Gorgeous Geometrics: Five Wallpapers to Shake Up your Interiors

August 6 2021

Wallpaper has been making a steady come-back for many years now. With easy to install peel-and-stick prints, it’s actually the easiest way to give your home a hassle-free facelift these days! And this means that the classic, era-defining looks of decades gone by are also getting a new lease on life. 

Along with vintage vibes and cheeky mid-century looks, geometrics are back in favour with forward-thinking designers the world over. From bold, striking patterns to pared back and minimalist looks, there’s no aesthetic that can’t be improved by a well-chosen geometric print. 

Whether you opt for a burst of bright colours or a sea of gorgeous neutrals, the patterns featured in geometric prints are always eye-catching and distinctive. This makes geometrics an ideal choice for a striking accent wall as they draw your eye to the room’s standout features and make your space feel both expansive and intimate. On the other hand, the usually more limited colour palette featured in geometric prints means they make a powerful statement without being overbearing. Consequently, you can use them across the whole room without being worried about overdoing it! 

The restrained colour story also makes most geometric prints easy to integrate into an existing scheme. Echo the accent colours in your soft furnishings and finishings to create a cohesive and impactful interior aesthetic. 

Without further ado, let’s dive into a few of our favourite geometrics! We’re sure you’ll find something to inspire your next home makeover, and we’re more than happy to help.

Shades of Grey

Our Green Grey Hexagon print is the perfect place to start, with a minimalist palette featuring clean shades of grey and green. Set against neutral and natural tones, the classic hexagonal pattern makes a powerful statement without taking over your space. The crisp lines are sophisticated yet fun-loving, and it’s easy to accessorise with more clean lines and a neutral palette. Spice it up a little with a burst of yellow here and there! 

Zig Zags

Another minimalist print, our Golden Monstera Wallpaper is the perfect addition to a pared-back neutral scheme. The playful pattern injects fun and dynamism into the room while remaining subtle enough to use across every wall, if you so desired. The monochromatic colour scheme also means you can accessorise freely, bringing in colours that tie your personal style together. 

Urban Geometrics

Geometric with a twist, our gorgeous Colourful Windows print brings the great urban outdoors to your interiors. Playful and versatile, this unique take on geometrics is sure to be a show-stopper and a conversation-starter all at once. Pair with an industrial scheme and a generous helping of bright accent colours! 

Drama Queen

Dark and dramatic, this Tiling Pattern print imbues your space with bold, sophisticated, and fearlessly fun-loving vibes. It’ll look fabulous in a striking, monochromatic scheme! On the other hand, it also makes a climactic backdrop in a more colourful, eclectic interior. Accessorise this print with sharp lines and a generous dollop of drama. 

Beguiling in Blue

The perfect storm, our stunning Blue Lines print combines eye-catching lines, vibrant colours and mind-boggling optical illusion. This loud and proud wallpaper is the ideal choice for a distinctive and memorable feature wall that’s going to have tongues wagging for months. Echo the gorgeous shade of blue in your soft furnishings and accessories, but don’t overdo it – this wallpaper speaks for itself!