Luxe - World Map Wallpaper

Feature Walls: World Map Wallpaper For The Home

May 24 2017

World map wallpaper is a creative way to infuse your interiors with a sense of wonder and adventure. Many people assume that maps are simply for classrooms and children’s rooms, but they have much more potential than that. Maps can be styled in sophisticated, trendy ways that add a sense of old world charm to any space.

But don’t just take our word for it. We’ve talked to our stylists and experts and have collated their favourite world map wallpaper designs for you here…

1. Vintage Explorer Wallpaper

Nothing adds old world charm like our Vintage Explorer Map. This striking design pays homage to the world as people knew it in the 18th century. Adding an incredibly unique element like this to your interior imbues your home with a sense of adventure. We particularly like seeing this print in home offices or studies, and even entrances or hallways.

The Vintage Explorer Wallpaper creates an epic talking point in any space, and with its classic look, it brings a timeless sense of style to your home.

2. Political Map of the World Wallpaper

World Map Wallpaper is also a fantastic way to showcase your unique style and quirkiness. This Political Map of the World is a more contemporary take on today’s territories and countries, and offers a colourful version perfect for studies and sitting rooms.

Maps also have educational value, which makes them perfect for the likes of children’s bedrooms and playrooms. What’s better than combining style and learning?

3. Modern Map Illustration Wallpaper

If you’re looking to go a little more modern with your map, why not try the Modern Map Illustration Wallpaper from Luxe Walls? This design (featured image) is unique in that it’s one colour all over – using striking shades of light blue, which makes it perfect for creating a feature wall.

This print also offers intricate detailing, which makes it an intriguing addition to just about any space. We love the idea of installing this design in a living room or rumpus room.

4. 19th Century Wallpaper

Talk about old world charm! Our 19th Century Wallpaper is a classic map that’s perfect for either residential or commercial space. If you’re after something to add character to your interiors, this is the ideal solution.

While the map offers an array of colourful hues, it still manages to offer an understated, classic vibe, making it perfect for bedrooms, dining rooms and rumpus rooms alike.

5. 1850 Antique Map Wallpaper

In case you haven’t noticed, we have a bit of a thing for vintage-inspired world map wallpaper. What we love about the 1850 Antique Map is that it’s a great starting point for those who aren’t quite ready to dive into the deep end.

This design is ideal for those who still want to maintain a neutral colour palette throughout their interiors and experiment with colour elsewhere in their decor.


If you’re after a winning world map wallpaper but these haven’t hit the spot, why not check out our diverse range of map wallpapers here.