When I remove the wallpaper, will there be a mess left behind?

November 11 2016

If the installation guide is followed correctly, there should be 99% no residual mess on your wall when Luxe Walls’ Luxe Canvas wallpaper is removed.

Luxe Linen and Luxe Crushed Stone are recommended as a repositionable wallpaper (when installing) however, they are not removable.

When applying Luxe Walls’ wallpapers, ensure the wall has been previously primed prior to painting, otherwise the paint or adhesive may come off. If applying to newly painted surfaces, make sure you allow 30 days for out gassing preventing bubbles. Avoid placing on walls painted with an easy clean, teflon based paint.

If you place your wallpaper on pebbly, textured or porous surfaces, you may get poor results.

Also don’t install your wallpaper above a fireplace.

For detailed installation tips, follow our INSTALLATION GUIDE