Can Luxe Walls’ wallpaper be removed and reapplied?

November 11 2016

We have three varieties of wallpaper: Luxe Canvas, Luxe Linen and Luxe Crushed Stone.

Of these three options, Luxe Canvas is removable wallpaper. You can apply this (using our installation guide) and then, should you change your mind or want to update your walls again at a later date, you can simply peel the wallpaper from the wall.

We do not recommend the removal of Luxe Linen or Luxe Crushed Stone.

Luxe Canvas can be easily reapplied as many times as you like. The polyester fabric is designed to not rip or wrinkle, but take care when reapplying so it doesn’t stick to itself. If it does, don’t worry, simply separate the edges carefully.

The Luxe Linen and Luxe Crushed Stone can be repositioned when installing but we do not recommend it be reapplied once installed.