Get Summer ready with our Beach Wallpapers.

October 21 2020

Beaches can be found all along the coast of Australia – since the land down under is an island we are literally surrounded by beaches, making them an inherent part of our culture. With Summer just around the corner, why not bring some of the coastal tones and styles inside your home with our brilliant range of Beach Wallpapers. 

Whether you’re after colours that resemble the beach front or designs that feature the small creatures and scenery found on the coast – we have you covered with our collection of unique and very beachy designs. 

Here is a look at the top 5 Beach Wallpapers we have chosen for you.

Flecked Bone Wood Panel Wallpaper:

This print is very coastal in colour yet simple in design. The flecked bone shade of white resembles the hue of sand quite well, making it an excellent choice to bring out that beachy vibe inside your home.

Hallways, living rooms and bedrooms are just a few places that this design will add a laid back feel when paired with the correct coastal interior objects and features.

Neutral Tropicals I Wallpaper:

Relaxing and soothing, just like the beach is this wallpaper summed up. This original design by Stacey Bigg utilises soft sandy tones for the palms and leaves that almost creates the illusion of them floating over the crisp white background.

Wherever you decide to place this piece in your home it will make you feel as if you’re by the coast, creating nothing but a peaceful atmosphere.   

Ocean Wave Pattern Wallpaper:

This Japanese design adds a point of difference to this list by not being of your traditional coastal colours or style. This print features a wave pattern design with a distinctive and elegant green and gold colour palette, making it a design that’d be effective in complimenting the more neutral and natural colours of your interior.

This print is perfect for any desired room within your home or even a commercial office space.

Summer Tropical Wallpaper:

Summer is on the way, so let’s get prepared! This print features soft sage green leaves on a grey background, the shadows within the artwork create a sense of movement for the wallpaper which in turn gives the design added depth and detail, making it an excellent choice for walls that need some summer loving.

Entertainment areas, hallways and living rooms are most likely to benefit from such a powerful tropical print.

LA Palm Tree Wallpaper:

This print is so refreshing with its brilliant colour palette and stunning big LA palm trees. The aqua coloured sky, wispy clouds and fading sunlight gives off vibes of a summer afternoon, it’s as if you’ve just tilted your head back in a convertible to look up at the sky while driving down the streets of Los Angeles.

This wallpaper is bold and beautiful and is well suited to hallways, entertaining areas or any other room you feel needs that hit of relaxation.

As you can see there is a wide variety of Beach Wallpapers to help set your walls off inside your home. So get Summer ready and find what suits your style in this new collection today!