, textured walls aren’t the ideal surface for wallpaper, so smoothing the texture down is your best bet!

Start Small…

It can be a good idea to start small, to avoid giving yourself a shock and help you get used to the process. Start in small rooms, like bathrooms or hallways, or choose an accent wall to create a focal point. Another idea is to select an element or feature you’d like to highlight:

  • The back of a bookshelf, cabinet or closet
  • A door or piece of furniture
  • Stair risers
  • Panels or silhouettes 

…But Not Too Small

Avoid small patterns with offset matches if this is your first outing. The designs can be challenging to align or match up, which makes the process frustrating and unrewarding. 

Play the Pattern

The temptation when starting out might be to avoid patterns, but you’d be missing out on a great opportunity! If patterns intimidate you, choose some in a more subdued or neutral palette. However, they really do add both depth and interest to a room. They can be your best friend when it comes to helping the eye travel across a space or disguising the actual size of a room! 

Nevertheless, make sure the scale of the pattern matches the scale and dimensions of the room, to avoid overwhelming the eye.

Go Wild in Small Doses

Small rooms like powder rooms, home offices, cloakrooms or bathrooms are the perfect place to be bold. Choose wild patterns that bring a smile to your face and joy to your heart! A good ‘rule’ for going a bit crazy is to choose a print that is a few shades darker or lighter than you usually would. Bold patterns in small rooms can make the space feel larger. 

Hedge Your Colours Bets

Choosing a print with two or three colours gives you more flexibility when it comes to redecorating in the future. It helps keep rooms looking fresh and makes it easier to transform your space by merely switching out a few accessories.

In the Zone

Wallpaper is an excellent device for zoning your space. It can create defined areas within an open or shared room and make spaces feel distinct. 

Know Thyself

Keeping your current interior design style in mind is the best way to narrow down the myriad options you’re presented with as you search for the perfect print. Ensure the wallpaper you choose tells the same story as your furnishings, accessories and, most importantly, the fixed finishes. Tiles, large pieces of furniture, utilities and the like are difficult and tiresome to change. The last thing you want is for your beautiful new wallpaper to trigger a chain reaction that involves redoing the whole house! 

There’s a print out there for every style. Whether you’re looking for something sleek and contemporary or cosy and romantic, we’ve got it! Don’t hesitate to reach out to us for any advice or recommendations! 

Wallpaper Favours the Bold

When creating an accent wall, go bold! If your accent wall is half-hearted, it’ll just end up looking like a mistake. So choose a print that clearly stands out from the other surfaces and elements in the room. A new colour, lively pattern or exciting texture are your perfect weapons when designing a dazzling focal point. 

Breaking the Fourth Wall

It may be called wallpaper, but true decorators know you can’t win without thinking out the box. Wallpapered ceilings look amazing! Bold, abstract patterns on the ceiling completely transform a room and create a true sense of immersion, not to mention wow-ing your visitors. 

Need some inspo? Have a look here.