Vintage Palm Tree Wallpaper

Get your guest rooms ready for the festive season

November 26 2020

The arrival of the festive season often means the corridors of our homes are filled with the laughter & banter of loved ones. Full homes and happy hearts! Our guest rooms and entertainment areas will be filled to the brim with friends and family as we celebrate spending precious time together. This year, in particular, the festive season will be a time we cherish with family. 

So, there is a lot to look forward to. However, this also means a lot to plan. One of the biggest tasks will be making sure our guest bedrooms, powder rooms and spare rooms are ready for our guests to arrive. Guest rooms in particular need to be warm & inviting to ensure our guests feel right at home. 

The essentials are easy to tick off the list: fresh towels, sheets & toiletries. However, decor is key to achieve that homely & cosy feel. A common mistake made by many of us is to fall into the trap of making our guest rooms plain & neutral so it can appeal to a wide range of our guests. However, this strategy runs the risk of creating a room that is boring and perhaps unmemorable. Using wallpaper to create a feature wall is a fun, easy & effective way to refresh the decor in your guest room. 

Here are 5 of our favourite Guest bedroom wall mural ideas that will be both memorable & inviting.

Neutral & Natural

Going with a neutral colour palette is always a greate idea when you are thinking of using a wallpaper that will be timeless & pair well with your existing decor. Rather than going for plain or outdated wallpaper patterns, nature scenes will add just the right amount of interest to our walls & will cater to visitors of all ages & personalities. 

Browse wallpapers from our Forest, Beach or Nature & Landscape wallpaper categories to add a relaxing, fresh, vibrant or soothing ambience to the interior of your guest room. 

Say hello to Hygge 

If there was a single word you would want to describe your guest room it would be hygge.  Hygge is a Danish word that doesn’t have a direct translation into English. It encompasses simplicity, togetherness, mindfulness, happiness, quality and self-care. While it’s frequently translated as ‘cosy,’ it means so much more! Hygge decor is all about creating a harmonious, simple, joyous home where the focus is on comfort, togetherness and pleasure. Browse our collection of Scandinavian and Neutral wallpaper designs to add that simple yet snug atmosphere to your interior. 

Wonderful wood panels

If you wanted to tread that balance between a timeless yet memorable wall murals, colourful wood panels are what you have been looking for! Wood panels inherently have that country cottage charm. Add a trending colour palette & you have the recipe for a wallpaper that is made for a guest room. 

Pick from our curated colour range of wood panels or give us the desired colour of your own to create a space that is perfect for your loved ones. 

Cityscapes & Scenery

From the iconic New York skyline to romantic Italian vistas, a cityscape wallpaper will add a unique urban touch to your walls. Powerful, exhilarating and modern, cityscapes wall murals will also bring a dramatic depth to any smaller room. From Paris to New York, from Tokyo to Chicago, you will be sure to find the most impressive skylines from around the world. Browse our unique range of Cityscape wallpapers here. 

Cool & Quirky 

Is there a fun wallpaper design that you love but you think it is best to go for a ‘safer’ option? We completely understand this temptation. However when it comes to guests rooms don’t be scared to have a little fun with it. Whether it is in pattern or colour a quirky wall mural can add a whimsical feel to your interior. Browse our range of wallpapers from one of our featured artists or our contemporary wallpaper collection to find a fun & lighthearted design that will instantly put a smile on your guests face.

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