How To Design Your Own Wallpaper

June 28 2017

In this week’s Luxe Insider post, we delve into some popular ‘how to’ advice: how to design your own wallpaper.

There’s no denying that wallpaper is back and here to stay. People love it’s versatile, affordable nature, and how easy it is to install.

But what happens when your tastes are a little more specific than the average print? What do you do when you have something particular in mind, but can’t seem to find it anywhere?

Here at Luxe Walls, we’re passionate about helping clients create their dream homes, no matter how eclectic or unique their style. Which is why we offer the option of uploading your own image, or in other words – the choice to design your own wallpaper.

So how do you do about creating your dream feature wall? Let’s take a look at some of the options now…

1. Design Your Own Wallpaper: DIY Picture collage

One of the most common requests we get is clients wanting to create their own picture collage for their walls. This consists of selecting your favourite family photos or holiday images and creating a personalised statement wall with them.

Another popular ‘design your own wallpaper’ option is creating customised photographic walls for a retail or commercial space, and even corporate headquarters.

Plenty of people are able to design their own wallpaper using their own images right here with Luxe. You can upload a single favourite image or create an eye-catching collage.

Remember to make sure that your images have a high resolution for the best possible print reproduction.

2. Design Your Own Wallpaper: Create your own illustration

If you’re more artistically inclined than the average person, or perhaps you’re friends with a budding artist, this is a great opportunity to design your own wallpaper with an original piece of art – a custom made wallpaper.

The most popular creations are often murals and patterns for children’s rooms and nurseries. Because Luxe Walls’ Canvas Wallpaper is completely removable and re-positionable, it’s the perfect option for experimenting with the decor in your kids’ rooms.

You’re able to update and change decor as often as you like, and your child’s room can grow and develop as they do!

Illustrations are a striking way of adding originality and artistic flair to any space, so if you have the opportunity to create your own, go for it!

3. Design Your Own Wallpaper: Commission an artist

If you’d like to design your own wallpaper but you’re not artistically gifted (like most of us!) there’s always the option of commissioning an artist for a specific vision you have.

Many of our retail and corporate clients do this to ensure that their walls are one of a kind. While it might not be you doing the design, you will be left with a completely unique custom made wallpaper.


Alternatively, if designing and commissioning isn’t for you, do check out our hundreds of existing designs and illustrations! If you can’t find what you’re looking for, we’re more than happy to help you!

Simply get in touch via our live chat, or send us an email with your questions.