Four Wallpapers to Make Your Home Office Work for You

July 23 2021

Working from home has become the new normal. While some are looking forward to getting back into the office, others have thrived from the comfort of their own homes (and probably their pyjamas!). Regardless, adapting our domestic space for work requires some creativity, whether you’re making the best of an existing study or fitting a work area into another room. 

Colour and pattern are crucial elements in designing home offices that work for you. They help to zone an open-plan space or create a study that inspires you to be your best. What better way to transform your room than with easy to use, peel-and-stick wallpaper?

Wallpaper is the most effortless way to take your home office from ‘meh’ to magical in no time. Transform the personality and purpose of your space by tailoring the aesthetic to your work and your style! By harnessing the power of colour and pattern, you can create a study that suits how you like to work and think, and supports the type of motivation you need to get yourself through the day. 

Before you rush out to buy the first print that catches your eye, there are a few key things to keep in mind when designing a home office. 

The Type of Space

Is your home office its own room, or is it a nook within another space? The answer to this question will guide the wallpaper choices you make. 

If your home office shares space with another room, it’s essential to consider how the two zones will co-exist. While it’s a great idea to differentiate areas through interior decor, it’s also vital to keep the whole design coherent and complementary. The existing style, colour scheme, and ambience within the space should inform the wallpaper you choose to use for your home office. 

If your home office is an entirely separate room, the world is your oyster! Here you have total freedom to create a unique and distinctive space that brings out the best in your work.

The Type of Work

Your home office should be a reflection and extension of the type of work you do. The colours and patterns reveal both your personality and the unique gifts you bring to your job. 

If you work in the creative sector, make choices that emphasise the creativity, imagination and out-the-box thinking that characterise your work. For more ‘traditional’ occupations, where disciplined focus and tailored productivity are fundamental, the key is to design around comfort, motivation and inspiration. You need to be able to get in the zone.    

Colour Theory 

Humans are visual creatures, and colour has significant power to impact our mindset. Consequently, colour is crucial to designing a home office that inspires the kind of motivation you need.

Neutrals: Spice it Up

We recommend steering clear of too much white or grey. These colours don’t stimulate the senses and tend to create quite sterile, or even energy-draining, environments. If neutral palettes are important for you, using pastels or beigy, earthy tones is a good alternative. They keep your space both exciting and timeless. However, you can also liven up a white or grey wall with some gorgeous artwork!

Our Nangamy print is the perfect combination of a neutral palette and eye-catching designs, to create dynamism and focus in your space. 

Green: Keeping it Fresh

Green is the colour that the human eye processes fastest and with the least effort. This means it doesn’t tire out your eyes, even after a long and hard workday. With plenty of shades and hues to choose from, green is the perfect colour to keep you and your work fresh – all day, every day! 

Enjoy a variety of greens in our playful Green Brushstrokes print. The naive design creates depth and motion, all the while remaining understated and pared back. 

Blue: Making it Work for You

Blue is a famously soothing and calming colour. However, it also helps boost productivity! This colour is clearly the best of both worlds when it comes to designing a home office. 

This understated yet dramatic Abstract Blue print embodies the duality of blue’s power to motivate and soothe. 

Yellow and Orange: Get Those Creative Juices Flowing

These bright tones can be very energising, making them ideal choices for creative work settings. Cheerful and funky, they’re also known to be mood-boosting! However, they can be quite tiring on the eye. Choose pastel hues, patterns that incorporate more neutral and subdued colours, or create an accent wall to get the benefits of these bright colours without straining your eyes. 

Our simple and playful Orange Chamomile print is the perfect match for a creative and fun workspace.