What surfaces are best for using Luxe Walls’ wallpapers?

November 11 2016

Luxe Walls’ wallpaper will adhere to all smooth surfaces. The optimum wall texture for a successful application of  Luxe Walls’ wallpaper is a smooth, properly primed, painted and cured wallboard with little or no surface variation.

Semi gloss and gloss paints, on a rendered surface offer the best surface to place your wall art.

Avoid applying your customised wallpaper on walls with a flat or matte finish, as the porous surface makes the adhesion more difficult due to the inability to adhere to the surface. Satin and low lustre paints are better, however the matting agents in these paints can negatively affect the adhesion.

Luxe Walls’ wallpapers are not recommended for use on brick, non-painted cement walls and spackled wall board.

Do not use Luxe Walls’ wallpaper on walls painted with teflon paint or apply over existing wallpaper. If you need to repaint your wall, ensure you leave your paint enough time to prime and gas, as per the paint manufacturer’s requirements.