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How to Create an Indoor-Outdoor Flow in Your Home

September 19 2018

Spring is well and truly here, meaning there are more opportunities for you to entertain indoors and outdoors. Whether you are entertaining guests or you want to create a more open space, creating an indoor-outdoor flow in your home can really refresh your entertainment areas. We share our tips below for creating this flow.

Let it slide

Part of creating flow is reducing perceived barriers. A sliding glass door that connects your indoor entertaining area to a patio or veranda will allow more light to be shared, and reduce the feeling of separation between your indoor and outdoor spaces. French doors are another viable option for the same effect, but sliding doors will ultimately take up less space, making them a prime prospect.

Give me shelter

Taking indoor qualities of your home and implementing them outdoors can harmonise the two areas. By installing a covering over your outdoor entertaining area, you increase the sense of togetherness with the interior and make outdoor entertaining possible in any season. A pergola or gazebo provides plenty of avenues for creative design, with lighting and greenery friendly structures.

Blur the lines

When you take away the definitive barriers between your home and the outdoors, you significantly increase the sense of flow. Floor to roof windows let light spill naturally into a room and create a broad sense of openness. You can also let your indoor decor spread. If you have a floral wall mural in your outdoor area, why not install a floral wallpaper inside near the outdoor area. This indoor wall mural will connect your indoors with your outdoor area.




Spring is a great time to refresh your flow. See our trending wallpaper designs and embrace the new season.