Explore The Universe: Galaxy/Space Wallpaper

October 29 2020

Our Space & Galaxy wallpaper collection is visually out of this world! From a young age many of us have looked up to the sky each night in complete awe of the stars, the moon, the planets and the overall vastness of space, always wondering of the endless possibilities there could be out there. So why not let your imagination run wild inside your own room with our amazing range of galaxy and space wallpaper.

In this collection you’ll find a variety of fantastic galaxy and space themed designs to suit kids rooms, play rooms, nurseries and more!

Galaxy Wallpaper:

This print by Nancy Luthra will just leave you in awe with its abundance of detail – the longer you stare the more you’ll discover. This interpretive design showcases planets, stars and moons in many different variations on a black background which represents the vastness of space. This multifaceted wallpaper is suitable for both younger kids’ rooms as well as something like an office space – the visual beauty of the universe never gets old. 

Galaxy Wallpaper by Nancy Luthra

Stars & Planets Wallpaper:

One for the young ones! This print by Nancy Luthra is a fantastic choice for your child’s first bedroom, nursery or even playroom wallpaper. The design on this wallpaper features orange and white stars of varying sizes alongside various orange and blue planets on a navy and black backdrop. Add this non-realistic design to your kids rooms for that playful interpretation of space.

Ancestors Wallpaper (Gun Metal Grey/White):

Our Ancestors Wallpaper by Jeremy “Mudjai” Devitt is based on the belief that once we are finished here on Earth we become stars ourselves, this is shown by the feather arrangement that symbolises that star – you’ll find this in the design. This print is an excellent choice for a kids room or young boys bedroom with its unique and flashy star design over a versatile gun metal grey background.

Ancestors Wallpaper by Jeremy “Mudjai” Devitt

Astronaut Wallpaper:

The perfect choice for those littles ones with big dreams! This wallpaper showcases floating astronauts in various positions, surrounded by little stars and planets on a clean white background. As far as space and adventure goes this print is an awesome choice for your kids nursery, playroom or even bedroom – let those imaginations run wild.

Astronaut Wallpaper

Night Sky Wallpaper:

Add an eye catching focal point to your room with our Night Sky Wallpaper. This print helps to add an artistic finish to your walls with its sophisticated multi coloured design that is inspired by the colours you see far out in the universe. This wallpaper can add a modern yet unique touch to your powder room, living room or even a stylish home office.

Night Sky Wallpaper