Are You Faux Real? 6 Walls You Won’t Believe Are Wallpaper

September 24 2020

Wallpaper used to get a bad rep. Gaudy colours and prints that went out of style just as fast as they arrived. A messy, tortuous or expensive installation process. No chance at correcting mistakes. And a messy, tortuous or expensive removal process, as well. Is it any wonder people shudder at the thought?

Luckily, there’s no need for that anymore. At Luxe Walls, we’ve taken the matter in hand! We’ve designed wallpapers that are quick and easy to install, removable and, most importantly, timeless. What’s more, our stunning and surprising range of faux-effect wallpapers allows you to achieve complex looks with none of the hassle, expense and time. So it turns out, wallpaper is the perfect solution to all your design needs. 

Don’t believe us? You’ll hardly believe your eyes when you realise these breathtaking prints are actually wallpaper! Check out some of our cool faux-effect wallpaper ideas for your next remodel. The sky’s the limit!

Beautiful Bricks

Exposed brick is a highly sought-after look for people creating raw, industrial or rustic interiors. From red-brick walls to quaint pebbles or grey slats, through to optical illusion Tuscan villas, romantic vines or intriguing corridors, these wallpapers will transform your space into a unique and exciting room without the nuisance of an extensive renovation. 

Cool Concrete

Carrying on with the industrial vibe, our range of concrete-imitation prints range from sleek and masculine to raw and edgy, along with a healthy dose of perspective trickery to transform the dimensions of your space. Concrete walls blend a sense of refined taste with rough authenticity, and are very popular in the creation of modern, urban interiors. 

Marble Magic

Marble is one of those materials that will never go out of date. While it used to be an exclusive, expensive stone that was tricky to install and handle, our marble-effect wallpapers have made the luxe, classic feel accessible to all. The beautiful natural swirls and shapes within the stone and the myriad colours available to choose from mean you can find the marble that’s perfect for you. Our agate, opal and terrazzo prints also offer stunning colours and gorgeous organic lines, bringing effortless sophistication to any space. 

Storied Stone

Stone has been at humanity’s side since time immemorial: from tools to walls and homes, we’ve been through it all together! What better way to honour this long-standing partnership than by including stone in your interior decor? Whether you’re looking for a farm-type stone wall, stone bricks, a natural cliff-face or a rock wall, we’ve got it all. Create the perfect industrial look, rustic chic or natural decor with our fantastic range. 

Gorgeous Graffiti

Want to add a sexy edge to your urban, industrial or eclectic home? Look no further than our textured, graffiti wallpaper prints. Bring street art and its raw power into your space to celebrate creativity and expression in all its forms. Monochrome tags, explosions of colour and a wide variety of subject matters are available for you to peruse and choose from, helping you make your space personal and memorable. 

Timeless Timber

Something that will never go out of style: beautiful timber to build a beautiful home. Get the look without the fuss, or the massive renovation, with our gorgeous range of timber-imitation prints. From natural driftwood to painted panels, through faded paint illusions and even shipboards, you’re sure to find the timber that’s right for you and your scheme.