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Entertaining in Style: How to Decorate Your Table

August 1 2018

A perfectly laid table can elevate your event and give you a whole new perspective on your dining area. Whether it’s tailored to your function or laid out for any purpose, a perfectly decorated dining table is sure to set the tone. Follow these tips to put your table on top.

Mix texture

Contrast the sharp angles and hard surface of a rectangular dining table with a table runner to give your placements a soft and inviting feel. Many modern dining tables have beautiful shiny surfaces that risk looking spartan and cold on their own. Using a wood block dining vignette brings a naturally warm element into play in a practical fashion.  


The Florentine craft of découpage can turn a tabletop that has seen better days into a statement piece. Choose a trending art deco wallpaper or botanical theme wallpaper, cover your table and breathe the DIY spirit into your dinner setting. Using Luxe Walls’ removable wallpaper to découpage means you are free to chop and change your tabletop for any mood and any occasion.   

Seasonal style

Take inspiration from the seasons to create a dining experience that feels fresh every time. Spring time events call for organic linens, glassware and seasonal florals. Winter events call for neutral coloured tablecloths like beige, sand or taupe contrasted against dark vignettes and place settings. Peel back the ornamentation in summer. A simple linen table runner and fruit bowl will keep things feeling light and breezy.    

Don’t overdo it

If you have too much going on in the room and on the table, all your hard work will be for nothing. Be smart with your table setting. If your dining space features a loud feature wall, keep your table settings minimal and stylish.


Like any other interior decorating project, the best look is always one you’ve designed yourself. Start with choosing your wallpaper then once your table decor looking amazing, you’ve got plenty of time to focus on delicious food to serve.