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For The Boudoir: Bedroom Wallpaper

May 17 2017

There’s nothing more luxurious than revamping your bedroom and turning it into the sanctuary it should be, which is where bedroom wallpaper comes in. We spend more time in our bedrooms than any other space in the house, and so it’s only right that we make sure it reflects our style and creates the right ambience.

So when it comes to redecorating the boudoir, what sort of bedroom wallpaper should you consider? Our stylists got together and chose their favourite prints from the Luxe Walls collection for you to choose from.

1. Stylised Floral Damask Bedroom Wallpaper

Let’s ease into our bedroom wallpaper with the Stylised Floral Damask Wallpaper from Luxe Walls. This design boasts an intricate monochromatic illustration that’s bound to make a statement in any space.

We absolutely love this style with block coloured furniture to make a space really pop. To keep things understated, we recommend keeping your furniture and soft furnishings as neutral.

However you style the space, this bedroom wallpaper is a great way to breathe new life into a tired space.

2. Vintage Guilloche Wallpaper

For those of you looking to add some French-chic to your boudoir, look no further than the Vintage Guilloche Wallpaper. This gorgeous print consists of an overlapping interlaced cyclical pattern inspired by the traditional French design from 1855.

Understated in its nature, but full of style, this print is a perfect option for revamping your bedroom in a single sweep.

3. White Damask Wallpaper

The best interior design is all about creating layers of texture throughout your home, and the White Damask Wallpaper from Luxe Walls is a great way to incorporate this element of design in your bedroom.

We love the floral-inspired embellishments of this print. It’s the perfect solution for those who want to add a touch of intrigue to their interiors but don’t want to opt for bold colours just yet. This wallpaper slides seamlessly into your existing decor, and still helps create that light and bright feel.

4. Black And White Baroque Leaves Wallpaper

Monochrome never goes out of style, which is why the Black And White Baroque Leaves Wallpaper is a great option for reinventing your interiors, particularly your bedroom. We love the floral-inspired print that offers timeless style and versatility amidst existing soft furnishings.

One of our favourite styling options with this design is adding pops of colour to your classic monochrome look with bold colourful cushions.

5. Red Damask Wallpaper

We’ve got the ultimate design for the bold and daring decorators out there. The Red Damask Wallpaper from Luxe is a fantastic way to add some rich, vibrant colour to a feature wall in your bedroom.

We not only love the striking shade of crimson this design showcases, but the intricate damask pattern as well. This stunning pattern pays homage to one of the five basic weaving techniques used in the Middle Ages, which has now evolved into one of the traditional fabric patterns used in design all over the globe by world-class designers and stylists.