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Hidden Spaces: Our Favourite Ways to Make Use of Every Space in the House

September 12 2018

Eliminating clutter and embracing minimal decor is more than a trend. It’s a lifestyle that’s going to bring a lot of breathing room back into your storage areas, as well as your state of mind. Some things in life you can’t simply throw away. So how do you keep it minimal? The solution is storage. Check out the ways you can get creative with your space situations.

Staircase storage

With a little clever carpentry, you can turn the bottom sets of stairs into storage. Perfect for guest linens and flat non-essentials, these drawers will be as discreet as they are helpful. And what about under the stairs? The perfect place for an open bookshelf. Be selective about the books you choose to put on display here, don’t dump your whole library in the hallway. Instead, curate a selection of books and highlight any negative space with a removable, patterned wallpaper.

Pull out cupboards

Clearing out your cupboards can save you plenty of time. Converting kitchen cupboards to pull-out designs will modernise your kitchen and keep you from shovelling away excess mugs or tupperware. It also means you don’t waste time, elbow deep in your cupboard, foraging for something you buried at the back a week before.

Mirror, mirror

Finding space in the bathroom doesn’t have to be a huge task. Look for the space in front of you. That’s right, your mirror can be framed by shelves to keep your basin clear. This can de-stress your entire morning routine and put you in the perfect frame of mind to make the most out of your day. Think of it this way: a clean basin means a clear mind.

Drawer ID

A drawer with no real purpose is a drawer that will soon be stuffed full of random mess. Giving each drawer, compartment and cupboard a specific purpose is key to keeping your house in order. Use specific wallpaper prints on the inside of your cupboards and drawers to indicate their purpose. This will grab your attention each time you open them, ensuring you don’t throw just anything in there and let clutter build.


The best part about removable wallpaper is that you can change up how your storage looks whenever you feel like it. Look at our new arrivals and see how you can light up your space situations today.