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Hampton Styling 101: How to Make it Your Own

October 17 2018

The Hamptons is such a popular interior design trend. Perfect for creating a fresh and relaxing space, it has been embraced by many. It’s so simple to achieve without breaking the bank and we’ve got some tips to help you achieve this look.

Subtle feature wall

The Hamptons style is renowned for a neutral and minimal colour palette. Add some personality with a subtle feature wall like our White Wood Panel Wallpaper, or our Detailed Stripes Wallpaper. These designs will add texture to your home and reflect more of your personality.

Natural touch

Breathe life into your space with the flow of natural light and some greenery. Adding some white linen curtains to your living room will create a calming and airy space that will let sunlight stream in. Placing a large pot plant that is suitable for the indoors will keep your space feeling fresh and modern.

Simplicity is key

Less is definitely more with the Hamptons style. Choose two large lounges for your living room and style with a few pale blue cushions. If you don’t want to fall into the trap of over styling, choose one key focus area of your living room and make that your focal point. We recommend styling a coffee table and leaving the rest of the living room paired back.

Creating an indoor – outdoor flow

Connecting your indoor and outdoor areas make your space more inviting and naturally light filled. Large sliding doors that connect your outdoor deck and your living room will be incredible in summer and add more light. It will make your home appear larger and tie in your Hampton style.


Feeling inspired to start refreshing your home with the Hamptons style? Check out our timber and wood finishes range to find our classic wallpaper designs and start decorating!