The Forgotten Spaces in your Home that you Need to Get Right

May 16 2018

As we all know, the rooms that usually get the most attention and effort put into them are those bigger spaces like the kitchen, bathrooms and living room. However, we thought we would put together some rooms that can sometimes fall through the styling cracks. One thing that all stylists can agree on is that the greatest styled houses are the ones with a chic design that has continuity throughout the whole house, and you definitely want to get these right when styling your first home. So without further ado, here are some forgotten spaces and stylish tips that can help you make even the most boring spaces part of your dream home.



It may seem hidden, and it may seem a little dull, but there really is so much you can do with a laundry space. The most important aspects of styling a laundry are functionality and accessibility, with a touch of your creative flair. Keeping this in mind, your easiest bet is storage! Cabinetry is your greatest port of call when it comes to making sure everything is clean and organised, not having to worry about clutter. Sleek benchtops are always a yes, whilst new developments such as built-in irons and ironing boards are a great add-on. No matter what your style, when it comes to the laundry it’s always important to achieve that clean, sophisticated touch, just like a bathroom.


Butler’s Pantry

Easily hidden away and potentially one of the greatest storage points in your home, Butler’s Pantries are definitely your kitchen’s best friend. By using a Butler’s Pantry, your home and especially your kitchen can be kept organised, clean and tidy with ease. Shelving is definitely a must, paired with cupboards and drawers for all your cooking needs. Feeling like a little luxury add-on? A bar fridge is the perfect way to clear up some space in your fridge. The perfect finishing touch for any Butler’s Pantry is a door, just to cover-up that potential mess when guests are arriving.



It may just look like a handy place to pull your car in on a rainy day, but garages and their large spaces have an equally large creative potential. Installing dedicated shelving for suitcases, storage boxes and any bits and pieces that are better off out of sight, is absolutely worth the investment. Have enough storage? The options are still endless. Another great use for this large space is to create the perfect kids getaway. Break out the table tennis and all sorts of fun games, or even take this opportunity to style some bookshelves. Choose a fun wallpaper to really brighten up this space for your kids!




With our tips, give these forgotten spaces some love and have fun with your interior styling! They may not seem so exciting at first, but by making these spaces the most stylish and effective they can be, your home will be one that turns heads.