Finding the Perfect Companion: Match Your House Plants to Your Personality

January 2 2020

Home is where the houseplants are, but our leafy green friends do a lot more than just liven up a room. From teaching us essential adulthood skills like ‘responsibility,’ acting as a test of our suitability for pet ownership or parenthood and actively purifying the air in our homes, there’s no end to gifts they bestow upon us.

However, we all know that feeling of helplessly watching a beloved plant slowly die, or coming home from a holiday only to find that we’ve suddenly become mass murderers. Don’t despair! It’s not you, it’s the plant (and you).

Bringing home a houseplant means making a commitment that could last for years. When it comes to people and pets, we deliberate and reflect so much before making that kind of engagement, and plants deserve the same level of focus. They would also like to make this arrangement lasts as long as possible.

In the same way, as we look for people or pets who match our personality and lifestyle, it’s essential to do the research before committing to your plant. Not all plants are suited to everybody. In fact, some plant-human pairings are positively nightmarish (my neurotic, conscientious self and the succulent who just wanted to be left alone – I mean, who kills a succulent?).

The ‘I go home so rarely I don’t why I even bother renting’ plant

You’re always out and about, either working, pursuing a hobby, or socialising. You might also go on day-trips or weekend-trips a lot. When you’re home, you eat and sleep, maybe have a few friends over.

You need a plant who also likes to do its own thing. Succulents are the perfect companions for you! They look cool and edgy, and really only need water once a week. Soak the soil, and let it dry out completely before the next soaking. Aloe Vera is another great option, as this beauty only needs watering every three weeks! More low-water houseplants include Sago Palms, Snake Plants, Orchids, Ponytail Palms, Spider Plants, ZZ Pants, Red Aglaonemas and Pothos.


The ‘I will work on this until every little detail is perfect’ plant

You’re a perfectionist, and you feel joy when you’ve been able to create something beautiful by making sure every aspect of the process was tended to. Beautiful plants that require more focused attention will bring you pleasure and satisfy your drive to minister to the minute details.

Regularly misting the gorgeous, showy foliage of a Bird’s Nest Fern is sure to bring you gratification and delight, while Red Prayer Plants and the Fiddle Leaf Figs will flourish under your careful and loving care, rewarding you for your dedication. Birds of Paradise plants additionally need their leaves wiped down and dusted regularly, but if you’re up for the challenge, their larger-than-life greenery will make you feel like you’re on a safari through South Africa.


The ‘I’m the star of the show’ plant

So you like to make a splash, and your home, clothes and car all reflect your larger-than-life, uniquely you, persona. Why not your plants? Plants to match your colourful and exuberant personality will make your home feel like an extension of you. While you might not have the patience to mother them, many are actually quite self-sufficient.

The pink hue of the strong and independent Stromanthe Triostar is sure to make a bold statement, but the Dracaena Janet Craig reaches for the stars and knows it’s beautiful. As for impact, aesthetic and a plant that owns its space, you can’t go passed a Monstera!